Creative and Striking Official Episode Posters for Sci-fi Anthology Drama SF8

Sci-fi has been one of the least mined genres in K-dramas so it’s a treat to see what’s in store for upcoming anthology series SF8. It contains 8 different single episodes each with a different cast and story and directed by a different movie director as this project is in collaboration with the Directors Guild of Korea. The solo posters are out and I love each so much, some are truly eye-catching and even the more standard ones probably will have more depth after we watch the episode to see what the story is about. My favorites are Lee Yoo Young facing her own different visage doppleganger and Hani laying in some weird egg shaped egg. The episodes are airing on the streaming platform Waave right now if one subscribes to it and will air on MBC 1-episode a week starting in mid-August.

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Multitude of K-stars Attend Press Conference Promoting Sci-fi Drama Anthology SF8 Airing on MBC in August 2020

The future is constantly used as a subject matter of sci-fi shows and movies because there is much to mine in the unknown, and the known about how we think our society will evolve. The drama comes in projecting how … Continue reading