Phantom the Korean Remake of C-movie The Message Releases First Teaser Poster with Sol Kyung Gu, Park Hae Soo, Park So Dam, and Honey Lee

There seems to be a stream to come of South Korean movies dealing with the Japanese occupation era in different topics. One is the January 2023 movie Phantom (Ghost), a remake of the 2007 Chinese movie The Message (which is adapted from the Chinese novel The Sound of the Wind). It’s about the Japanese government kidnapping a group of suspected South Koreans suspected of one being the notorious freedom fighting spy the Phantom. Everyone is placed on a winter storm day in a remote hotel filled with traps and tricks to suss out the Phantom to prevent the upcoming assassination of the newly arrived Governor. The movie stars Sol Kyung Gu, Park So Dam, Honey Lee, Park Hae Soo, Kim Dong Hee, and Seo Hyun Woo with the director of The Silenced and Believer. The poster is simple but the leads are charismatic to make the viewer look closely but I wonder why it couldn’t be extended another inch to the right as poor Sol Kyung Gu literally has his face cut in half ha.

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