Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 10

First off, the recap proper for Lie to Me episode 10 will be late today, cuz my baby boy Koala is graduating from Kindergarten so imma be busy with real life stuff. Might as well tell Best Love fans that tomorrow’s BL recap will also be late cuz my baby girl Koala is graduating from pre-school. Dayum they grow up so fast.

Anyhoo, episode 10 validates the continued bipolar nature of this drama. The situations are so freaking stupid, but the interactions are amazingly good. I love the ending to this episode, which keeps taking our OTP forward and throws the remnants of the lie into the wind.

Episode 10 Baby Recap:

Ki Joon drags Ah Jung away from her date blind. Their departure from the hotel is seen by some staffers but not by Sang Hee. At the Han River banks, Ki Joon yells at Ah Jung for constantly showing up in front of him, yet each time she claims that it’s the time last they should meet. Ah Jung apologizes and walks away. She’s hit by a ball, and the physical pain draws her emotional pain out. Ki Joon asks if she’s okay, and Ah Jung sobs and confesses that she likes him, she likes him so will Ki Joon please not like “her”.

Ki Joon is happy she finally spoke her mind, and asks for some time to allow Yoon Joo to get over him. He doesn’t want to hurt her again, and he wants Ah Jung to feel the same way. Yoon Joo tries to get the 411 from Manager Park, who tells Yoon Joo to see Ki Joon today and not think of him from 3 years ago. Sang Hee calls Ah Jung out to lunch and adorably gives her a stuffed monkey toy. This boy knows not how to woo a girl. No wonder he keeps losing girls to his kissing bandit of a brother. Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo this is not a phase, he really likes Ah Jung, and she likes him back.

Yoon Joo puts on her old engagement ring and tells Aunt that she and Ki Joon need to get married ASAP, which makes Aunt curious about what is going on, especially about Ah Jung. Yoon Joo goes to see Ah Jung and shows her the ring and tells her that she and Ki Joon are getting married, and she wanted to tell Ah Jung because Ki Joon said that Ah Jung likes him. Ah Jung cried and then calls Ki Joon to yell at him for telling Yoon Joo that Ah Jung liked him.

Ki Joon tries to explain it was a misunderstanding, following Ah Jung all night while she hangs out with her coworkers and ignores him. He ends up with her phone, which he returns by waiting for her at the cherry blossom lane. He explains that it was a misunderstanding with Yoon Joo, and keeps calling “Ah Jung-ah” as she walks away. Sang Hee sees this, and is upset, asking if it’s happening again that the girl he likes ends up liking his brother.

Ah Jung turns on her phone and discovers Ki Joon changed her background picture to a selca of himself, and recorded a video message for her on her phone. SQUEEEEEE. So Ran buys a friendship ring for Ah Jung, but when she delivers it she sees Jae Bum rather close to Ah Jung. So Ran drops the ring and leaves crying. Jae Bum tells So Ran that Ah Jung told a marriage lie because of him, because she treated him with sincerity (i.e. he mattered to her), which So Ran never treated Jae Bum that way. Jae Bum wants to help Ah Jung.

Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo never to meet Ah Jung again, and she apologizes for putting on her ring and lying to Ah Jung that Ki Joon was getting married to her. She cries, asking what will happen if she never gets over Ki Joon? I dunno, go be a nun? Ki Joon asks for some time apart between them. Sang Hee confesses to Suk Bong that history is repeating itself.

Ah Jung is at the Gold Resort with her co-workers and the Minister of Culture. Suddenly the Shanghai Chairman shows up, which leaves Ah Jung frantic. Ki Joon promises Ah Jung that he will take care of it. Ki Joon has staffers looking for the Chairman to intercept him, but he sees Ah Jung nevertheless.

In front of everyone, Ah Jung is asked about her marriage. She confesses that she’s married. But then Ki Joon walks up and says that they are not married. Damn, Ah Jung maintained the lie for Ki Joon’s sake in front of the Chairman, and Ki Joon told the truth for Ah Jung’s sake in front of the Minister. I LOVE YOU TWO! Please get a room and make beautiful Hwan-Hye Ah-Ki babies.


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  1. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post this. Love you lots for these posts and double congratulations to baby koalas . Wishing them both many more graduations in future.

    • Saw the episode live today through some streaming site, good quality but could not understand , waiting for sub versions and your detailed recap.

