Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 16

I think I’ve turned into a crybaby. I cried through the entire last two episodes of 49 Days (like, who didn’t?), and now I’ve cried through the entire episode of Lie to Me. Except this time it was all tears of happiness. Episode 16 was all about connection – the connection of the viewer to the central love story, and the connection of Ah Jung and Ki Joon to each other. I wish I could write a recap without any plot, because LTM’s plot is really that terrible and constantly obscures what is truly exquisite about this drama. It’s about the connection between me (the viewer) and the sensation of falling in love (with the drama love story).

Love cannot and need not be justified. Love need only be understood to the person in love. It’s not a validation of quality (or lack thereof) that I love LTM. It’s simply because watching Ki Joon and Ah Jung, I was swept away. We have traveled 16 episodes, countless hours, days, weeks, and months, with Ah Jung and Ki Joon, and today we walk to the end of the journey with them. While it is the end for us voyeurs peeking into their world, it’s only the beginning for them, as a relationship predicated on a lie ends on an upcoming marriage based on genuine thought and sincerity.

Episode 16 Baby Recap:

Ah Jung tells Ki Joon that the reality of marrying a rich and prominent man like him is something she doesn’t think she is up to the task. Ki Joon asks if she loves him, and she says that she loves him so much that she can’t fathom living in a world without him. But she’s frightened of a discussion of marriage [right now]. She asks for some time, to find what she lost. Ki Joon completely understands, and gives her the room she needs to find herself again. He tells her that he will wait for her, even though he hates waiting, for her he will do it.

Ah Jung gets transferred to Jeju and Ki Joon sends her off at the airport. He gives her a watch to speed time along, and then pulls her in for a kiss farewell. She snaps a picture of them together before she departs. A month passes and both are busy at work, writing emails that Ah Jung thinks are just like love letters. Aunt asks why Ki Joon isn’t married yet, and tells him that she’s waiting and will make time for it. So Ran finds out she’s pregnant but this time Jae Bum left her after they had another fight. Ki Joon visits Ah Jung in Jeju. They want to spend more time together but both have to head to meetings. Ki Joon sees Jae Bum at the hotel and lets Ah Jung know.

Ah Jung lures So Ran to Jeju and gets the two bickering old-married couple to reconcile. The four of them go on a couple date. When Ki Joon drops Ah Jung off at her apartment he makes every excuse to go inside and then claim that he can’t leave. They hang out and talk and are generally the sweetest couple in the entire planet. No boating though. Ah Jung gets a call from Dad that he and Ae Kyung are finally making it official. Ki Joon makes breakfast for Ah Jung the next morning, asking if she’ll marry him if he makes her breakfast every morning?

Ki Joon gives Ah Jung the necklace again before he leaves, asking that she come to Seoul on her day off and meet his Aunt. If she wears the necklace, that is her answer that she will marry him. Ah Jung is at work at the museum and a display goes missing. She’s frantically looking for it and misses her appointment to meet Ki Joon and Aunt. She finally finds it, and cries that “I found it.” Methinks Jungie found more than a missing vase.

Aunt is pissed Ah Jung stood her up, and Ki Joon is very upset as well. He gets Ah Jung to meet him at the airport in Jeju to hear her explain what happened. Ah Jung doesn’t explain, she just hands the necklace case with a note (but no necklace) inside it. She hands it to Ki Joon and tells him that this is her answer. Ki Joon is upset and doesn’t end up opening the box until much later when Park Hoon accidently opens it and finds the note.

Ah Jung’s note tells Ki Joon that she’s sorry she missed the appointment, but she actually found what she lost that day. Now she can run to Ki Joon. She thanks him for waiting for her, and tells him that she loves him. Ah Jung gets a box from Ki Joon containing all the items that commemorate the memories they have together: tomato juice, coke, a rubber duckie (for the duck boats), money for the hospital bill. She cries and wonders why Ki Joon hasn’t called her after getting her note?

