Screencap and MV of the Kick-ass In A Good Way Opening Theme Song

Combining two In A Good Way posts into one is probably a good idea before this place becomes Liu Chuan central. Okay, it kinda already is and who can blame me? He’s perfect, though that’s clearly giving him too much credit since he seems rather love dense. Well maybe not dense since it’s clear he knows he feels something for Jia En, but he doesn’t quite seem to be ready to put the pedal to the metal yet and pursue her. Liu Chuan is so smart and focused on the things that he’s interested in that he’s clearly turned off his love antennae despite every girl on campus crushing on him since he’s not interested in getting credits in that subject matter. But his antennae is clearly functioning because he’s only able to “receive” signals from Jia En, who is herself a love idiot if I ever saw one. I still can’t get over the hilarity of her concert date with Liu Chuan ending up with her firing him as her tutor and then a whole year of no contact between them. Could she not see his pause and disappointment? Only she would actually tell the CDU School Grass buh-bye like that. A quick Taiwanese slang tutorial – School Grass 校草 = most handsome boy in school which is the lesser known male equivalent to School Flower 校花 = prettiest girl in school, and here Liu Chuan is the 校草 and Bai Xue is the 校花.

For those not watching the drama but are keen to maybe check out a snippet, IAGW has one of the best opening song sequences in years and I can’t stop watching it. It also has a new song (not yet released) called “Good Morning Hard City” by Adrian Fu that is so delightfully easy to rock to. Check out gorgeous HD screencaps of the entire sequence and then watch the opening theme video. I’m also hear to debunk some rumors. This drama is NOT 33 episodes, never have been never will be. Whoever wrote that is smoking something. It’s a SETTV once-a-week drama, the longest those have ever been is 25 episodes and that only happened with Office Girls which kept getting extended due to super high ratings. Most are 18-22 episodes long. This is also live-filmed so the ending number is not yet set, that’s how SETTV rolls. The synopsis which says Jia En comes back in 2005 and reminisces about her college days including Liu Chuan is also wrong – that was before the drama started filming. I found the original Chinese and its written on a non-official IAGW fan site and was not released by the production. That synopsis is also wrong because the reasons for Jia En staying in Liu Chuan’s room is different. The official drama website does not have this synopsis and only says this drama is about kids in 1995 living their college days. My guess is that the synopsis was the first draft but later tweaks were made to remove the 2005 start and let this drama begin with the 1995 time line. Continue reading