Netflix K-movie Love and Leashes Releases New Super Romantic Stills Showing Strong Chemistry Between Leads Lee Jun Young and Seohyun

Man, if this K-movie was released a decade ago when K-pop fans still held strong to their stans not dating it would cause a riot because the onscreen chemistry from the stills alone of upcoming Netflix movie Love and Leashes (Moral Sense) are smoking hot between idol-actors Seohyun and Lee Jun Young. I would have loved a SNSD and U-KISS fandom showdown alas these days even the most ardent fans expect their oppas and unnis to likely be dating behind the scenes, so it’s also fine to see them paired up onscreen and stan their fictional pairing. I’m also happy this movie is getting made and released now when K-dramas are on a new upswing thanks to two years of Netflix hits and promotions, so it’s drop around Valentine’s Day will likely increase the eyeballs and hopefully it’s also super well done so that the two leads will get a popularity boost because I think Seohyun has improved so much and Lee Jun Young is a recent fave addition to my bae list.

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Lee Jun Young and Seohyun Tease Spicy Tastes with Sweet Chemistry in First Posters and Teaser for Netflix K-movie Moral Sense

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Netflix Releases First Still of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young in K-drama Adaptation of SM Webtoon Moral Sense and Gives It the Most Cringe New English Title

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