Ro Woon and Jo Boa Kick Off Filming for jTBC Fantasy Romance Drama Destined with You

A fantasy romance K-drama is headed our way in late summer 2023 and the first script reading stills are out for Destined with You starring Ro Woon and Jo Boa. Airing on jTBC Wed-Thurs time slot, Jo Boa plays a normal government employee who becomes the owner of an old wooden chest with the key to lifting of curse on Ro Woon’s lawyer character. Ha Joon and Yura join the cast as the second leads and the drama on paper sounds super cliched K-drama set up but the screenwriter did 100 Days My Prince and My Lovely Girl both of which were actually quite addicting to watch, and this time the PD has quite a diverse set of dramas under the belt with The Beauty Inside, Kiss Sixth Sense, and Voice 3.

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Excellently Spooky Teaser Posters for OCN Ghostly Detective Drama Missing: The Other Side with Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho

The Train just left the OCN station last weekend for the parallel worlds serial killer drama but it’s a shorter than usual run with 12-episodes so promos are starting for the followup drama Missing: The Other Side. I remember when … Continue reading

Multitude of K-stars Attend Press Conference Promoting Sci-fi Drama Anthology SF8 Airing on MBC in August 2020

The future is constantly used as a subject matter of sci-fi shows and movies because there is much to mine in the unknown, and the known about how we think our society will evolve. The drama comes in projecting how … Continue reading

Radio Romance with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun Finishes Casting and Scheduled for Jan 2018 Mon-Tues on KBS

Currently airing KBS drama Jugglers has deftly maneuvered it’s way to the ratings lead, by a small margin, but the Mon-Tues time slot is still mostly the doldrums in generating any buzz over the three airing prime time dramas. I’m … Continue reading