L Confirmed to Lead Sageuk KBS Drama Secret Royal Inspector with Kwon Nara, Lee Tae Hwan, and Lee Yi Kyung

KBS is going back to the youth sageuk as the network has confirmed the casting of upcoming Secret Royal Inspector. L will headline the drama along with female lead Kwon Nara and supporting male leads Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Tae Hwan. L plays the titular secret royal inspector who is assigned to investigate and root out corruption within the government. The PD is a super seasoned sageuk veteran who helmed Secret: The War Between Women, Grand Prince, Joseon Gunman, and The Princess’ Man. I’m actually interested in this drama and honestly anything is better for L than playing a cat who can turn into a man.


L Confirmed to Lead Sageuk KBS Drama Secret Royal Inspector with Kwon Nara, Lee Tae Hwan, and Lee Yi Kyung — 9 Comments

  1. I’m not an L fan per say. But I thought he was really watchable in that cat drama. Not like a powerhouse intense charismatic performance… but certainly better than many idol actors.

    I’d give him a watch in this.

  2. Pouring out a glass for all the talented, versatile actors in Korea that will stay undiscovered because they don’t have the right connections.

    • I object… Son Na Eun should be somewhere in a trinity of bad acting. She’s so much worse than L!

      That said, I can’t watch Kwon Nara in anything. I’ve seen 3 of her dramas and didn’t find her believable as a character even once. She’s so stiff.

      No opinion on Lee Tae Hwan- I’ve seen 2 of his dramas and don’t remember him at all.

      • What Son Na-eun brings to the floor is not even called acting. She is just pranking the viewer.

    • Sad to say that L is about the only singer who actually has improved acting- wise drama to drama. The FL is pretty much unwatchable even in Itaewon Class and LTH’s height and looks no longer compensates for his so- called acting abilities.

      I hated L in one of his earliest dramas. But he has since improved.

  3. L has improved a lot. His acting in the saguek drama Ruler of the Mask is actually ok, and his performance in Miss H is good. Him being an Angel is an enjoyable watch. But I still could not start that Cat drama… I think L will be fine, he is good looking and hard working. Kwon Nara is not bad in IC, but of coz she cannot be compared to Kim DaMi. LTH is the weakest link, he cannot act, he will be the Totem Pole of this drama and luckily he is only supporting.

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