TW-drama Summertime with George Hu and Gui Gui Releases Breathtaking Long Preview

I just watched a preview for a drama that made me all sniffly. My heart hurt despite not even knowing exactly what was going on. The preview for the upcoming idol drama Summertime was magnificent – the cinematography was so beautiful it took my breath away, and the two leads George Hu and Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie) were riveting together. Doesn’t hurt that somewhere between last year and this year, George Hu officially turned into a smoldery hottie. And I’ve never seen Gui Gui prettier, that girl’s star is so on the rise it’s not even funny. Thanks to @Luna for linking me to the long preview, and reminding me about this drama which has been filming under the radar. It’s a drama adaptation of a 2009 movie called Summertime as well, which is a love story being a local Jinmen boy (a beach town in Taiwan) and a gifted pianist girl who visits for the Summer. Beware there is illness and even a twin sister involved, but the melo doesn’t feel makjang at all. It feels beautiful and young and so full of emotion. I credit George Hu and Gui Gui for being so natural and effortless based on I see in the preview. Last but not least, the theme song sung by Gui Gui heard in the preview is unforgettably sweet and beautiful. The drama will air on GTV sometime in July. Rest assured I will be on it. Wild dogs can’t drag me away from maybe-doomed Summertime youth romance set in pretty locales.  Continue reading