Third Trailer Released for Lie to Me

We’re T-minus 7 days away from the premiere of Lie to Me. Okay, I’ll admit it now, this is in fact THE May drama out of the six new offerings I am most excited about. What? It’s Yoon Eun Hye + Kang Ji Hwan, two of Korea’s most charismatic and down-to-earth actors. It was a neck-to-neck battle with Best Love for the number one spot in my heart, and Lie to Me barely edged ahead after it released the ridiculously adorable second trailer. With that said, this third trailer is equally as charming. I especially love the use of comic book panels.

Third trailer for Lie to Me:

I love the cheekiness of Eun Hye’s character Ah Jung, who many have pointed out as refreshingly not a stupid, bumbling, or down-trodden of a K-heroine, but is pretty damn accomplished in her own right as a 5th level civil servant. I hope the drama doesn’t manufacture pointless angst in the second half (and many a rom-coms have done) to keep our OTP apart. I find that organic conflicts rather than piddling external sources of discord always work better.


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  1. I am actually part of that (small?) group that has been totally shipping Lie to Me more than Best Love ever since seeing the first trailers. As much as I love the actors in BL (and God knows how I adore them), the editing leaves to be desired, and with such a cast I was hoping for the Hong sisters to ‘mature’ things up a tiny bit compared to, say, YB or MGIAG… Which would certainly take away quite a bit of their charm, I suppose. I dunno, something’s not getting me cherring for BL yet. On the other hand, the trailers for LTM just speak to me, I guess.

    In fact I think I somehow see this BL vs. LTM as a remake from the 2008 duel between YB and Coffee Prince XD You know, Hong Sisters vs. YEH’s drama, as both were aired during summer, both were centering their stories around girls prentending to be guys, one being obviously cuter and fluffier (Hong Powa!), the other being so, so damn refreshing (*unconditional CP lover*). And back then CP was an utter win for me (still my fave kdrama of all time, but that’s another story…).

    If we’re basing on a Hong sisters/YEH showdown, I would therefore be obviously instantly more into Lie to Me. Hopefully, writers/actresses are not just what it takes to make good dramas, and in the end it is the editing of the trailers that makes me a tiny bit more excited about LTM =)

    • Buh? I’m really confused, YB (You’re Beautiful) did not air opposite CP (Coffee Prince).

      CP aired in the Summer of ’07, and YB aired in the late fall of ’09.

      The only battle of the Hong Sisters drama vs. a YEH drama occured in ’06 between My Girl and Goong.

      Though the Summer of ’07 saw YEH and KJH both have a drama, but not against each other. YEH’s CP aired on Mon-Tues, whereas KJH’s CS (Capital Scandal) aired on Wed-Thurs.

      • … Is it? T____T Whateveeeeeeeeeeeeeer *feels super-upper-dumb*

        I’ve started watching kdramas only last june, so I watched neither YB nor CP as they were aired. Somehow in my mind I was sure that they were both aired in summer 2008… Possibly because most comments regarding these dramas, on the website where I watched them, kept comparing the two of them…

        They do have relatively similar plots though – the female dressing up as a male thing – but treated very differently, hence they kept getting compared. IMHO, CP was better, that was my point, therefore I hold expectations for LTM than for BL (this reasonning is illogical as hell, I don’t expect anybody to follow nor to understand it XD)

        I should probably stop talking now. It’s over midnight here and I’m confusing myself XD

      • I thought You’re Beautiful aired the same time as Take Care of the Young Lady…

        Guess I was wrong?

      • Nope, YEH’s My Fair Lady/Take Care of the Young Lady aired a smidge before You’re Beautiful, the two dramas barely missed each other.

        MFL aired from Aug-early Oct 2009, YB aired from early Oct-end of Nov 2009. But both were in the same time slot, so a few months up or down and they would have competed head to head.

        YB got eaten up by IRIS, and MFL had Swallow the Sun to contend with.

    • I’m also one of you who is looking forward to Lie To Me more than Best Love. But that’s because I’m a Yoon Eun Hye bias. Even before she started filming, I knew it was the one I’ll watch.

