Legendary Japanese Singer and Actress Yamaguchi Momoe Still Makes News 40 Years After Her Retirement at 21 Years Old to Marry Costar Miura Tomokazu

It’s rare to be a Legend of such magnitude and I mean in both fronts: career success and personal success. Last month Japanese news reported, and subsequently also made the Chinese speaking media, that long retired Japanese actress and singer Yamaguchi Momoe can add mother-in-law to her long list of roles. Her oldest son the 36-year old rock star Miura Yutaro got married to his actress girlfriend recently and gets to join the enviable Miura family. Momoe was THE MOST FAMOUS JAPANESE FEMALE STAR in the 1970s like by far and she got her debut at 14 years old and retired at 21 years old in 1980 selling out Tokyo Budokan at her retirement concert, and that year she accounted for 25% of all albums sold in Japan. She also made many hit movies and doramas and her husband Miura Tomokazu was her frequent onscreen costar before they made their romance reel to real. What’s incredible and so heartwarming is that their marriage is 40 years strong with two sons both in entertainment, and she gave everything up to be a housewife and mom with no regrets. I also love how J-ent does not rag on her for aging as she’s now a lovely woman in her 60’s and looks so happy and content. Chalk one up for life goals.

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