  2. Am I the 1st..huray…love you…I read your baby recap like I was starved for 3 days…

    What an end…kakak, so does it mean I have ants in my pants again for the next Monday ep?haizz…what a dilema…

    The phone was cute…melt my heart ..:-D

  3. i’ve been stalking your blog the whole day.. aww can’t wait for the full recap. love it so much thanks koala. congratualtions to baby koala 🙂

  4. wow! awesomeness!!!! cant wait for the next ep already! (: ive migrated from DB to ur site and am a total devotee! thanks for the baby recap! (:

    PS: kids sure do grow up quick (:

  5. Thanks for the recap. A great way to end the day. Now I just have to wait for the raw video to be posted, watch it, then wait for the video with subs and watch it, too. 🙂


  7. KJ is really showing his sincerity to AJ. The selca and video were so out of the blue, it was so cute.

    Congratulations on the graduation of your two koala “Ah-Ki”s (babies)….

  8. *Swooning*…
    My heart is swooning at the phone part where Ki Joon recorded his message on her phone and called her “Ah Jung-ah”!!! Sooooo sweet!!!

    PS: Congrats to both your baby koalas!!!

  9. “Please get a room and make beautiful Hwan-Hye Ah-Ki babies.”
    LOLLLLLLLLOLOL OMG die of laughing xD
    Thank you again as always koala! You’re the best! ^__^

  10. Congratulation on both babies ….
    In my opinion ,he is going to say: we are not married but we are engaged to be !
    I love u kj and i will love u more if u just do NOT hurt AJ .
    thank u

  11. I am satisfied! VERY satisfied with even just a baby recap of LTM. SO MUCH FUN!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FULL RECAP AND FULL EP SUBBED! WOOOOO HwanHye babies<3 kekeke

  12. Congrats to both your baby koalas!!!

    I Love yr baby recap! Kids grow up quick! Sure, they do! Mine is a “big” babe now!

    Thanks for your recap!

  13. Thank you! Congratulations to your babies!!!! I watched the live stream but I couldn’t understand a thing. LOL! I’m waiting for the subs hopefully it will come out fast. OMG SH I hope he will stop soon and not be a total jerk and get in between AJ and KJ just like what he did before, he should stop and realize that AJ and KJ belong together or if he did I hope KJ have the balls to fight for AJ and never let her go! SH needs to realize that his hurting his brother a lot it’s about time he will do something for his brother. KJ needs to realize that SH is old enough and that he protected him long enough now it’s time for him to be happy. YJ I know that she’s hurting but things have change, true enough she was a victim before I understand her actions because she knows for a fact that KJ has already fallen in love or like with AJ, but she need to understand, accept it and let go, go back to PARIS and rebuild her life a life w/out KJ. As for our beloved AJ she needs to hang on to KJ and let KJ settle things for them to be happy. Clearly they’re very much in like or love with each other. I’m happy the fact that AJ lied for the sake of KJ (that’s how much in AJ is woth KJ) but I’m happier that KJ told the truth because with that they can really take their relationship to the next level. What I’m worried about is that the death or KJ’s parents and AJ’s mom is related (Secret Garden thingyyyy)! Only 8 episodes left for this Drama I wish to see how AJ and KJ’s relationship will grow and how SH will let go and how YJ will move on. After the housewarming kiss and Cola kiss it would be nice to see them kiss again and be come more affectionate/intimate with each other, a kiss in the cherry blossom lane would be nice! Major make out session will be fun, exciting and happy to watch between AJ and KJ. The chemistry is undeniable as I’ve said before. All I know it’s all clear how our characters felt for each other. Can’t wait for next week!!!! maybe a sequel like KJ and AJ having a family, because I’m afraid that usually drama’s sometimes end with a kiss or a wedding is too much to ask for more???!!! LOL! like coffee prince, full house, goong I feel like whar happens next???? I really like to see AJ and KJ having a family. Hopefully this two Actors YEH and KJH( I’m not sure If thats KJ’s name) will have a movie or drama, maybe they’ll end up together in real life. LOL!!!! Thank you!!!! It’s been a long time since I go gaga(crazy or super like) a drama usually when problems arise I skip the part and wait for the finale then go back to the previous episode fast forward the parts I don’t like. but with LTM I’m really looking forward to every episodes they have.
    I’m mumbling a lot I know that my thoughts doesn’t matter but I can’t help it I couldn’t talk to anyone about this drama.

