C-actress Zhang Jing Yi in Talks for First Period Romance Drama Based on Novel First Complementary Development Manual 

It’s wild to think that C-actress Zhang Jing Yi built up such a strong resume without doing the most popular genre of C-dramas the period work. Whether wuxia or xianxia, the heightened stakes and swoony expanse of the period drama always helps young actresses breakout in the right now. But Zhang Jing Yi doesn’t need any breaking out so now she’s dipping toes into the period drama at last with word that she’s doing her first in the high profile drama Long Life Long Street (长街长). It’s adapted from the novel First Complementary Development Manual (首辅养成手册) and in earlier years was rumored to star Wallace Chung and Liu Shi Shi so that gives you an idea of the vibe the leads are going for.

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