Wallace Chung and Angelababy Effortlessly Pull off the Period Look in Character Stills for C-drama General and I

The visual hallmark of period dramas is that the entire cast appears to be cosplaying, but in ways that is a feast for the eyes even if lacking in historical accuracy. With that said, sometimes the cosplaying seems to get more attention than the script and one never knows what to expect until the drama airs. Filming has wrapped for period C-drama General and I, adapted from the popular romance period novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated, and with it comes the official character posters with leads Wallace Chung and Angelababy leading the way. They look beautiful in character, with him believable as the smart capable princely general and her as the even smarter and just as capable female consigliere to rulers of kingdoms. I enjoyed the novel but not enough to finish reading it after setting it down midway through, which I hope won’t be the same with the drama because I’m in a mood for a sultry intense romance. Continue reading