Ki Joon runs to Jeju and finds Ah Jung on the hillside overlooking the sea. She’s wearing the necklace. He asks her if he’s too late, apologizing for not knowing how she felt. She apologizes for making him wait even though she loves him so so much. Ki Joon counters that he loves her more. Major kissing ensues. Ki Joon vows to stay by her side forever, Ah Jung makes him remember that promise.

Ah Jung tells So Ran that she is getting married but So Ran doesn’t believe her. Hahaha, so cute. Ah Jung says this time it’s for real, but So Ran refuses to fall for it again. Ah Jung says it’s for real, they are getting married right away. Ah Jung narrates that from a lie a real love blossomed. Ki Joon narrates that they both changed, and discovered that honesty and sincerity is what love is.


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    • i’ve been stalking like hours too..hahaha..really worth i can sleep..hahaha..
      thank u 4 this cute recap ^^

  1. LTM ends, but KJH/YEH new beginning, Im so gonna follow them religiously… My all time OTP.. Thanks KJH/YEH for giving me this wonderful feeling….

    • Me too, I love yeh since gong and really noticed & love kjh since coffee house.

      I have to say thank you for your work 1crazynyt. Thanks for making beautiful header that capture our OTP. Hats off to you dear.

    • @1crazynyt hi I’d like to thank you for the artworks you’ve been churning out for LTM. We all enjoyed it. If I may, is it possible for you to come up with a montage of all our OTPs kisses and share them with us? Pretty you pretty please?

  2. Big thankssss to koala! I’ve been waiting for this!!!! Necklace and those box?it reminds me from YEH princess hours drama back then.But it was ring,and now?Necklace? Anyway! Really thank you koala!!!! I’ll wait for final episode recap! 🙂

  3. Thank you!!!!! It has been worthwhile camping at this playground! I can happily go to bed now.

    It wasnt an easy journey. I may not like the ending the way it should be, but I just love the OTP.

    I love the scenes at the bedroom, when AJ was on top of KJ who was lying flat on the bed, it was just so natural it just doesnt feel as though the both of them were acting at all but a pair of lovers…

    Thank ockoala for the speedy baby recap once again! =)

  4. Thanks Koala! Perfect end to my day! I mean, I still have to do work after this but it’s a good start! Ok. I should stop smiling and get back to re-wat..I mean, doing my work…

  5. wow, i love the ending but maybe more because i come to love KJH and YEH,.i will go to bed with a big smile…thanks koala…

    • i watched the ending in you tube, KJH feeling for YEH must be real, or maybe i am just imagining too much…his eyes is truly burning….

  6. hehe…thanks Koala….your baby recap came out quite fast. It is 12.08 am now…..that was the best ending and most beautiful kiss from all the k-dramas I have ever watched so far…….

    Next step, wait for the english sub for both episode 15 and 16, then find some time to re-watch the whole last 2 episodes…..hahaha….I love both of them.

  7. thanks so much! yes they swept us off our feet. and i’m definitely happy with the ending. and will watch it with fervor..

    LTM brought me to your playground and met the HwanHye couple here. 🙂

  8. LTM…im gonna miss you so much… LTM gave us a glimpse how it is to fall in love… it made me all giddy up inside… such a wonderful feeling…

  9. It was a sweet ending…….as we hoped and the scenery at Jejudo was simply spectacular……wishing I was there to witness the finale!!! kekeke 😛

    Koala shi, really enjoyed all your recaps, comments, updates, spoilers, etc. (can’t get enough) and all the fellow chingus’ company here (it was a relieve to find all the like-minded pple here)……i really really had fun at this playground. Thanks 🙂

  10. I think “We Got Married” producer needs to approach KJH and YEH to do some reality show as married couple….. It’ll be a dream come true for all of us!!!

    • agree a million!can we make a vote and let them notice?
      but yeh is very shy , if these really is true ,she might hide out with kang ji hwan l guess.

