K-netizens Rightfully Peeved at KBS for Forgetting Solid Ratings Hit Secret Royal Inspector for Year End Awards in 2020 and Likely 2021

When a K-drama bisects a year during its airing period it does create potential for year end network award gaps. Case in point Secret Royal Inspector, the KBS sageuk that started airing in December 2020 and finished in early February 2021. The drama was low rated per usual for KBS dramas when it started airing at 5.0% but slowly went up in ratings for the second half and reached a high of 14.0% for its final episode. It averaged 8.119% and the small success is no small feat since the drama wasn’t really promoted and doesn’t have super big name leads with L, Kwon Nara, and Lee Tae Hwan. The two leads attended the 2020 KBS Drama Awards to present but wasn’t up for anything, makes sense as the drama just started airing. But since it got a decent wrap up it should get recognized at this year’s 2021 Drama Awards but when KBS opened the website for the year end awards nominations the list for Best Drama does not include Secret Royal Inspector and actual includes dramas with lower ratings. Netizens are upset for the drama cast and crew and wonder if it’s because L is in the army and can’t attend and the other leads are off on other projects. Either way, it’s nice to see a drama being overlooked get recognition by the public.

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L Confirmed to Lead Sageuk KBS Drama Secret Royal Inspector with Kwon Nara, Lee Tae Hwan, and Lee Yi Kyung

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