Ariel Lin, Ethan Ruan, and Joe Cheng Attend the Grand Opening of a Celebrity Salon

I haven’t seen these three together in one place in a long time. Ariel Lin, Ethan Ruan, and Joe Cheng all attended the grand opening of “80’s Studio”, a hip and trendy hairdressing joint that recalls the hokey fake celebrity hair salon in The Magicians of Love. Seeing them together makes me long for Mike He to be there and complete the triumvirate of BFF goodness with Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruan.

Ariel has been dogging jabs that her next drama I Don’t Think I Will Love You with Bolin Chen, who share the same agency as her, was a purely buy-one-get-one-free packaged deal with the advertisers. She again dispels the rather pointless accusation, and happily stated that she is looking forward to the drama starting filming next month.

Ethan and Joe had to answer questions about their draft dodging status (their service dates postponed because they are still in “school” after upwards of 7 years getting a degree). Both assured the media that they are simply too busy with their red hot careers to finish up their degrees, but intend to do so shortly and serve their mandatory military service in the near future.

Awwww, TW-ent might lose Joe, Ethan, and Mike in the next two years. Cue Koala wails of sorrow. Until then, all three have plenty of projects currently or lined up, so enjoy them while they are still around.

On a happier note, all three of them look great – love the outfits and hair! I also just realized that Ethan is the only one amongst the three BFFs that Ariel hasn’t worked with. Hhhhmmm, I think they would have amazing chemistry together. Sadly, I doubt they’ll do a project together before Ethan gets shipped off to the army.


Ariel Lin, Ethan Ruan, and Joe Cheng Attend the Grand Opening of a Celebrity Salon — 9 Comments

  1. Don’t cry, unni, maybe LYF will do lots of projects while they’re gone! That would be good, too, right?

    Still, I will miss Joe, Ethan, and Mike when they all leave. ~sighs thinking about the sadness~

    • hi im a fan of arjoe….i just want to know if there will be it started with a kiss 3…im really waiting for that…thanx

  2. My God, Ariel is a goddess. And Mike needs to be photoshopped into these pictures or something. It feels weird without him standing next to Ethan and Joe. I almost forgot that Taiwanese boys have to go to the army. Just thinking about them leaving off for the army makes me all sad now. 🙁

  3. awwwwwwwww they Look awesome!!! I love all 3!!… and yesss
    Mike He needs to be photoshoped in this pics…..

    Btw..No pics of Arjoe posing together? cute Arjoe moments?
    man I missed those 2, they should do another drama……. 😀 😛

  4. Aww JOE!!! I like Ethan too. But JOE is my love…er! I want him and Ariel Lin to do a great drama together. Nothing childish, but purely MAN and WOMAN!! To bring out their hotness. Nothing so thriller-ish or too dramatic…but a good drama. They both bring out the best in each other. And since they refuse to date, they should at least date on screen. 🙂

  5. No more ArJoe dramas, for pity`s sake…their last drama love or bread was terrible…
    Ariel is too talented for Joe`s poor acting skills, she deserves to play beside other talented people like Ethan .
    I liked ArJoe in Itazura dramas, but enough it`s enough.
    They all look posh and good… Ariel is so pretty.

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