Lee Dong Gun Goes All Out Man-boy in New Teaser and Stills for Super Daddy Yul

I’m hesitantly looking forward to upcoming tvN drama Super Daddy Yul. The looking forward part solely for Lee Dong Gun‘s return to drama land headlining his own drama, and the hesitant part hinging on the story being about a single mom with terminal illness grooming a future father for her young daughter. I’m not adverse to dramas where death is built in or even greatly hinted at from the beginning and the story develops naturally to that bittersweet conclusion. I just find Super Daddy’s super bright comedic stills and teasers counter to that type of storytelling where poignancy and tears are just around the corner, and that worries me the story will have a hard time balancing the two disparate moods.

With that said, I’m game to hang my hat on the optimism holder for now, even if it’s purely to cheer Lee Dong Gun on after the ordeal he was put through in his last drama. This time he’s got a fantastic leading lady in Lee Yoo Ri plus an adorable moppet in child actress Lee Re, not to mention playing against his real life dashing leading man image to play a loser-ish bum who can’t grow up. Seo Jun Young and Seo Ye Ji round out the cast as the obligatory second leads but the story is clearly centered around the mommy-daughter duo’s attempts to make a daddy/man out of Lee Dong Gun’s character. More stills are below along with a hilarious second teaser involving a fart and an elevator. Continue reading