Nam Joo Hyuk in Talks as Male Lead for Streaming Action K-drama Vigilante

We’ve had a Fugitive, a Vagabond, and now we’re getting a Vigilante! K-drama is prepping the live action remake of the webtoon Vigilante and an offer is out to Nam Joo Hyuk as the male lead. If he accepts it will be a HUGE change of his recent roles from either nice guy to good guy to sweet guy, and this time he gets to be the antihero guy out for some asswhupping. The story is about a police university recruit who thinks the law enforcement system is too lax and on the weekends moonlights as a vigilante meting out his own justice. A female reports starts to follow his tracks and a police detective tries to stop his extra-judicial activities. The drama will be premiering solely on a streaming and with the recent bad news for Netflix and its stock price maybe not that platform lol.


Nam Joo Hyuk in Talks as Male Lead for Streaming Action K-drama Vigilante — 19 Comments

  1. It looks like Netflix may not curb investments in Asia and Korea in particular, given that the region has shown growth.

    Excited to see Nam Joo Hyuk play an antihero this time around. Hope the script is well-written.

  2. Not sure hes the right guy for the role. Alot of action scenes required. He was rather stiff in his last action role – Bride of Habaek. So far the young male actors that show promise in good fighting sequences remains only park hyung sik and seo kang joon imo. Hope he can prove me wrong like what han so hee did with My Name. Anyway rather him than sk.

      • I thought he was best in Watcher. But yes in AYHT, he was handsome and lithe. I miss him so much. So charismatic. Park Hyung Sik is not bad too. Maybe its because hes an ex idol, biggest flex must be his past dancing experience that helps him look flexible in his action scenes plus hes got good expressions usually. He was so good in Happiness.

    • @mimimi Yep. Went in late last year. It will be next year before we see him again. So many webtoon remakes now. He will be awesome for the protagonist of any genre. Roco leading man with perfect looks. Action hero with tough fight sequences. Mellow drama – boy can act!

    • Park Hyung Sik and Seo Kang Joon were both so good in Happiness and Watcher respectively. Both dramas also being directed by Ahn Gil Ho (and the same writer). Another thing, both also just had a drama in Disney+ lol.

      Re NJH: I’m also having my doubts whether he’ll fit this role or not but after 2521 I now have a soft spot for him so *cheering*

  3. from nation’s first love to lawless vigilante, oof that range. if this is successful, nam joo hyuk will be a bonafide A-lister. he’s just on the cusp of it right now.

  4. Omg That range kingg i hope he chooses this role seems so interesting and hot, he also looks good in action. So looking forward to his next projects

    • who is we? Just speak for yourself! His acting is so good even his female lead keeps praising him and says she has learned a lot from him.

      • What a babo you are. As if the FL would openly say he’s a horrible actor. The guy sucks at acting. The only range he has is in the same one as SK, AHS, JKY, CEW, KYD and the like. Mostly visuals with mediocre acting skills who piggyback on more talented actresses. Deal with it.

  5. what are you guys talking about? this man has no range. his acting is the same in everything he’s in. he’s just lucky that his dramas were from a good production and the female leads to carry him. i think he’s the female suzy. we watch his dramas for this visuals that’s it.

    • Exactly! Do they even know what range means? Their hormones have confused them into thinking he can act when it’s his visuals they’re thirsting over. ?

  6. OMG, i cant believe people can view NJH in the same level as SK, AHS and CIW acting-wise.

    While he may not be a perfect actor yet, many of his scenes & acting performances are amazingly heartwarming and tug at my heart enough to cause me tearing up and sobbing. While many other actors cant. His strength is this, and I think he knows it. He is always able to capture the emotion & the purpose of each scene, so his scenes & characters are memorable.

    Compared to many young actors, NJH does not go for the typical kdrama chaebol rom-com stuff. From the interview with him & his co-stars, he seems to take acting very seriously, has great vision and aims for continuous improvement.

    I think its important for anyone to know their strength, focusing on that & remain unique, without following others. Acting is a job, so as long as you can consistently get casted and remain relevant, haters can continue to hate, but they gain nothing other that pure jealousy. While those actors including SK, AHS continue to make money.

    • NJH goes from bad to ok actor for me. I can see that he learns things. I agree that NJH is better in emoting than SK, AHS, or CEW. But saying that he has wide range is a bit too much, he still has lot works to do.

      • after watching him in business proposal, sorry, AHS is better at emoting than NJH. NJH will be a disaster playing Kang Tae Moo. The comedic part is hard to pull off naturally.

  7. Omg all the haters in here need to watch something more than dramas to judge his acting (which is fantastic) anyway y’all stay pressed and jealous while Nam joo hyuk stays successful and praised 🙂

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