Preview for Episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Written and Video)

Wow. Way to up the emotional angst in one episode alone, M3. I don’t know how I can last another week before watching episode 8, but I know I have to endure because if I collapse of heart palpitations before then I won’t get the emotional breakthrough I can see coming. The preview of episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) is out, and I’m weeping and cheering. Thank god this drama is not dragging out all the emotional twists and turns. The end of episode 7 was enough tears for me, thank you.

Written preview for episode 8:

Since Mae Ri revealed that her marriage to Mu Gyul is not real, the fathers have been pressuring Mae Ri and Jung In to get married. Mae Ri, who has been lying to Jung In this whole time, forces herself to open up her heart and accept him.

After hearing the story about how Jung In was hurt when he was a child, Mae Ri comforts him and tells him not to be in pain anymore.

The day of Mae Ri’s birthday is also the day of her engagement party to Jung In. Mae Ri receives a text from Mu Gyul congratulating her, and she inexplicably goes out to see him.

At their meeting place, they run into Mu Gyul’s band mates, who handcuff them together and then run away. Mae Ri wants to tell her mother personally about her impending engagement, so she has no choice but to take Mu Gyul with her to visit her mother’s grave.

Seo Jun has quit the drama production, due to her scandal and her heart ache. Jung In goes to talk with her, and the two of them discuss their woes and comfort each other.

Mu Gyul is very upset that Mae Ri is willing to marry Jung In, whom she does not love. Mae Ri is very angry that Mu Gyul has no sense of commitment and views love as a passing fancy. Without realizing it, they have revealed their true feelings to the other person…

Preview for episode 8:


[Credit: written preview released by KBS2, translated into Chinese at Baidu Moon Geun Young bar, translated into English by me]


Preview for Episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Written and Video) — 73 Comments

  1. Lalalalaaaaa…Didn’t read the previews but I just wanna say, “I like the new banner!” I love, love, LOVE the Mary couple. So. Cute!

    Oh, and if you get more headers, hypothetically speaking (even though I’m sure there will be moar in the future), would you consider making a page for them for nostalgia’s sake? Well, in case a few people (that would be me) would like to look at them on a rainy day? Just a thought. 😛

  2. OMG! Are you kidding me?! Need some air here, I think I’m going to collapse! LOL! Btw, OCKOALA you are just so amazing 🙂 love all your recaps. Thank you!

  3. OK, I’m being really dense here.. does that mean that MG and MR confess that they like each other next epi ??? please tell me it’s true..

  4. But isn’t she getting married? Oh what happens of she ends up married but has an affair with MuGyul? Oh now that’s drama!!

    • If you really think about it… technically since she was never really married to Mu Gyul and was legally married to Jung in. This whole time technically she was having an affair with Mu Gyul. lol, So now everyone now’s about the affair and she might have to be loyal to her husband Or leave him for her lover, right? 🙂 I love Mae Ri and Mu Gyul as a couple personally<3

  5. this drama gives me major mood swings, one moment i see myself laughing hysterically and than next moment i break down to tears…. gosh its good <333 and addicting~ i shall pass one week by reading my textbooks and snoozing and hoping that time goes by SUPER FAST 😀

  6. omo! this is killing me!!! it’s a roller coaster ride and i dunno if i would be able to withstand watching ep 8. though i didn’t understand even a single word, my heart bled for my poor jung in watching ep 7. yes, he got the kiss alright, but hurt himself in the process. mae ri might marry him but for what … compassion?! oh no!!!!! it’s as clear as a mountain spring water that mae ri is falling for mg. waaahhhh!!! my poor jung in!!!

      • he was hurt physically 🙁 yes, he has a motive but isn’t it possible that he will fall for mae ri for real too just like mu gyul to mae ri? i guess, if he will not fall for me, the story won’t be exciting anymore. on the other hand, it would be good for jung in’s sake coz as you said, he won’t be hurt 😀

      • Awww but i really wanted Jung In to fall in love with her and then he makes her fall for him and by the time of their actual wedding date their madly in love <3 but thats just my fantasy and usually it won't come true ):

      • I don’t know if he actually LOVES Mae Ri, but I’m sure she got a place in his heart. You could see in his eyes (and his acting) when she gave him the fluffy socks in order not to have nightmares anymore. Who wouldn’t fall for that? I would be very touched if somebody would care that much. (Even I shared tears while watching this scene. It’s my favourite scene till now.)

