Real Life Married Actors Sun Li and Deng Cao Stars in the Upcoming C-Movie Mural

After the blockbuster success of Painted Skin in 2008 (starring Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Donny Yen, and Sun Li) the director is once again digging into the classic book of Chinese supernatural folktales from whence the Painted Skin story originated. His follow-up movie will premiere at the end of September 2011 – it is called Painted Wall (English title Mural), and is about a scholar who enters into a fantasy realm via a mural painted on a wall and falls in love with a fairy creature who inhabits that world. Think A Chinese Ghost Story without the “she’s a dead ghost” ickiness factor.

The movie will star newlywed C-actors Deng Cao and Sun Li, and boy am I looking forward to seeing this real life couple’s onscreen chemistry. They filmed the movie last year and Sun Li is currently expecting their first baby. But the couple is busy at work and currently recording the theme song for the movie as well. Who says you can’t have an even hotter career after getting married? Bringing you the first teaser trailer, and a news report showing all the set designs for the fantasy realm. This looks great. Continue reading