  11. uhm.. i still have to watch it before I can comment but… waaaah I would not be contented with kisses alone! I mean atleast some pictures of what should have happened in the future! X( Like in Goong, it was not shown if CG and LS returned to Korea etc etc but there were pictures showing that they had a baby.. BTS pic of staffs, her sister wearing the crown.. you know those kinds of things. I’ve seen the last part after the ending, just some snippets of BTS and that’s it. it kinda ruin the atmosphere you know. 🙁

  12. oh god…i was in panic mode because my net was out for more than an hour…fortunately, after the live streaming or else, am bald now and without a pc…hehehe
    I love everything in this episode!!! this is the best finale episode even if there’s no actual wedding and glimpse of married life, am very satisfied with this…no angst, no YJ ( i need to emphasize that)…plenty of OTP interaction…KJ in his adorkable self (very KJH, i should say)…KJH in a very hot haircut which makes him so young he matches YEH so well…AJ in her feminine look (love her dresses here esp the orange blouse and tan skirt she wore when KJ went to see her)…ahhhhhhhh the ending kisses…wow!!! once again, KJH and YEH did not disappoint me…i think kjh enjoyed them so much…ahh so much to mention…I LOVE LTM…To the cast and crew KUDOS to all of you!!! and to wuri OTP, BRAVO!!!

    • OOOPSIE now let me thank you madame K for being the best captain this ship has… for verbalizing what we feel…for feeding us any news about the drama esp the eye candies, previews and most especially these recaps…me thinks you’re superwoman…love you and i look forward to being with you again in upcoming dramas (tho i don’t think its gonna be easy to top my journey with LTM)… Kudos to you too for a job well done…now i still shall be waiting for your long version recap because am sure its gonna be wittingly written…

    • I think she’s perfect in dresses. I want that last dress she wore!!

      Any good soul out there knows where it could be had?? 🙂 🙂

  13. aww thanks for the baby recap! i knew that the jejuisland spoiler pic was the ending….i am totally okay with no wedding, too cliche anyways the ending sounds very romantic!!

  14. why??why did it have to end?? i will miss this drama so much. koala i salute u!!u have made watching this drama more than just that, it was an experience! komowamo

    • hi there…sorry wasn’t able to reply at the other site…my net just gone dead after the live streaming…darn!!! anyway, we got our sweetest, loveliest, amazing happy ending… what a wonderful journey!!!

  15. after the reclap , l understand more……but still sbs miss the big wedding scences….piss me off! kang ji hwan is really kissing yoon yen hye deeply, it likes he is eating her up……oh boy , have to take responsibility ! REAL LOVE HAS BLOSSOM , can;t wait for the next sakura walking with their little ones.hahahaahhahah =) Thanks ms,koala for the reclap!

  16. Koala thanks again for all your hard works..Awaiting for the final recap. I haven’t watch it yet. But I’m going to watch 15 and 16 together. Love is powerful and beautiful feelings, when you share the same feelings to the one you love. This world is a beautiful place if all love and respect one another.
    Peace be with you all. Sarange….

  17. Just love the chemistry between YEH and KJH, really looks perfect together.
    Thanks Koala, i will continue to camp here for updates.

  18. omg I’m at work and I swear my boss will walk in any moment and yet i don’t care!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH hun!……I still think the changing of the writers….(and even the original script was like M3…no. 2)*cough* kinda shitty*cough*…BUT..their on and offscreen chemistry is just sooo cute! omg thanks for the recap! now I can finally calm down while at work! thanks again for all your hard work! looking forwardto more TW dramas now! Are you going to be watching Love keeps going?

  19. love it. It made me cry and smile. I think that this ending leaves us speechless. It is much better then imperfect wedding scene. Wedding scene is up to our own imagination. 🙂 Thank you so much Koala and your words. Your words and comments made LTM so special. Your words always hit the spot in my heart. Thank your for all playground stalkers’s comments. I enjoyed so much. 😉

  20. Looks like the writer has done some fan service in this last episode. though a wedding was not in the works, they seem to have included “references” to how the two leads would be like on a honeymoon. Interesting indeed…. still watching the rest of the final episode…

  21. Happy for a GREAT ending, cant wait to watch it for myself. Though I would be suffering from LTM withdrawal symptoms!! ): ): ):

