Choi Sung Eun Cast as Song Joong Ki’s Leading Lady in Upcoming Movie Ro Ki Wan After Passing Screen Test

I wouldn’t consider K-actress Choi Sung Eun a rookie but she is still comparatively less known and a rising star. So that makes her casting as the leading lady in upcoming K-movie Ro Ki Wan a big win that she earned herself. The movie will star Song Joong Ki as the titular Ro Ki Wan, a North Korean defector to Belgium and his struggle to adapt. The production wanted to cast a new face as the female lead and held an open audition and Choi Sung Eun won the part through the process. She will play the role of Marie, a Korean immigrant to Belgium in her youth who is living a life filled with pain and disappointment. The movie is based on the novel I Met Ro Ki Wan and will go into production in the first half of 2023.

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