Newbie Actress Yang Yu Tong Gains Buzz Taking on Iconic Crytal Liu Character of Zhao Ling Er in the New 2023 Remake of Chinese Paladin

There are two Chinese Paladin dramas in the works, the latest version of the RPG game is being made into the C-drama Sword and Fairy with Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu), but the OG Chinese Paladin that was the C-drama in 2006 that launched Hu Ge‘s career and cemented Crystal Liu as the fairy goddess of all time is being remade with the same characters of Li Xiao Yao and Zhao Ling Er with a slightly tweaked story. TBH the drama called Paladin Legend it looks terrible from the teaser preview I watched but I think this is a throwaway drama that has enough IP recognition to gain viewers and perhaps used to launch the careers of the fresh-faced leads and main supporting cast. He Yu plays Li Xiao Yao and Yang Yu Tong is Zhao Ling Er, he’s sufficiently earnest but she’s getting raves from visuals alone in the drama stills for matching up to Crystal’s early aughts looks. I don’t disagree and it will be interesting to see if she can launch an entire career from one iconic role alone.

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