Gorgeous Alice in Wonder City Premieres this Sunday on CTS

Please be good, Alice in Wonder City, please be good. It’s been a veritable unending desert of no good dramas from Taiwan in the last few months. And no, I don’t think its any oxymoron, I sincerely believe there are entertaining and worthwhile TW-dramas out there. Fondant Garden I liked initially because it was cute and had potential, but has since taken a nose-dive into insanity whereby I’m thisclose to pulling the plug. Everything else has majorly sucked in every way possible, so I’m at my wits end here. I like to keep at least one TW-drama on my watch list just because its different and is a nice weekend treat. Premiering this Sunday on CTS will be Alice starring Aaron Yan, Xiu Jie Kai, Lara, and Tracy Chou. From the scriptwriter who did Black & White and The Hospital, I’m banking on her track record in delivering solid storytelling to gamble on Alice being good. The final long trailer is out and I still love everything I see. The fantastic cinematography, the classical music that pays homage to Nodame Cantabile, and the four-way love triangle all hook me right and proper from the get go. You’ll hear from me next week if this baby delivers, otherwise expect radio silence. Continue reading