While You Were Sleeping Remains Leader of Wed-Thurs Ratings with Second Half Hitting 10%

I laugh at how low ratings expectations have fallen that finally hitting 10% seems like a victory however small. With that said, SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping hasn’t lived up to its famous name cast and screenwriter hype, I enjoy watching it and am not disappointed in the narrative, acting, or quality, but in terms of expectations to deliver ratings it’s not lived up to its name so to speak. This Tuesday’s new episode cemented itself as the time slot leader for good, taking in 8.6% and 10% AGB nationwide. Former ratings leader Hospital Ship is firmly in second place afloat with 8.3% and 8.6%, and Mad Dog on KBS brings up the rear a not bad 6.9%. Sleeping sorta has to share the current love space on my happy watching shelf with Mon-Tues tvN drama This Life is Our First which is firing on all cylinders, and a funny similarity comes with both dramas have adorable pets (a cat in Life and a dog in Sleeping) to add an additional furry ready to watch. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping and Hospital Ship Find Ratings Parity with Mad Dog an Improvement Over Manhole

It feels like the kiddos have headed to the playground and finally there are three adults ready to rumble. This week’s new arrival Wed-Thurs insurance fraud investigation drama Mad Dog on KBS premiered to 5.5% AGB nationwide rating, which is … Continue reading

KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Mad Dog Saddled with Incompetently Awful Posters and Premieres This Wednesday

There is such an extreme lack of poster making talent that went into premiering this Wednesday KBS drama Mad Dog I’m actually interested in checking it out now. The drama posters look like it was made by a middle schooler … Continue reading