Park Bo Gum and IU’s Upcoming Period K-drama Set in Jeju Adds Lee Jun Young as Second Male Lead

A promising drama can absolutely round up an incredible supporting cast, it needn’t just be the leads that actors and actresses only care to play. Also in such dramas the supporting roles have plenty of fodder to shine and perchance even steal the show. IU and Park Bo Gum are confirmed for an upcoming period drama which still doesn’t have an official title but the translation is Thank You for Your Hard Work in Jeju slang. It’s set in the 1950s and the two leads will be followed through until their 40-something characters much like the Answer Me series. The drama has now added Lee Jun Young as the second male lead and I am most pleased, he’s fantastic and always so easy to watch. He does need a true hit drama and this sounds like a great project to sign on.

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K-ent Hit with More COVID-19 Positives in Park Seo Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Jun Young, and Rising Young Actor Yoon Chan Young

When my bae Lee Seung Gi got COVID-19 last week, culminated from weeks of many idols, variety stars, musical performers, and actor/actresses all getting it, I thought that may be the peak but looks like there is a mountain even … Continue reading

Netflix K-movie Love and Leashes Releases New Super Romantic Stills Showing Strong Chemistry Between Leads Lee Jun Young and Seohyun

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Lee Jun Young and Seohyun Tease Spicy Tastes with Sweet Chemistry in First Posters and Teaser for Netflix K-movie Moral Sense

I feel like the normalization of the fringes of tastes and desires starts when the average person knows someone who likes it, or someone who knows someone. It’s not necessarily a moral decision but more a comfort level, and the … Continue reading

Netflix Releases First Still of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young in K-drama Adaptation of SM Webtoon Moral Sense and Gives It the Most Cringe New English Title

Getting new or occasional viewers to check out K-dramas necessitates a story that is universal in connection but it must overcome subtitles and the general cheesiness factor that most still associate with it. A good title helps and the upcoming … Continue reading