KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Mad Dog Saddled with Incompetently Awful Posters and Premieres This Wednesday

There is such an extreme lack of poster making talent that went into premiering this Wednesday KBS drama Mad Dog I’m actually interested in checking it out now. The drama posters look like it was made by a middle schooler learning photoshop and is all the more entertaining because of it. How else to sell a drama about an insurance fraud investigator, not to say that the twists and turns can’t be well-written but it certainly doesn’t compel one to rush to watch. Mad Dog had a two week reprieve from the conclusion of predecessor drama Manhole, hopefully enough to reset audience expectations from the network but does face a stronger set of currently airing competitors Hospital Ship and While You Were Sleeping. I don’t have room to go for a stroll with the Mad Dog but those interested in either the cast of Yoo Ji Tae, Woo Do Hwan, Ryu Hwa Young, or Hong Soo Hyun or drama have a go at the long preview below and gander at the incompetence of poster making.

Preview for Mad Dog:


KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Mad Dog Saddled with Incompetently Awful Posters and Premieres This Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. This drama is coming with no star power other than Yoo Ji Tae, I don’t think its ratings are going to be high or even close to its competitors on SBS and MBC. I hope it’s at least better than Manhole though.

    Fashion-wise, I like that red pantsuit -it’s rare to see bright colour on a Korean actress during drama promotions, and I like that it’s a pantsuit rather than a dress.

  2. I saw yoo ji tae and was going to watch it
    I thought the lady in the red suit was the Lee yo won..then the comments said it was Ryu Hwayoung and this is the deciding factor of why I am not watching. After what she and her twin did to T-ara and ruining the acting career of Ham eun jung.. and the careers of T-ara, I can’t watch anything with her in it.

  3. the poster doesnt give the viewers a “feel” of the story. it is just : cast + crashed craft + title = whatthe???

    are they still writing the story? or they have the premise yet the story development is way underway? aren’t posters suppose to promote the project? but how can they entice viewers to look forward to it?

  4. TBH, I saw the first episode last night and I liked it. It’s engaging with some catchy, sarcastic and funny dialogues. I prefer shows like this than the cliche depressive melodramas. Antagonistic delusional female/male leads trying to steal your lover is tiring to watch.

  5. That plane crash is the cause of the stories developement.im on ep 6 and I’m obsessed.even with the oat.the sad scenes will have you bawling.just because hwayoung has a bad past,doesn’t mean I’d ignore this show because it would not be fair to the others and herself who put a lot of work into this.i would have been missing out on her talents she couldn’t show when she was with T-Ara.it obviously shows her passion is acting,not music.

  6. Last I heard T-ara was fine.why are you still floating in past drama.ive already gotten over it.i really loved all the girls together but their company isn’t so great,like the way they handled the situation.we barely got to here the girls side of the story which isn’t fair.what have they got to hide?

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