Third Mary Trailer With Translation and Screencaps

Another trailer for Mary-The-Stylistically-Challenged just arrived, and with it what appears to be a third song off the OST. I’m posting screenshots of the trailer because I think it’s the cutest yet, and with the most substantive clarification of the storyline.

Third Trailer for Mary:


At the wedding scene, Mary’s dad yells out ” I object to this wedding!”

Mary: Dad!

Mary to her dad ” Am I crazy? why would I get married?”

Mu Gyul to Mary pinching her cheeks “You are so cute”

Dad at the bridge ” I’ve always caused trouble for Mary, so I’m trying to find her a good husband.”

Mary to dad “You’re forcing me to get married, so that you can pay back your debt.”

Dad to Mary “That’s just an option”

Seo Jun doing yoga ” Girls who come to check out the family- arranged husbands are not very attractive”

Mary “Divorce? How can I divorce someone who I haven’t even married?”

Mary to Mu Gyul “I asked to see you because I have a favour to ask”

Mugyul to Mary “What else…is there to ask me?”

At the photo session, Mary says ” Could you take distant photos, so my face won’t show so much”.

Credit for English Translation of Trailer: Flyinghug Hug@MSOAN Facebook page – I made some clean-up edits only.


Third Mary Trailer With Translation and Screencaps — 5 Comments

  1. Finally, a fairly coherent trailer – it looks fun! I’m sad SKKS is ending *weeps* but at least there’s Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok, and Kim Jae-wook at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. Ahh who should mary pick? Wait no the question should be who would i pick? Trailer was really cute! I can’t wait to watch this one.

  3. Dear Ockoala,
    I really interested that which one you will recap between Mary adn Secret Garden.
    Both dram will be on air almost same period and both will be seriously hot hot hot……..

    Thank you for your great work as usual. I got to know your blog because of PK and now I can keep visiting you due to your hard work, outstanding comments, though of mine and presentation.

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