    Koala thank you so much!!!! Your the best!!!! please keep it coming!

  14. this is great…….I like your statement about making Ah-Ki babies…hahaa….thank you for the baby recap…..this LTM is very exciting……

    Well, another long wait for the next episode……guess I have to endure it…..hahaha…

  15. Congratulations to ur koala babies…..
    And thanks for the baby recaps….

    Btw i agree with everyone saying kids grow up so fast, it wasn’t along time ago my son was in kindergarten and he is in college now….whew and like everyoone i was just wondering the time passes quickly and at my age i am still growing up myself..hehehe actually, i am 40 already …..

    • Agreeed with you…wow I am in the same boat with you..we might be twin in other life..Enjoy hugging your babies as much as you can, as they get older, you will hear this ..’no hugging Mom infront of people ok’..

  16. 2 questions:
    (1) Does calling someone a name with an “-ah” mean intimacy? At what level in a relationship when one uses that?
    (2) How different when one drags someone by “holding hands” and “gripping wrist”?

    er….doing some cultural research here to get to know K-drama better.

    • I am passing by quickly to say thanks for the recaps.

      If you noticed AJ was all flustered in her house when she got back.She was saying why did he drop to banmal?Vs jondamal.
      You notice he was calling her GAJ-ssi earlier?It means dropping to an intimate-not necessarily romantic-but friendship/closer/couple.

      I was watching quickly and not going back cos’ I know I am going back to watch it subbed later.
      However ep 10 was sweet and satisfying.Definately not leaving me the angst like last week now that they both know they like each other.Whew 🙂

  17. p.s.: Sang Hee will get his kiss, I suppose and I wonder who will that be? *g* If he realizes history repeating itself he’ll be furious(foolish) enough to make his move. *ggg* I just hope, the kiss will be as good as it was between OTC.

  18. wat???kiss with SH?that’ll really misunderstanding n mix things up even more is it?

    Wat is gonna happen with SR n SB
    SB & AJ

    SH & AJ


  19. Merci beaucoup Mme Koala pour vos efforts. it’s my first time to comment here. I just want to tell you how much i appreciate your recaps
    i’m in love with this drama and really swooning over YEH and KJH chemistry
    A whole week to wait TT………

  20. Congratulations for your kids!
    And thank you so much for the baby recap. I’ve been lurking your playground almost all day. I’m so obsessed with this drama right now, right after visiting your playground 2 days ago (haven’t been here for quite some time) and saw the Cola Kiss pictures 😛
    Sure hate Yoon Joo, but thank goodness Ki Joon told her to stay away from Ah Jung, hopefully this girl won’t bring much trouble in the coming episodes, well I do accept Yoon Joo troubling Ah Jung if it only make Ki Joon love Ah Jung more hahahaha.

  21. Congratulations, Gong Xi on the graduations for both Koala babies. Preschool and kindergarten… 🙂 They do grow up fast. Any mommy koala tips as well as drama fun? 😉

    Thanks for the baby recap 🙂

  22. Thank you for the baby recaps of episode 10 while waiting for the hd raw links of episode 10.. Congratualations to both of baby koalas graduating… My oldest rug rat boy will be in Kindergarten and my youngest rug rat boy will be in Preschool Fall 2011… ^^

  23. Thanks Koala! Congrats to your baby koalas graduation!

    the chemistry is totally oozing! it does not matter how stupid some of the situations are since they having kjh and yeh bicker and kiss is enough for me!

    so the second lead bitch is admitting her childish ways…damn i was really rooting for her being able to accept it gracefully but no she wants to do it the biatch way…

    looks can really be deceiving…she looks so innocent and pure…
    however, love can make you do stupid things

    but while i do understand where she’s coming from it does not mean i do not hate her!

    AND SANG HEE my God, learn from the past! another heartbreak? and by the way, I need to remind you that it is partly your own fault!

    when you have a HOT BROTHER like Kang Ji Hwan…err.. Ki Hoon do not, I repeat DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of ever let any girl you like get close to him.

    and with that I say, thanks Koala for this baby recap and here’s hoping I get to hear the kungfu fighting music again while the camera zeroes in to Ki Hoon’s eye…i want to laugh again next week!

