Press Conference and Long Preview for Super Daddy Yul Premiering this Friday

KBS is doing more Friday dramas, a time slot that tvN has had mixed success with from drama to drama. With Heart to Heart ending last week, Super Daddy Yul arrives this Friday to ride that time slot well into the middle of spring. Will it be a breezy rom-com the whole way through as teasers and synopsis suggests, or eventually turn into a tearful melo as so many dramas are wont to do. The cast held a press conference this week including the three main lead Lees – crazy popular leading lady Lee Yoo Ri (who proves she can win hearts by being super bad thanks to her last role), Lee Dong Gun changing up his dashing image, and precocious little Lee Re as the daughter. I found the long 5-minute preview entertaining enough but remain worried that Lee Yoo Ri’s character having a maybe terminal illness makes the entire story too somber regardless of how many funny pratfalls are thrown at the screen. With that said, still totally going to check it out in a few hours! Continue reading