It’s Okay to Not be Okay Highest Viewership Among K-dramas Making the Netflix Top 100 Shows List for 2020 as of October 1, Next is The King: Eternal Monarch and Crash Landing on You

One of the positives of 2020 was the increased exposure of K-dramas to global viewers thanks to the licensing deal with Netflix for many of the high profile dramas that aired this year. This year a site called Flixpatrol also started to track viewership numbers on the various streaming sites with of course Netflix leading the pack in terms of subscribers. Yesterday was September 30th and the end of the third quarter, with one more quarter left to wrap up this tumultuous year. It’s a useful date to check in on Flixpatrol to see if any K-dramas are currently tracking on the Top 100 TV shows streaming on Netflix for the year ranking. The highest spot goes to It’s Okay to Not be Okay coming in at 10th, so the drama has a chance to perhaps crack the top 20 for the full year come December 31. Second spot among the K-dramas is The King: Eternal Monarch in 21 and then a big drop before Crash Landing on You is spotted in 44th place. CLOY remains the asterisk for me since it aired before Flixpatrol started tracking otherwise I think it could vy with It’s Okay for most streamed K-drama on Netflix. Check out the K-dramas that are on the list for 3/4 of the year done, and another notable is newly aired Record of Youth (8-episodes so far) sitting in 85th spot.

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