TW-actor Ethan Ruan Announces Relationship with Non-celeb Girlfriend at the Start of 2022 Year of the Tiger

I remember when all those Taiwanese actors and actresses I loved were just late teens to early twenties young adults when they filmed those cracktastic idol dramas like Prince Turned into Frog, It Started with a Kiss, Fated to Love You, Devil Beside You, and so many more. Now that whole crew is mostly married, some with kid(s), and all are late thirties to even early forties and gosh time just slipped through. Ethan Ruan is 39-years old but the image is still that callow youth blazing his way through female viewer hearts and stringing along Tiffany Ann Hsu in their off-again-on-again decade long relationship. But Tiff is married now and this year in 2022 Ethan is kicking of his Tiger mojos but confirmed a new relationship. He posted on his SNS a picture with his non-celeb girlfriend and doodled adorably over her face to maintain her privacy. He looks low key and content and honestly I hope he’s the last of that bunch of playboys to finally grow up.

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Fond Remembrance of the Taiwan Idol Drama Actors of the 2000’s Era

Maybe it’s the fall weather and the recent seismic shift in Asian drama viewing options but I’m in a nostalgic mood and one of the classic eras that passed naturally was the Taiwan idol dramas of the 2000s. Starting from … Continue reading

C and TW-Stars Run the Fashion Gamut for Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit

There is so much fashion eye candy out and about at the Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit in China this weekend, with top Chinese and Taiwanese stars making their chic presence felt. I don’t think everyone looks good, necessarily, but everyone … Continue reading

Lee Jun Ki Attends Movie Press Event in Beijing for Korean-Chinese Joint Production Never Said Goodbye

The first Korean-Chinese release since the purported Chinese government ban/suspension of Hallyu-related entertainment has arrived and doesn’t appear to be affected in the least. Romance movie Never Said Goodbye (Chinese title Lies in Sicily) starring K-actor Lee Jun Ki, C-actress … Continue reading

Spate of High Profile Star Couple Breakups Hit the Chinese Entertainment Industry

It’s been a bad last few weeks for the dating star couples in Chinese entertainment. These things typically come in waves, with the dating news bundled up followed later with a spate of breakups. The biggest breakup news lighting up the Chinese … Continue reading