K-ent Discusses Lack of Hit K-movies in the First Half of 2023 So Far with the Last Hit Being The Night Owl Released at the End of 2022

K-actor Ryu Jun Yeol just won the Best Actor Award at the 2023 Baeksang Awards in the film side for sageuk thriller The Night Owl so it’s rather fitting that the movie is being discussed as the last “hit” domestic film in Chungmuro for the last 6 months. The Night Owl sold 3.23M tickets and made a profit so is considered a hit but since then none of the movies have come close to either those ticket sales or even breaking even. The closest is The Point Men with 1.72M tickets sold and Dream with 950K. The issue is that there are movies with good reviews such as Rebound and the K-version of Soulmate but no movie is generating the type of buzz that gets audiences into theaters more than usual. But there are big budget movies on the horizon especially with summer season coming so hopefully it will turn things around.

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First Look at Hwang Jung Min and Hyun Bin in K-movie The Point Men Based on the 2007 South Korean Hostages Held in Afghanistan

Well this movie isn’t going to offend anyone, unless one is a member of a small terrorist group in Afghanistan in 2007 that kidnapped over two dozen South Korean missionaries and held them hostage. The first movie posters are out … Continue reading