Joe Cheng and Kim Bum Romance Wang Li Kun in C-movie The Rebirth of Love

C-actress Wang Li Kun is having a very acting-packed movie year and if she’s as good as all the movies casting her then there might be a new screen goddess arriving soon. She reminds me of a young Zhou Xun and that’s a very good comparison for her. The movie production for the upcoming mystery C-romance movie The Rebirth of Love (Reborn Lover ้‡็”Ÿๆ‹ไบบ) held a press conference this week to show off is major eye candy main leads. Leading lady Wang Li Kun romances TW-actor Joe Cheng and K-actor Kim Bum, giving all three of them a taste of the cross-border couplings so popular in cinema and real life these days.

The plot has been kept tightly under wraps, or shall I say plot twist since all the director will say is that the love triangle is unique in that the two legs of the romance don’t exist in the same space and time. I guess it makes sense if Kim Bum is playing her past boyfriend while Joe is her current fiancee as Wang Li Kun will be playing a character that starts off in her teens and ends up in her thirties. It’s great seeing all the leads showcasing a comfortable camaraderie with each other at the press conference not to mention both Joe and Kim Bum look genuinely happy to be there. You can watch snippets of the movie below from the official production released BTS video. Continue reading