  24. -ah after the name is kind of close relation, friend^friend, boy^girl or older^younger.
    My Korean friend call me by that too.

  25. thanks so much for he Baby recap. It’s much easier to watch the unsubbed episode because of this. Take care and congratulations on Baby Boy Koala and Baby girl Koala on their graduations. And congrats too to the proud Mommy Koala =)

  26. waaaaaah.. i love ur recaps!! its so fun to read this n imagine wat hapeend! u made me reaaly want to watch this ep ASAP!!

  27. Congratulations mommy koala on the babies’ graduation. Yes, indeed, time flies soooo fast, I couldn’t believe my eldest’s already 17 (today, actually). And inspite of your hectic schedule, you managed to give us a wee recap…. awws, you know we luuurvvve you, right? Enjoy your day and thankkkks!

  28. congrats on your baby koala…and thanks for the fast update…at least have an idea of what’s going…i already watched the raw episode…later will read the long recaps once posted here…and that how my imagination will start….

    again thanks and Congrats…GOD BLESS>>>>>

  29. Thanks for the baby recap, still a joy to read 🙂 cant wait for the full one.
    “I dunno, go be a nun?” <—- LOL, nice one!
    This drama is awesome. dunno how am i going to survive for another week of waiting.

    by the way, congrats on your babies' grad…

  30. Congratz on ur babies graduations! Just wondering they showed a preview when they were young did aj and kj parents accident have anything in common…

  31. Really great of you to entertain us with your mini recap despite your hectic schedule in “real life”….Muchas gracias amiga!!!!!

  32. hi i just came to ur site, have no idea how lol, but i never stopped watching LTM, i love love love….. the leads, thank you so much.

    just wondering, if u can make time to recap baby-faced beauty? you dont have to 🙂

    totaly still like u 😉

    loving this site, thank you , oh before i forget i really like ur recaps

    • I think poor Ockaola would have to survive without sleep to recap another drama! Haha. A recapper at Dramabeans was recapping Baby-faced Beauty last time I checked though. Hope this helped 🙂

  33. Congrats to ur babies koala on their graduation n thks for ur super fast baby recap…with tis recap i can sleep n watch the show tml 🙂

    u r the best!!!

  34. So excited for you. Thanks for the recap even with your real-life excitement. Congratulations. So exciting when they are changing and growing so much. (We have Pre-K graduation next week).

  35. Can’t wait until next week!
    I love the phone part, it’s so cute!
    Dear dramagod, please give us more of the lovey-dovey scenes for our OTP!

  36. Congratulations to your children and thanks to you for finding time for us even with your life full with previous engagements and duties.
    Kids come always first. We are waiting patiently (more or less) for our candies!

  37. while all of this is happening is ki joon still going to continue with court case against ah jung why do i feel that its all going to end there with a dramatic court scene!!

  38. you are super mum babies graduating and still you have time to do this blog
    congrats on babies Koala graduating pre k and k

  39. YES for the Hwan-Hye babies 😀

    Anyways episode 10 was sweet, but I want more YEH-KJH screentime when they’re together!

    I can’t believe hat I’ll have to wait one week again for next episode and they didn’t even give us a preview 🙁

    Anyways, did anyone else cringe at Jae Bum’s horrible timing as in the super awkward position that So Ran caught them in? I know I did XD

    Thank you for this fast baby recap 🙂 Miss Koala, you’re the best <333

  40. [quote] Koala says/write: She cries, asking what will happen if she never gets over Ki Joon? I dunno, go be a nun? [/quote]

    LOL, you see, you kill me!!

    [quote] Koala says/writes: In front of everyone, Ah Jung is asked about her marriage. She confesses that she’s married. But then Ki Joon walks up and says that they are not married. Damn, Ah Jung maintained the lie for Ki Joon’s sake in front of the Chairman, and Ki Joon told the truth for Ah Jung’s sake in front of the Minister. I LOVE YOU TWO! Please get a room and make beautiful Hwan-Hye Ah-Ki babies. [/quote]

    See you do it again!! LOL, my head hurts!!!

    Ki Joon, Ah Jung, for the love of God, make up your mind already, are you married, or are you not? Are you gonna be together, or are you not? Are you gonna keep us hating you and loving you at the same time?