  22. Oh No.
    My LTM!! You cant leave me like this.
    I suddenly feel like Yoon Joo, wanting to hold on to something thats leaving. Ugh, cant believe I just went in the same boat with HER!!. Get me offf!! *dives in the water*

    • hahaha Leishers my other self… nice to see you again…thanks to you i’ve watched my first live streaming…i was so envious of the people chatting i registered…too bad after LTM played!!! hmph…useless slowpoke halmoni…

      • @mizweng
        Im glad you watched your first live streaming. I watched mines for the first time yesterday. didn’t watch today. heheh
        The live chat was fun, but I messed up because I wasnt watching the live stream hahah. I couldnt get it right. hehe

      • hahaha so am not the only one who can’t multitask…i thought it’s an age thing? but you’re young and more capable than me…so what’s your excuse???

      • Hahhahah My excuse is that I just came back from dropping my aunt to work and it was almost done, so I decided against watching it. But when I went on the chatroom, everyone was watching it and I was in a constant state of O.O heheh. So I was in a state of “Omg Omg” heheh

    • LTM has thought me a few things baout myself
      1. I do not like other peoples differing opinon on dramas that I love. heheheh atleast im honest.
      2. I really dislike my sister
      I really love this drama. I wanna watch the raws, but I cant find it. I wanna call and cancel my appointment and marathon this bad boy!!

      • Oh she had the nerves to stick up for Oh Yoon Joo to me. She called me and we were talking and then she was telling me all about how Oh Yoon Joo wasn’t stupid. As if. Then she went on to saying other Yoon Joo things and wouldnt listen to me. We yelled. So I called her an Obstinate little shit and we argued. heheh
        Oh and bad news Itshuyen’s channel got deleted on YT. so sad.

      • whatttt…..How come I missed the baby recap??? how come?? I refreshed every 5 mins and i am like a stupid person lurking alone in previous thread…

        waiiittt meee… Mizweng, Leishers… I need to catch up the comments… shoot!!

      • LOLs. Nevermind, there are lots of sistas around to cheer you on. hahaha

        goodness me… just as I stepped out of the house…the baby recap came on…. wow.

        Shall read more indepth…. *savouring*

    • @Leishers @mizweng @peipei @lynx @angel @angelito I will miss you all. You were very nice playmates. Thank you for accompanying me in this journey called LTM. My first and hopefully not the last. Arrivederci !!!

      Of course to KOALA my fairy godmother, merci!

  23. Thank you so much…I can’t resist, have a glance at the ending of ep16, the sweetest kiss and yes that will definitely linger in my mind for a very very long time..Such a great way to end, in style and different than just a simple wedding and baby..I love the breathtaking scenery, the couple standing in front of the ocean together, facing anything that comes to them and background of explaination of how they really found their true love after that little lie…

    Thank so much LTM that also helps me to realise so many valuable things in life that I can even name each of them and especially my love to my dearest OTP/my HwanHye..I don’t want to let go and forget…HwanHye will be always in my mind..

    Thanks Captain for your endless efforts to help lairs like me

  24. I am still riding my comfy cloud 9 that lulled me to the core, 😉 … It was a very sweet finale, L.O.V.E. was really conveyed, and just as you have said Koala it connected to us the viewers.

    Thanks so much for all you’ve done for LTM. We YEH and KJH gans will be lurking in your playground for new infos about them. Gomawo 😉

  25. OMG I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS! I’ve read the first two paragraphs and I can’t wait to watch the last 2 eps now. I’ll watch them later because I need quiet and I don’t like being seen as I cry. Ha! Pfft, I’m tearing up as I type this, wth is wrong with me, chingu?

    And word on 49 days! ♥♥♥♥♥

  26. Ms Koala thank you and a big hug..can go to la la land happy now. Looking forward to recap in the morning 🙂 Sweet dreams everyone!

  27. After getting caught moonlighting in Koala’s Playground while at work yesterday, I won’t be able to check in till lunchtime tomorrow. Looking forward to reading your Ep 16 recap then. Soon after (I pray), I’ll be watching the raw Ep16 and hopefully the subbed one.