      • yeah..i agree with rory’s mum..JI don’t loves MR,he just obeying his father and want to repay his father’s kindness to him..he was adopted by his father right..besides,it just a promise to his father that he want to fulfill…his father whose love MR’s omma, that why he want his son to marry MR..he’d push and push and keep pushing his son in order to get MR..its so cruel !

      • well i completely disagree, when you look at jung-in’s facial expression you can tell he wants to love mae-ri but his dad made him too much of a rock to let his feelings flowing as easily as MG

        he has strong feelings for mae-ri but doesn’t know how to express them. however although mae-ri and moo-gyul’s feelings are genuine and its pretty obvious that they will end up together but OMG i am in love with jung-in character because only a guy like him can love passionately and yet be subtle about it- thats classy and true gentleman like

        love the casting of this drama =)

        and korean drama and k-pop is freaking amazing- i get to say this because im non-korean and have immense respect for the korean culture, lifestyle and everything thats korean =)

    • allenif chingu, he’s falling for her poor Jung In…he’s finally grown a heart but it’s too late…awww…..I watched SG and it’s even sadder…Binnie makes me sad with his unrequited love…..i feel so much pain watching Binnie so I switch to M3….then Jung In makes me sad too. Hey, watching these 2 shows was supposed to cure me of my post-PK depression, but look at what I’ve become, even more miserable than before LOL

      • oh chingu, you’re right…. huhuhuh… can’t help but be sorry for him. had maeri not meet mogyul first, he’ll definitely have a big chance. so now, it’s really too late. but i’ll still keep rooting for him…. for better or worse, till death do us part. LOL

        yeah, me too, i watched sg ep 1 – 4 in just one sitting when ep 6 of m3 wasn’t aired last week. chingu, i hate to disagree but i don’t see it as unrequitted love coz gil ra im is beginning to feel something for joo won. she was all agog when she received a text which she has been anticipating. she even ransacked her friend’s closet to look for a dress that will suit her, obviously, to impress him but ended with her own clothes instead. i feel sad for oscar coz he’s still in love with his first love but she’s after joo won now.

        yeah, PK drove us to what we are now… heart broken! :))

  7. i’m getting nervous, don’t know why….
    now i know i’m gonna cry when i watch 7 epi (tonight) and i don’t know how i’m suposed to live until i watch 8
    you’re great ockoala, i’ve been refreshing this page cause i knew for sure you will give us a preview!!!!
    i’m loving this drama. i’m completely rooting for Mu Gyul, i hope he won’t suffer so much

  8. no… wait… JI needs comforting… someone spring out a twin for him pl… arghs. but wait… is it true love between JI / WMR???? Grrr… i dunno anymore. >.<

  9. I like this angst. I can’t believe I’m saying that, because I usually hate it passionately, but I do like it, maybe because MGY and JGS are so awesome that I believe that MR and MG are falling for each other but not yet quite aware of it; or at least, not yet to the stage where they can ignore other concerns in the throws of passionate, “this is my One True Love!” love. That being said, I hope they man/woman up quickly and we get some good confessions in episode 8, which it looks like we will! *squees*

  10. Just waiting for the recap of episode 7. , so I can understand what I’m watching.
    Though I know that it’s Mary-MGyul story I still hurt for Jung In. Though unexpressed he loves Mary.

  11. Jung In and Mae-ri seem to have this special connection between them. They look adorable. 😉 Yet, they are not meant to be. 🙁

    • It’s so sadddd the way he looks at her cos I know he’s not going to get her in the end boo hoo hoo….but the kiss in ep 7 was awesome; it made my day! And from the preview here, it’s going to go downhill for poor Jung In from now on…nevertheless, I’m still rooting (sadly) for Jung In and Mae Ri. Fighting (*small voice*)! Jung In!

      • LOLed at your Fighting *small voice*. hahahah!!!! don’t worry chingu, misery loves company, so here i am. ^^keke
        to be honest, i’m losing hope for Jung In and Mae Ri that’s why i dunno if i can bear to watch the succeeding episodes. but definitely, i’ll be for KJW forever and ever. 😀

  12. I just finished watching Episode 7 and I was crying before this preview cheered me up a little. What’s up with all that boxing and everybody shouting at MG poor lad he was sick and lovesick. He shouldn’t have told her that he wanted to stop the comedy, all fake feelings were coming true!