    Yoon Joo are you gonna die already or are you not? Coz, I can help you with that? You know, a few hits with my shiny costum made golf club, is very professional in that way, or I can get Valentino, who teach me the way of “sleeping with the fishes”, or we can launch you to the moon, or we can tying some concrete blocks to your feet and throw you to the Han River!!! Coomon! The water is warm, and it is hot out here!! LOL

    Sang Hee, are you gonna step back or are you not? Are you gonna screw your brother’s life again or you just gonna retreat nice and easy? Are you gonna be a wimpy tramp, again or you gonna grow up, and accept the fact that SHE IS JUST NOT THAT IN TO YOU!!! She never was, nor she never will be!!! Are you gonna be the lap-dog again? Drooling, sobbing, and hurting everyone around you, throwing a tantrum “she doesn’t love me, I want her to love me, if not, I wanna die”! Seriously, kid, grow some balls, accept the facts, drink a little, cry a lot, and MOVE ON!!! Be happy for your brother, for the first time in three freaking years, he is behaving, like a normal human being! Feeling the warm of love, the heat of jealousy, the sweetly passion of a kiss, with someone you really like, another shot at love, and then you are thinking stealing that happiness away? Really? Again? Do you love your brother or what? Do you call your self a brother? In love you win and you loose, it seems that this time, you loose again, but don’t worry, love is always where you least expected! BTW, I think Manager Park have a “thing” for you!!

    LOL, I am so into LTM right now, that I imagine my self having bars conversation (like confessions + therapy + the ugly truth) with the characters!!

    • Your comment says it alll Angelitocurioso. I lah It. The part where koala said go be a nun had me DIEING!!! I mean, woot. And I thought I was the only one who thought manager Park had a thing for Sang Hee. bwhahaha, too cool. Though I really dont care if they are togetehr or not.

      Gosh I really hate how they end LTM. Making me so anxious all the time. What am I suppose to do? OMO, can Koala, where do you read these fan fics? Cuz I cant focus on my manga when LTM ends. It drives me crazy. BUT I LOVE IT!!! ahhh, here goes another week of me imagining all the ways AH Jung and Ki Joon are going to go about this. Hyun Ki Joon, you I-wanna-make-every-one-happy-so-I-can-enjoy-my-happiness-more kinda person you! I like it and I dont like it, But I see where your going. Though YJ really isnt making this easy. Eagerly awaiting everything you have to write about this drama KOALA. EAGERLY!
      Its so bad that I look for spoilers of this drama right after the last episode ends.

    • Totally agree with you – SH – PLEASE!! Wake up and take a good look at your brother – he who is so fastidious and finicky would do just about anything for AJ and you still don’t get it?

      I tell you what this situation reeks off – I’m reliving my “Hannah Must Die!” scenario all over again – it got to a point when I hear the name Hannah – I turn murderous!!

      So now YJ – and grinder!!

      Which Hannah? you might ask – Booth’s of course! 😛

  41. BTW Miss Koala Unni, congrats on the cubs graduations!! They grow so fast, and you don’t know where the time go!!

  42. i wonder if Yoon Eunhye and Kang Jihwan will ever look at coke the same way, i hope whenever they drink coke now they will think of each other in real life and the wonderful kiss scene.

  43. I was really smiling when you wrote that they should go get a room to make those babies hahha! You never failed to make me smile, laugh, and cry Koala with your recaps. Now I’m loving KJ back! Aigoo when he’s into romantic moves it makes my heart smile too

  44. Thanks for your punctual recap, you are one great mom. Kudos to your graduating child and your willingness to translate korean dramas for us. God bless you and your family.

  45. Can I ask? What is that song…in the background was a male who sang the song..I love that song. Thanks Koala 🙂

  46. @koala congrats on baby koala graduating…time flys soon she’ll be off to college 🙂

    anywho…u never seize to amaze us..thank you..3 mores wks of LTM thank goodness my insanity will end soon.

  47. Congrats for your babies’ graduations! I’m sure we can all survive a little longer wait for your recaps. You’re way fast at getting them to us already. Thanks for the baby recap!

  48. thanks for finding time to do the baby recap and make us happy, and a big congratulations to your kids!

