Tong Hua Produces Angsty Period C-drama The Cage of Love with Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang

I think C-writer Tong Hua has found a second calling as a drama script producer. She doesn’t write the script itself but her name and oversight position appears to lend some weight to any C-drama the way it did with the just aired Perfect Couple with Tang Yan and Wallace Huo. The production company behind Perfect Couple has hired Tong Hua as the drama supervisor for the upcoming way torturous and angsty The Cage of Love (C-title 抓住彩虹的男人 The Man Who Grabbed the Rainbow). This particular production company is known for doing passionate and painful love stories having produced the C-dramas Sealed with a Kiss, Ru Yi, and Best Time. Starring in the currently filming The Cage of Love is Hawick Lau (a regular with this production company having been the male lead in both Sealed with a Kiss and Ru Yi) pairing for the first time with Zheng Shuang. This drama is the reason she can’t do Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower 3 with her boyfriend Hans Zhang and that drama has replaced her with Gui Gui.

The Cage of Love is set in the turn of the 20th century in an era known as the late Qing/early Republic time during Chinese history, a time of great transformation as China shed thousands of years of imperial rule and stumbled its way to modernity. Hawick thinks Zheng Shuang’s character Cai Hong (Rainbow) is the daughter of the man he blames for ruining his dad so he takes revenge upon her and her family but they unexpectedly fall in love. Sounds a lot like Sealed with a Kiss, hopefully with less blackmail and raping. I’m also interested in this drama because of hottie second male lead Li Dong Xue, who is most famous for playing 17th Prince (the official title of Guo Jun Wang 果郡王) in Legend of Zhen Huan. The drama released its first batch of official drama stills and looks quite authentic in capturing the costumes and mood of that era. Continue reading