    I, a viewer who speak and understand no Korean, say thanks from the bottom of my heart to Koala. You’ve saved my sanity (the little I might still have after losing it over our favourite OTP)!

    My thanks also go to all my fellow LTM addict campers here for making the journey of watching LTM such a delightful and enlightening one. Without you guys, the story would not have been so meaningful to me and I might have quit watching mid-way. You are the best!

    Still hyper and unable to sleep. However, I’d better go now and do some work that’s piled up since my obsession with LTM began. It’s 2.35am EST in Melbourne, Australia. G’nite everyone!

  28. I don’t know about you girls.. but after rewatching that last scene.. I had a sudden impulse to go out.. grab a guy as hot a KJH and go make out… except. it’s already past midnight at my end and my family would’ve been so shocked by that behaviour.. heh ;P

    I have only two people to blame if I suddenly behave impulsively… Kang Ji Hwan & Yoon Eun Hye. Bow.

  29. my fav OTP all time…luv luv luv the ending so much…

    gonna miss them every monday & tuesday…gosh still i don’t know how to cure my addiction to LTM and the OTP…YEH-KJH u guys did this to me…:p

    but i will sleep like a baby after i re watch episode 16 again…

    btw thanks ms. koala for being a great captain of this ship…i hope u still write any news about LTM after the drama finished.. gosh right now i already miss my LTM and my Fav OTP…:(

  30. many thanks koala. you’ve been very reliable and dedicated. add to that, an excellent writer. cheers!

    ep15 with sub is available now at

    if LTM is not a good show, then why am i so touched and teary eyed while watching the drama scenes? why am i giddy and so in love while watching the romantic scenes? why do i camp out with all you guys awaiting every episode, excited and exhilarated?

    i am proud of LTM. i watch because i like it. I like it because it is an excellent drama/romcom. thumbs up to YEH and KJH, the director and crew… LTM, fighting!!!

  31. Thanks, ms. Koala. Looking forward to your full recap, your final thoughts and the after show party!!!! I had a blast camping at your playground. You are truly the BEST! See you on the other side.

  32. Where do you get updates for the wrap up party? any videos?
    waaaaaaah I want to know what happened in the party!
    I am going to miss watching LTM and lurking in forums, refreshing websites for updates and sleeping late for this!
    Aside from YEh and KJH I will miss Manager Park and Park Hoon!

    I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes, but based on recaps I think this drama should’ve been extended for atleast 2 more episodes. I really hated it that they rushed all the scenes: YJ SH JB SR it seems like their story just conceded just to have a good ending. I mean, SH didn’t fight for AJ anymore, though he should have given more complications to the story. YJ’s character felt weak to me, I mean if I were here, and that’s my character, I would have really created havoc ( but anyway, I am forgetting this is a rom-com not a melodrama)

    sigh. it’s just.. it would have been perfect. the setting. the chemistry of characters. the plot is kind of realistic but still lacks something. which YEH and KJH just made up for it!
    uhm.. i still have to watch it before I can comment but… waaaah I would not be contented with kisses alone! I mean atleast some pictures of what should have happened in the future! Like in Goong, it was not shown if CG and LS returned to Korea etc etc but there were pictures showing that they had a baby.. BTS pic of staffs, her sister wearing the crown.. you know those kinds of things. I’ve seen the last part after the ending, just some snippets of BTS and that’s it. it kinda ruin the atmosphere you know. They could have just shown the best scenes, kissing scenes, the ad-libbed scenes..and hopefully they have a special like in Goong 1.5! ^^


  34. Ive been climbing up and down your tree Ms Koala and I just want to say thank you for your very straight from the heart recaps. Maraming salamat kaibigan! (Thank you dear friend!) Kudos to you and all friends here at your playground!

  35. love it!!!!!!
    cant wait to watch this finale!!!!!
    hwanhye you never failed me to dream the impossible dream!!!!!!

