C-netizens Excoriate Actor Zhang Han for Drama Groping Harassment with His Gentlemen of East 8th Costar Wang Xiaochen

Dang, the eagle-eyed netizens have done it again, and this time there is video proof. C-actor Zhang Han is in hot water after a scene aired on his new C-drama Gentlemen of East 8th where what was supposed to be flirting between his character and love interest played by C-actress Wang Xiaochen upset viewers for his crossing the line. He appears to very clearly grab her breasts as he pulled her into his lap. Another scene where they are making out also upset viewers because his leg is wedged between her legs when it’s not needed for that type of intimate placement. There is also a third scene where he stopped her from falling by grabbed her bra strap. Before this controversy, his drama was already getting slammed and low ratings of 2.2 on Douban for being a cheesy (i.e. the male characters are sleazy or self-absorbed) knock off of K-drama A Gentleman’s Dignity and also trying to be the male version of hit C-drama Nothing But Thirty. Zhang Han is the producer of this drama on top of being the male lead so all this criticism is directed at him double fold. And finally, C-netizens also dug into Zhang Han’s past drama Here to Heart with Janine Chang and saw him embracing her around the breasts during a press conference.

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