Hawick Lau Confirms Dating Relationship with C-actress Li Xiaofeng Who So Happens to be Playing His Ex-wife Yang Mi’s Onscreen Bestie in Her New Drama She and Her Perfect Husband

There is leeeeetle bit of reel mixed with real juiciness in this dating news but it’s really just a coincidence more than anything. C-ent tabloids captures HK-actor Hawick Lau with C-actress Wang Xiaofeng recently appearing out on a date, closing walking proximity and holding hands. They’ve even posted the same Halloween pumpkin carvings recently as well. After news broke, Hawick told a HK-reporter that he was very happy with things and that’s about as tacit an acknowledgment as it needs. Wang Xiaofeng is a 40-year old mostly supporting actress with a prior marriage and child of her own so this on paper is a very age and life compatible pairing. He’s been divorced from Yang Mi for nearly 5 years but funnily enough Wang Xiaofeng is currently on the small screen in the drama She and Her Perfect Husband playing Yang Mi’s close girlfriend onscreen. I’m sure there is no weirdness, some couples when they move on it’s a clean break.

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