JYP Says Suzy Turned Down Offer to Do Zombie K-movie Outbreak with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun

Whenever I hear of projects courting actress-idol Suzy I’m always impressed that her mostly limited acting range still gets her so many top tier offers. Case in point, she was reportedly offered the leading lady role for upcoming Joseon era zombie movie Outbreak (Rampant), which has on deck two A-list leading men in Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun. This zombies in Joseon take has the hitmaking potential of Train to Busan stamped all over it so perhaps not having Suzy onboard is better for quality sakes but she would have aided in generating buzz with her name recognition. As such her agency JYP says she turned it down due to scheduling conflicts and is looking at other projects. Filming is now complete for SBS drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok which premieres in early fall 2017.


JYP Says Suzy Turned Down Offer to Do Zombie K-movie Outbreak with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun — 37 Comments

  1. It’s a lie that she only turned it down because of busy schedule.JYP or Suzy herself could already forsee the negative public backlash she was going to go through with this. Thanks Suzy for turning this down.Can she also start rejecting drama offers now?

  2. Hmm, I’m a little apprehensive. Somehow it just feels like this movie is chasing Train to Busan but changing it juuuuust enough to say they are not chasing it. Regardless, with these stars it feels like an automatic hit.

    Also, are Hyun Bin and Jang Dong-gun still besties? Will the real life bromance translate to the screen? Hopefully!

    • What is wrong with the the people in charge of casting? Have they lost their minds?! I’m guessing they will keep up with the trend of casting idols then…yikes.

    • It’s really sad that theyre selecting idol actresses when there are plenty of young actresses out there who are really talented and deserves this kind of role.

  3. I like Suzy as a person and she’s gorgeous, but man…acting is just not for her. I want to like her, but she’s been underwhelming in all her roles. I applaud her for trying though. But, I think if she’s really serious about acting, she really needs to take a break and practice some more before accepting any more offers.

    • I honestly don’t think she likes acting at all. It really seems to be something she does only because, like someone said, an ‘actress image’ fetches higher endorsement fees than being an idol.

  4. I just feel unfair to all those real actress in Korea why they have less chance than those called idol actress? They have to work really hard to get a role, even harder if they want to get pair with those A list actors… sigh~~~

    • I hear u… but u don’t know what kinda role it is… maybe just a dead pretty face… do u think the producers dare to offer to any professional actress? It will be such a shame just to be considered ?

    • Big agency, kpop fame and fandom, ok but hyped up visuals and public likability guarantees huge acting gigs in Korea apparently. It’s like casting Selena Gomez, a very popular kids idol, with A-listers like Kate Winslet and Isabelle Huppert in a big production. Such a shame that young film students never have the chance to begin with because mediocre idols get offered these roles, no fair audition, no nothing.

  5. Now I hope they will cast a good actress to work with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun. They deserve better.

    If they want a young female lead, how about Park Shin Hye?

      • that’s want I thought too… now the rumors are out that both female idols with no acting skills have rejected the role, I wonder who will accept it in the end… hahaha…

    • The role is probably like a token flower vase that is bound to invite criticisms… like Sohee in Train to Busan. Park Shin Hye has long transformed into a serious actress with Doctors and Silent Witness. The producers won’t approach her for this kind of role.

      • Like Sulli in Real.The movie with Kim Soo Hyun.The reviews are already crucifying her.

  6. Big A-listers Binnie and JDG have probably consumed most of the budget, is there any more $$ for a descent female lead?

  7. For all the talk of ‘buzz’, her last movie which was hyped to death as the movie which would prove her as a serious actress, sold only about 300k tickets.

    She’s fine to stand there and pose with a product but movie viewers aren’t drama viewers who just have to turn on the tv, they’re not going to pay for tickets to watch acting like hers.

    • you nailed it! Just because they are both idols, doesnt mean they have the same quality of acting. Have seen Seolhyun’s supporting roles from her earlier works, like in “My Daughter Seoyoung” and etc, hello Seolhyun can act, period. Most people here as so misinformed, they are just quick to hating without logic.

  8. Here we going again. Media play. Do you really believe they were offered the lead role for real.? Just media play, to bring buzz to the movie, regardless who are the other leads, they need the buzz. Who better then the popular controversial idols turn actresses with questionable acting skills?!? They got the buzz.

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