  13. I knew that ep7 will be angst.I just cry out loud at the end of prev ep7 where MG to end their fake married so I think thats why MR have no choice to reveale would she still pretending after MG say that.all though I felt bad with JI and rooting for him for a moment but now I’m back to MG.that always sleepy&cold cat needs MR but too afraid of his own feeling so he let go MR.hope by spending time together after being handcuft makes MR act quickly to win MR back.oh I don’t know how to survive until next week,weeping for this drama.this drama really amazing!so much happen in each episode that you must not miss each episode or you will miss alot.thanx for preview,waiting for your amazing recap

  14. Boy, MR looks really unhappy at her birthday/engagement party. I feel badly for her, MK, and JI. I hope that JI and SJ bond, because they’ll need that shoulder to cry on later in the drama. I’m so looking forward to MR/MK being handcuffed. It’s just so insane and silly, but anything to get them closer.

  15. i’m commenting again ~

    i think jung in did start out with merely a motive but as he got to know mae ri more, i’m sure that he’s really falling for her. just because he has a motive doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love and get hurt T__T” he’s more fragile of a character than most people think. i dun think of him as a jerk at all and in fact the only character i hate in the drama so far is his dad…. who makes me wanna run him over with a truck or something….literally.

  16. Come on….I wish it’s Monday and Tuesday again…can’t wait for the coming episodes of this wonderful and exciting drama.:-) Thanks for the written preview.;-)

  17. Thanks you Ockoala for epi 8 preview.
    Oh!…. I cannot wait till next Monday (Tuesday morning) in where I live.
    It will be really interesting to watch. JGS going to explose very soon…….
    But, Ockoala you know what I cannot stand with his hair style….. I like his hair style form “You are beautiful”….. which was really hottttttttttttttt……
    Thanks for your great work as usual.

  18. I lived this preview, thank you for taking the time to make it! 🙂 why did 2 episodes of this drama come out in one week? Will it always be like that, releasing 2 episodes per week? 😀

  19. ” I have a thing for guys in suits and cold dispassionate chaebol wounded woobies.”
    Me tooooo….. that’s why still in JI Mary boat.

  20. I want to know if the kidnapping and scar of JI is connected to MR’s scar?? there’s some connection don’t you think? I wonder how it will affect the story. MG said MR was like family. It’s because he didn’t get that from his mom. MR takes care of him like his mom should. That affection and caring he needs so much. Same for JI, that’s why although both JI&MR and MG&MR didn’t start out sincere, both men are attracted to her warmth and caring nature.

  21. K So usually i wait for the eng sub for the dramas that i watch but this one is so good i just cant wait. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting you recaps and previews, they are all very well written (Your side remarks make the episode enjoyable as well). I personally cant believe that people are on team JI&MR. I think that it is obvious form the begining that the one MR should be with is MG. LOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEE MG, When i first saw this i thought he looked EXACTLY like G-DRAGON LOL. But anyway, i really cant wait for episode 8. I dont know what in the world im going to do to pass the time!!!

  22. Gosh how am i supose to be studyng 4 my exam if at the back of my mind i keep rewinding my fave scenes. Its all JGS’s fault and the sweet chemistry he has wit MGY datz keepin me addicted. O now dat reminds me…i need to catch up wit my chemistry text too….o woe!

  23. hye there ockoala~ great recap!

    Well, friends!! I’ve been thinking, waht if MR ends up NOT choosing any of them? Since the MG&JI are soo cute, it’s almost impossible to choose.

    Im gonna scream on top of my lung, if MR is not choosing anyone in the end!!! Hopefully it’s not gonna end that way~

    What do you think? share with me pleassseeeeee~

    • I was thinking the same thing!!

      I’m all for JI&MR pairing but there is that feeling that she may be in their lives to help them discover themselves and stop their stunted ways.

      Aigoo…I really have to re-analyze the episodes…LOL, I so want JI & MR to be together because he’s so sad and MR seems to shine more when she’s with him.

      I would be happy with either out come, MR living a happy carefree life as a drama writer whilst friends with both men or living happily with JI!! squee!

      • Well i love the idea that MR&MG ends up together but sometimes i do love MR&JI too.. JI sometimes can be very cute!!!

        I really like that both of the guys are really working hard to get MR. LOL.. &&&&& really love the scene where MG&JI pulled her hands!!!!!!!

        Aiiishhhh,, This drama is so addictive. HEHE..

