Lego Lee and Chris Wang Get their Leading Ladies for Upcoming Friday Night SETTV Drama

The next SETTV Friday night idol drama has been casting finalized with a fresh new feel. Whether the story is any good we’ll have to wait and see but get ready now for a bunch of different faces to grace the screen. The two male leads have been confirmed with Chris Wang and Lego Lee two months ago but with Pleasantly Surprised still midway through airing the casting for the ladies took awhile. The drama still doesn’t have an official English name yet but the Chinese title is translated as 22K Dreams Fly High, with the 22K being the current average monthly salary for an entry level white collar position. The concept is a post-college work place drama much like In a Good Way presented college life. Joining Lego and Chris won’t be their popular former leading ladies like Kirsten Jen or Annie Chen, instead we get to look forward to Summer Meng, Lyan Cheng, and Huang Wei Ting.

It’s currently not clear which girl is matched up to which guy but Summer Meng is clearly the biggest name amongst the three. She’s currently starring as the second female lead in You Light Up My Star with Joe Cheng and Janine Chang, and she’s already been an SETTV leading lady in the 2012 daily drama Sweet Sweet Bodyguard with Alien Huang. She broke out in the GTV drama In Time With You playing Bolin Chen‘s little sister and Taiwan viewers like her for the fresh faced pixie appeal in the same vein as Amber Kuo before she transitioned to her overly posed and pouty current incarnation. Lyan Cheng’s former stage name was Su Li Wen and folks who watched the TW-version of You’re Beautiful will remember her as playing the leading lady opposite Jiro Wang. With PS nearly the end this drama will likely hit the airwaves in mid-to-late October. Continue reading