      Like you, I do like the Hong Sister’s but there’s just one thing that bothers me about their dramas. While they start really good and addicting. I lose interest at the end and sometimes, it feels like they just hurry up with the ending. I didn’t really like the ending of You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It seems like they got lazy and decided to write the end.

      Anywayzzzzzz….. Can’t wait for Lie To Me to air!!

      • I agree with you…the latest Hong sisters dramas really boring..the story very flat n too idol..that time I was thinking am I growing older or the story?? No offends guys…but I’m looking forward for Best Love because the casts are awesome n the story seems interesting… Fighting!!

      • me tooo…can’t wait to see yoon eun hye again….i love how she acts…indeed i hate dramas where lead actresses are acting stupid and cheap….i love the characters that yoon eun hye got…charming and sweet and innocent…

  2. I need help to get over this drama addiction Lie to me seems to be the cake

    its may can it be tuesday so i can see this with subs

  3. Sorry to say that the more i saw of lie to me the less excited :(. i must be the only one though. but i still hope for the best cause i love all the YEH’s dramas i watched (coffe prince, vineyard man, goong) and i like KJH in hong gil dond (though not in a romantic way). so lie to me: fighting!!!!

  4. Now here’s another one fighting for my time studying for the exams and finishing my papers! These exams and papers are huge distractions for my love for korean dramas/ romcoms (no, not the other way ’round har har)! I love YEH since Goong (my first Korean drama ever). Thanks ockoala!

  5. I totally love Lie To Me, and its not even out yet. I just love the plot. I hope they dont make her take the noble idiot route ever. I just love the plot of this damn drama. Its so awesome. I know its nothing new in K-drama, but its so awesome because its flipping Yoon Eun Hye. I’ve never loved watching trailers so much. 🙂 I cant get enough.

  6. Excited..excited…noooo…I have to keep my low expectation..because I’m nervous n afraid about the storyline…but What The Hell….its YoonEunHye n KangJiHwan we are talking about..I’m only want to see them acting n don’t care the rest hahaha..Lie To Me Hwaiting!!!!

  7. This is soooo cute. I gotta admit, based on the trailers alone? I’m more into Lie To Me. If I have to consider the story as well…omg, I can’t say. The Hong sisters always deliver one way or the other; sometimes they’re more effective than others, but the results are always here, imho. IDK, I’m just going to watch both and see what happens.^^

    Still. *re-watches trailer* It’s adorableeeeeeeeeeee.

    I find that organic conflicts rather than piddling external sources of discord always work better.

  8. omg, I am so watching this. I have been dying for a fix since SG ended. Nothing, nothing anywhere close to cracky. ;( I can’t wait for May 9th or later I guess, since I have to wait for subs. 🙁 Life is sooo unfair!

    • I am? 😉

      Erh, good to know people have such faith in me. My hands, on the other hand, is thisclose to going on strike.

      Be good, hands, and don’t fail me now.

      • You won’t be able to choose between Cha Seung-won and the false marriage of KJH+YEH. It’s like to ask a lil’ girl to choose between her parents. Sooo Ockoala Fighting!! ^^

  9. Lie to Me is going to be sssooo good.

    As for recapping this drama, why don’t you find a partner in crime to recap some of the summer dramas with you?

    Did you see Baby Faced Beauty? It’s pretty cute and was a lot better than I thought it would be. I’ve only seen Daniel Choi in Cyrano Dating Agency and he was pretty good, but he’s hella funny in BFB.

  10. I am getting more and more exicted by approaching to airing time ….
    Oh god there just seem perfect together !!! I do watch second trailer more than 20times ….and I am gonna watch it again and again till next week !!!
    After being air ,i have no idea how many times i will watch the episodes …..
    FIGHTING Lie to ME

  11. I am happy that YEH’s character is not stupid or laughable AND she’s turning 30! that means I can relate more (compared to the high school idol dramas hehehe)

    so excited for LTM!

    thanks in advance for the recaps ockoala 🙂

    p. r u from Australia (hence the koala name)?

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