  24. Omygosh, here i am, waiting for epsisode 7 english subs and you have a recap of episode 8?!! Bless you!!! you are wonderful! haha. Jung-in seems so sweet. I kind of want him for her (since he’s such a gentleman); but Mu gyul’s chemistry with her is so cute. gahhh i cant decide. this is getting pretty exciting! i love this drama!

    • JI&MG are so cuuuteeeee~~ they have their own charisma. This is the best drama ever.. & it’s different from other dramas because the boys are so difficult to choose. Isn’t it?

      • I agree!! Everytime she’s with either of the guys, i cant help but squeal! haha. so hard to choose. Yes, best drama ever!

  25. Hi Koala,

    So I’m not really a lurker anymore, but I wanted to offer my gratitude for your recaps.

    I found you through PK because I was experiencing some PK withdrawls (it’s currently airing in the US, but I’ve watched up to ep. 15 on and all the YT specials). I’ve since decided to read all of the episodes recap for PK because I thoroughly enjoy your writing and insights.

    Then I started watching MSOAN because of recommending it. Luckily for me, your of fan of MSOAN too!!

    I finally decided to start commenting on some of the recaps because there so much intrigue, we M3ers really don’t know what will happen.

    Anywho, THANK YOU so much for your intensive and thorough recaps, they help me understand the episodes where the subber misses!!

  26. OK…….all I can say is……………..WHEN WILL IT BE OUT ON DVD WITH ENG. SUBS!!!!!!………I know, I know…. it’s not finished filming yet……but just like “He’s Beautiful”…….I will be waiting anxiously for this series to finish and go to dvd. I don’t mind who gets the girl, as I like both JGS & KJW always have, it was such a bonus to have them both acting together in this great series. I have also liked MGY ever since “My Little Bride”, with my wonderful Kim Rae Won, but for now, I guess I will stay close to my computer and await your recaps! I really enjoy them, they are as entertaining as the show!
    Thank you 🙂

  27. Thank U!!! for the written preview and the vid !!! can’t wait for ep. 8 this drama got me going crazy with all the emotional roller coasters going on….but yet i love it.
    So, based on preview JI and JS are going to be consoling each other?…uhmmm it sounds to me like this 2 need to hook up, I think they will make a great couple.

    OMG its going to be hilarious to see MG and MR handcuff together…where is MONDAY damint!!!!!!… 😛

  28. I am not sure what is going to happen actually for I do not know the story itself. But watching untill now Me myself change my feelings to male characters often. In some moments I prefer MG but in other JI.The second one has behaves as man but MG is resally inpredictable and somehow infantile. I really love JGS but his MG irritates me

  29. Aww i want to read the manga for this awesome drama but cant find it does anyone know were i can read it ? And im a huge fan of Mary and MG i really wish to see them confess what they are truly feeling for one another, but Ji is super sweet i dont like to see him suffer >.< can t wait to watch ep.8

  30. OMG im just sooo in love with this show that i had to read the previews i cant live without knowing whats gonna happen and im soo sad cus still nobody has subbed ep 8 and im dying here……. im soooo upset that i didnt even do any shoolwork for the past week :(:(:( But then again knwing that M and MK might confess. i feel sooo happy:):):) I love those two they are sooo cute together they just make my day w.e. i see them:):) I rly hope theyre together in the end!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I simply can not wait till monday!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ‘m dying .!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! you know why can’r JI and SJ just be together and MR and MK be together it would be a big happy ending. I can’t tell just yet whether JI has rrreal, real feelings for MR. Maybe he thinks he does but truly he doesn’t. I like both the guys i can’t choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Epi 8: am starting to hate this drama – poor Jung-in -the writer sure doesnt give much thoughts to his character -come on, give jung in a chance to show that he cares for mae-ri . jung-in deserves mae-ri more but all i see are scenes of Mae-ri and MK together. Now, that is SOOO NOT losing interest and definitely am not really looking forward to future episodes if this drama goes on like this –

    It is best if 2nd hero be together with the 1st heroin – like king takgu’s drama. I have always been a softie towards 2nd hero as most of the time, they deserve the 1st heroin more but the plot always doesnt do justice to the 2nd hero. I am sure many of you guys out there agree with me, right?

    Hails to Jung-In and Mae ri

  33. really beautiful and touching story but….don’t they need to change out of their clothes when they go to bed?? especially after being caught in the rain and all. even jung-in.

    i’ve been watching all their bed scenes with an “ick, gross!” feeling even though i KNOW i should be feeling touched 🙁

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