Marie Claire China Women in Power Night Assembles the Avengers of C-actresses Sun Li, Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, Li Bing Bing, and Zhang Yu Qi in One Glorious Shot

There are SO MANY new and young acting stars in C-ent it’s actually made me drop off most of my C-drama watching because there are no true stars (yet) in that generation which captivate me like the group which launched the mid-aughts. This year Marie Claire China held a Women in Power evening night out that clearly had the dress code – put on your best tuxedo, ladies! And everyone looked amazeballs, it’s hard not to when we’re talking some of the most beautiful women in C-ent and ones with hefty works under their belt. The best picture of the night was the sofa scrunch with (in order from left to right) Tang Yan, Zhang Yu Qi, Ni Ni, Li Bing Bing, Sun Li, Yang Mi, and Liu Shi Shi. I mean, c’mon! I’m surprised the sofa didn’t catch fire with so much hotness or melt under the collective girl power. It’s so great that so many top actresses did get married and even had kids, and are growing older, but still can maintain their careers and continue to thrive in the industry.

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China Tax Authority Summons 17 Top Stars to Meeting with mid-December Deadline to Repay Owed Taxes

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Glamorous Stars Out in Full at the 2016 Annual Bazaar China Star Charity Night Event

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