  49. Thanks Koala
    Congrats on on your two darlings’ graduations :p
    u sure are awesome on your recaps
    i love it when KJ grab hold of AJ’s hand and did not let go even in the elevator scene,
    it really shows a very jealous KJ and at the same time staking his claim

  50. Congratulations for the kids graduation! You must be very proud Mommy Koala. Thanks for the fast baby recap, I’ll always venture in your playground ’til I read the full recap. God bless You and your family.

  51. congrats (ur kids graduation) and thanx for the mini recap. we’re all addicted to diz series, almost all of us in the office here in the Philippines.

    Thank you again and God bless u!

  52. Thank you so much for the fast recap even if you’re busy with your babies! Congratulations for having two graduates!

    “Please get a room and make beautiful (Hwan-Hye) Ah-Ki babies.” Mwa ha ha ha!

    I prefer the crossed out names (Hwan-Hye) mwa ha ha!

  53. Thank u so very much Koala for your baby recaps/share especially your own comments, I am laughing so hard. You r the best dear girl for being generous in sharing ur time here. Congratulations, ur babies are getting bigger.
    I am really getting all worked up with KJ’s ‘brain dead’ reasoning, to think that he is top management. what a fool! the cliffhangers drive me insane, it will be another week to know what happens next.
    Again, thanks for quick recaps and helping me understand better.

  54. What’s with JB forcing to hold AJ’s hands? AJ should have dropped JB with a kick to his balls. I see danger signs for AJ from this cheating-delussional jerk.

    YJ is also kind of desperate now -sending out wedding invites?, annoying almost everyone – Aunt, KJ, AJ, Mgr Park.

    I could smell some conspiracy going on – JB and YJ conniving evil on AJ?

  55. first of all congratulations! and thank u for the recap no matter how late it is i always look forward reading your recaps coz you’re so thorough in every details.
    i just can’t get over LTM! im sinking deeper into loving the OTP for reel and real!
    Omo! i might have a heart attack just watching them! lol
    as for SH, oh boy! 2nd time around and what your brother wants you also want???
    what’s with you?
    KJ please get over it and just marry AJ!!!

  56. Thanks Koala!
    I have 2 small ones myself, older boy is graduating Kindy end of this year, so I can totally understand! Nothing is more important than our kids.

    Oh gosh, I’m so into this drama…
    The last thing I did before bed last night was to stalk this playground and first thing I did after waking up is to check this playground for recap.
    Even my obssession with Secret Garden (ok, mostly Binnie) cannot be compared to this.
    It’s the ice cream kiss, it’s the cola kiss, it’s the sexy gaze of KJ when he wants to kiss AJ, it’s the oh-so-suave and swoonworthy manner which KJ grabs AJ’s hand, it’s the heartbreaking way AJ cries and how she tries to be strong…
    I’m so in love with the OTP… the only other OTP which I feel as strongly for is Show Luo – Rainie Yang in Hi, My Sweetheart (Taiwan Drama).
    My husband cannot understand my obsession! Hahhaha…

    Anyway, back to the drama…
    OK episode, good OTP interactions but I wish there is stronger writing and acting on the part of SH. Still very unconvincing on his “sudden” like/love for AJ.
    And yes, I think the Aunt will dig up something interesting when she checks on AJ… maybe something that will tie in the scene of KJ and AJ when they are kids.
    And where is the airport scene???

  57. congratulations to ur babies OCK! they do grow up fast. next thing you know, they will be helping you write ur recaps! LOL …… thanks for the super fast recaps for BL and LTM!

  58. according to korean drama, i see so many girls calling their boyfriend with “oppa”, then they never had happy ending, ussualy relation like that only have one side love, such as secret garden gil ra im called hyun bin only his name without oppa thing :p, though LTM, ah jung call ki joon only, also sassy girl, my girl, world within, etc. anybody know how to use “oppa” word? why it looks like bad luck if liking someone that call them oppa than we never work out :)??

  59. KJH won 2009 46th Grand Bell Award —Best New Actor for my friend is an agent
    KJH won 2008 Blue Dragon Firm — Best New Actor for Rough Cat
    Is this information right

    I think KJH performan is excellent
    Epi 6 the way he looks at AJ then……..first kiss
    Epi 7 the way he lies in bed and waiting for AJ care and love
    He and AJ make me cry and laugh
    I enjoy watching DRAMA LTM
    Well Done

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