Hyun Bin Battles Joseon Zombies Orchestrated by Baddie Jang Dong Gun in First Movie Preview for Rampant

The posters and preview is out for fall 2018 K-movie Rampant (Outbreak) which takes the zombie genre and deposits it into Joseon Korea and hopefully this genre still has box office legs because I totally want it to be good for my bae Hyun Bin. He plays an exiled prince who returns from China to his country Joseon and finds it under attack from the populace turning into zombies. It’s clearly a plot orchestrated by the baddie played by Jang Dong Gun who looks even more sinister than the raging zombies, but of course Binnie with a sword can singlehandedly strike down dozens of infected hordes and politically battle his court nemesis. Rampant rampages into theaters this October. Continue reading