C-ent Gossip Reignites Dating Rumors Between Zhou Dong Yu and Liu Hao Ran that Have Been Swirling for Over a Year

I think interest in a celebrity’s dating life naturally comes with their public facing jobs and for most of us (i.e. non fans) it’s a rubber necking curiosity. Like, it’s interesting to see how an actor or actress picks their real life partner and sometimes it’s totally not what would be assumed based on watching him/her act onscreen. With that said, C-ent is a huge hot bed of who is dating whom and this week another potential reel to real life couple is back in the gossip rags. Zhou Dong Yu and Liu Hao Ran are reportedly dating and this first broke in 2021 after they did the movie Moses in the Plains together. There have been couple sweatshirts spotted, the same sofa in the background of selfies, the same wintry landscape picture that could only have been taken at the same mountain vista, and of course the rumors from netizens that spotted his car parked outside her condo. This week a major gossip leaker who has been quite accurate in the past claimed that there is an A-list movie star couple who together have over 60 million fans. That led to renewed attention back on Liu Hao Ran and Zhou Dong Yu since together their fans is exactly 60 million and also due to the prior dating crumbs between them. If they are dating then congrats and it would be a noona-dongsaeng romance as she’s 6 years older than him in real life.

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