  36. there are lots of kisses scenes ———-AJ and KJ in front of the scenes
    of beautiful Jeju……………………messsage with message to SR WE ARE
    This drama sold to 8 countries and the PD and the production team
    is so mean to get them a grand wedding to SEND AJ OFF
    ………………………………………………….HOW MEAN ,SAD

  37. it was “crazy” till the very last moments of LTM. was rooting for AJ to pls accept KJ already, then for KJ to pls open the box already ! it was a tremendously overwhelming final eps for me, my ‘poor heart’ had a roller coaster ride. oh the kissy, it is awesome, long lingering n sweet YEH and KJW intimate kiss, u could feel it LOL. had tears of joy. watching my 1st live broadcast/raw exciting n what a thrill. tops best Kdrama of 2011. Thanks again Koala!

  38. I want to get the book of all their photos of kisses and memories.
    they are so sweet and bright.
    can get to marry and Cf looks for them?
    really want to sees them in another drama /movie but gets hungs sister for writings this time!

  39. thanks so much Ms. Koala..I’ve been waiting for hours… and now will be waiting for the mother recap… It’s good it’s only 9pm here so I hope to read before this day ends… =)

    • Thank you very much for the recap! I just saw the video without understanding a word they’re saying! Hahaha!!! The agony of waiting for the english subtitles now begins… Arrrrggghhh!!! 나도 몰라!!! Nado molla! I just felt that the heat & excitement of their love affair was a bit watered down. But hey, it was sweet ending, nonetheless. I would have wanted a grand big wedding at the end and more! But that bit with Soran not believing Ah-jung’s getting married was really nice and funny. I’m gonna miss staying up late, anticipating new developments in wuri Ki Joon & Ah Jungie’s love story. I wish the power of this OTP fires up a Special or better, another drama with a better plot & writer/s! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!

  40. Words can’t express how much I love you for perpetually bringing us LTM goodies esp during days when we’re all having withdrawal symptoms.. and when SBS was being stingy with spoilers, you were there to calm our nerves and wait with us for Monday to come.. Kommowo! 🙂

    I can honestly say that LTM is the sole drama that drove me to bits.. one that drove me to look for spoiler crumbs even.. one that made me wish there were only two days in a week.. one that made me feel like a voyeur but in a non-perverted way.. but in a their-scene-is-too-intimate-so-should-i-be-watching-them sort of way.. and although the plot point hadn’t been that great..we should know by now that dramas can be conceived differently by anyone.. so a great plot isn’t exactly the only thing that makes dramas or movies enjoyable… it’s when you feel connected to it that matters most.. what you, as an audience, feel as you watch it unfold however erratic some scenes may be.. this romcom did those for me, some may dub me nonsensical for watching and enjoying LTM.. but I don’t really care.. this OTP is the best out of all the dramas that aired this 2011.. coz they had the ability to pull (fans) us all into an amazing ride. I love LTM! 🙂

  41. Dear sweet koala,

    I think love never found a better partner than you – sharing your love for LTM and us participating in that.

    If I may say this, if life’s moments were timed and measured in terms of what was done, then LTM would have little to say for it. Plot-wise – it went erm up the clouds and evaporated.

    But because life’s moments are treasured by the times it takes your breath away. LTM – will be a great treasure. The OTP – has given us more than what plots asked for – real people – who kinda just fell into it together … knowingly and unknowingly… 🙂

    Thank you. Gomowo. This has been / is a great playground to frolick in. If only our Hwan-Hye will visit! 😀

    <3 Lynx

  42. I couldn’t thank you enough fairy godmother for keeping your promises! @@@Kisses @@ hugs@@ more kisses@@ tighter hugs @@@

    I felt vindicated! I knew all along the ending will be tasteful and sweet @@@
    Leaving us with this inexplicable lingering euphoric feeling (BTD) . . . .

    The final kiss is just exquisite! !! !

