Sol Kyung Gu and D.O. Team Up with the Director of Along With the Gods for Sci-fi Movie The Moon

The first stills and images are out for the sci-fi Korean movie The Moon, which is continuing a recent trend of sci-fi projects first with Space Sweepers in 2020 and coming soon the Netflix original drama Sea of Silence. Now is a great time to keep experimenting and challenging and the director and leads for The Moon all come with plenty of success under their belts. The drama is helmed by the director of Along With the Gods 1 and 2 which remains near the top of the highest grossing K-movies in the box office of all time. Reuniting with him is D.O. and Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Hee Ae are also part of the cast. The movie sounds less like an action flick and more an introspective sci-fi take about a man on earth helping a man stranded on the moon.

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