Ruby Lin to Star in New TW-drama My Boy from Screenwriter of In Time With You

This is one short maternity leave but knowing workaholic Ruby Lin I’m not surprised in the least. Ruby made a one-two mic drop on her fans this week, first by reuniting with one of her most famous and memorable costars Alec Su at a movie press conference for Suspect X, followed by the news that she accepted the leading lady role in award winning screenwriter Mag Hsu‘s next TW-drama My Boy. Mag wrote In Time With You, Apple in Your Eye, An Innocent Mistake and many more dramas all the way back to Silence, Mars, and Meteor Garden 2. Ruby said she accepted the role solely on hearing Mag was writing this drama, which goes to show how much clout she has in landing the top acting talent to her works. Filming begins this May with a fall air date, and the My Boy in the titular drama title will be played by rising young actor Derek Chang, who at 24 years old is a whopping 17 years younger than Ruby so you go girl! Continue reading