  43. Thank you Koala! What wonderful journey. I’m happy I was able to share and express my love for LTM and the OTP in your playground. The sweetest ending ever. Plot? Nah! But the connection and the love of our OTP a big YES! I’m hoping they will make a special since YEH said that she finish filming 7am… Now I can move on with my life, for the last few months I’ve been watching this drama I stopped my life, I was supposed to be studying for the biggest test of my life which will start my career but instead I’m watching this drama over and over again, stalking your site , looking for interview and visiting YEH’s site. I’ve learned a lot in this drama and understand a lot about love in this drama. LTM is my temporary escape from my cold and crazy world. Which made me realize I NEED ROMANCE, never be afraid to fall in love. I will be re-watching LTM later in Viki because I watch the raw and I couldn’t understand it. While others think that there could have been a better ending I think this ending couldn’t be more perfect for our OTP, but I have to be honest like everybody I want more but for some reason I find the finale perfect and just right. I’m requesting for a special for follow up, not only of AJ and KJ but also to the other supporting roles, like SH, Manager P, Park Hoon etc… LTM has been a roller coaster ride for everyone!!! We laugh, cry, giggle etc… I might re-watch this drama over and over again but now I need to go back to my reality. My heartfelt thank you to Ms. Koala and to all the fans I had fun reading your comments. While we are recovering from LTM the 8 countries who bought the rights of LTM and they said Europe is in talks, they need to get ready for LTM, I’m sure they will fall head over heels with our OTP. Koala Koala Koala many many many THANK YOU! Please continue on your updates with YEH and KJH. If only we could see them again onscreen and maybe they’ve develop something during the filming of LTM and be together in real life. Thank you!

      • It was bo, it was. Now I’m breathing. But I really hope they will make a special episode for LTM. I feel like I just finish riding the roller coaster and now I’m wandering all over the park with a smile on my face.

    • so right… think this wave is but the starting…

      one never knows where one might be, where love might start….

      all the best on your studying. but if anything. the journey’s more fun.. but when the destination is as sweet as this? Gosh. 🙂

      May all find true love wherever one is. 🙂

      • Thank you Lynx. Like AJ I will study hard this time. That is so true. I wish we could all find love and courage to fight and stand up for it. I’ve given up love for a long time but LTM brought it back to me. 🙂

  44. ok.. shouldn’t we petition for a special? it could happen right? it might be possible.. in jdoramas and in some kdramas that i’ve seen specials don’t exactly air as soon as the last episode finishes .. so if HwanHye and the lovely staff are all busy promoting in Japan.. we can all give them time right? RIGHT?

    I just wanna see them in a special.. a wedding.. honeymoon.. babies.. enjoying married life.. fighting then making out…err.. up .. it’s not to much to ask, is it? IS IT PD-nim?

    I’m just so sad 🙁

    • That’s one way to cure our love-sickness.. haha.. and to sell the director’s cut! !!

      (can I just say though.. the special ep / follow-up werent always as good. dunno about others’ experience. I’m thinking of BOF for a start.)

      But I like your suggested content!!

      • I was thinking more of

        1. enactment of at least one alternative ending scenario (from a winning fan script)
        2. compilation of bts & ngs
        3. q & a for main & second leads (random questions coming from the LTM fandoms)
        4. an arrange date for our OTP, etc etc

      • 2 & 3 – seems to be standard in dir cut.

        But hmm 1 & 4.. sounds novel.

        I kinda want to see them in Guerilla Interview / how about – 1D2N?? haha 🙂

  45. thanks for the recap… can now go to sleep and for sure il be late for class tomorrow but its worth the wait..kjh and yeh will forever be one of my favorite otp and will hope they find love w each other in real life…

  46. aarrrgghh…. can we not saying goodbye ? i mean we still wait the full recaps from Ms.K… I still not ready to end this… jjaeball… huuuaaaaaaaa

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    • @Elise
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      But What I cant get over is how he put his arm around her waist and hauled her up flush against him. So manly and sexy. Gah!!

      • kang ji hwan can’ resist those lusioust and dimpled lipst so his not devouring her, his eating her.

