C-actor Zhang Han Basically Edited Out of Last Episode of Hunan TV Reality Show Let It Be After His Inappropriate Touching Scandal

The summer 2022 modern C-drama Gentlemen of Eastern 8th, which is the C-version of Gentleman of Dignity in general set up of four male best friends and their love lives, ended its run with an abysmal Douban score of 2.1 and good riddance to that. Even more good riddance is reserved for male lead Zhang Han (Hans Zhang) who during the drama run was spotted by viewers groping his female lead in drama scenes unnecessarily, grabbing her by the back bra strap and touching her breasts with his hands when he was pulling her into his lap. Those were scenes for a drama but there are ways to stage it so there is no real life inappropriate contact and that did not happen here. C-netizens also dug up other such sleazy touching Zhang Han did prior and all in all he’s current persona non grata with netizens, though no sign that he’s getting cancelled by C-ent. That position seems to be making him take a time out, as this week he was edited out of variety show Let It Be so he was only in 3 seconds which does send a message. One good thing to come out of this is that it will be harder for him to get away with/attempt such shady cop a feels in the future.

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