      • @leishers, you are right that thing he did by hauling her closer and devoring her mouth was so manly, like he was earning for that kiss to get deeper and sweeter. and i think it wasn’t scripted, because of the way she reacted, she was startled when he did that!!!! lol lol lol lol!!!!

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      • really how did you know leishers? because i just read that in google….. just type yoon eun hye boyfriend 2010….. and it will appear….. so sad i don’t like the guy at all…… maybe YEH was a cataract….. hehehehehe

    • Well since K-celebs tend to hide their relationship status, I cant say I know for sure. But I seriously dont think thats possible.
      Alot of people do want YEH and KJK to date because they were just so adorable in XMan, even I hoped they had something. I’m not concrete about this, but I highly doubt it Ali. The last news I read about YEH and KJK even being in the same vicinity was when she went to his first concert since the army. But if you go on allkpop, they had an updated article about KJK and YEH, it was when the her fans attacked him for using YEH to get popular and what not.

      • thanks leishers….. so they are not bf’s or gf’s hahahhaa so happy to hear that…. i hope her bf would be kang ji hwan….. so are they dating? and is there any behind the scene that the sbs will be aired to us? hope they will post it…….

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  78. in the article it says that YEH attended kim jong kook concert and sit there for about 3 hrs… and after the concert she went at the back of the stage and even talk to KJK….. its killing me here……so sad i love kang ji hwan for her…

  79. Hello. I am a stalker too of ur site. Discovered from DB. Hardly comment but love to read all the comments that makes me giggle like a two year old. Thought I’d include my 2 cents on their narration as couldn’t help myself- perhaps looking/hearing too deep into it…They are referring to relationships in general, for example of how when a relationship goes stagnate people often lie to themselves that they are content in their relationship when perhaps the “boat” had already sailed…The drama showed the various relationships thru the dad, the ex, Sanghee, So Ran, etc. Another example is Dad, says he and lady friend are just “friends” and I. The end he basically stopped kidding himself and was “honest and sincere” about his true feelings… Thinking too deep?!

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    Love you all chingus. Love you K. Muah……

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    Thank you, Koala, for giving us a good recap on every episode. I just love how you made your side comments. It always leaves me gigling and most of the time, agreeable with your opinion and views. I hope we get to see another good k-drama, one that is not too heavy to watch, but one that it light and would amuse us, and de-stress us.
    Will wait for your suggestion on what good kdrama to watch next. And would await of your recaps.
    LTM…i just love you!

  83. I know a lot of LTM fans want YEH and KJH to be a real couple. However, from some scenes in LTM, I feel KJH looks like a gay. Just take a look of how he moved his waist at house warming party and his fingers’ movement when he opened the pen to write down his ideal woman in episode 16. I do respect same-sex relationship. My point here is if this is the case, I don’t think YEH and KJK can be couple for real.

    • I know this isn’t the forum for soapboxes, and I know you don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the first step to respecting same-sex anything (people or marriages), is to know that nobody “looks like” an anything. You cannot tell a person’s sexuality by looking at them. It is offensive to homosexuals to suggests that being homosexual means you have to look or act in a certain, usually stereotypical, manner.

      Okay, soapbox over. Please go back to your regularly scheduled swooning 🙂

  84. enjoyed reading every bit of your recaps. love every bit of LTM.

    A wonderful cute drama is born, thanks to the incredible acting and support of staff & fans, i have come to love Mondays when it used to be “I hate Mondays” like Garfield for the past 2 months. Sad that I am going to dread Monday coming too soon again.
    just trying to say thanks though I know u have received heaps of that but cant help myself for wanting to hug everyone here, hoping that we will be able to do this at the playground again. So, until then.

  85. Ms. Koala, its a big WOW!… I wish that those viewers who make a
    bad comment about the ending of “Lie to Me” can read this because,
    it is more emphasize that the ending connects the previous episode &
    she found the missing part that she’s been looking for, and that is KJH
    or Ki Joon… I love it!… Lie to Me is the best romantic comedy…. I just
    hope that Kang Ji Hwan will NOT lost hope for his LOVE to YEH…
    FIGHTING!!… Cheers

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