Lie to Me Episode 16 Recap

If Lie to Me the drama was akin to a lie, promising something that didn’t exist (the normative good script and good execution requirements), then the process of watching LTM transformed the viewers into living the lie within the drama that turned out to house something unexpectedly real. Ki Joon and Ah Jung discovered that a lie allowed them to find each other, a true love blossoming from something untrue. We similarly all discovered a candid truth about LTM – however ephemeral or lacking the drama was, the undeniable truth was that Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s love felt real to us, and the chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye was so genuine it might never be duplicated again.

As for the final episode of Lie to Me? It was simply DAEBAK. It was daebak not because it was some sort of well-written, well-reasoned narrative masterpiece. It was daebak because it understood the love story between Ah Jung and Ki Joon and brought them to a tender, sweeping, and wholly satisfying conclusion. The story wrapped up starting with a montage of moments that literally had me bawling like a baby I was so moved because I felt it in my gut that I took this journey with Ki Joon and Ah Jung (and this drama with Ji Hwan and Eun Hye).

The experience of watching and recapping Lie to Me led to me hosting my third consecutive drama party at the playground (the first being Playful Kiss and the second M3). I can’t tell you LTM-fans that this has been the wildest drama-viewing party I’ve ever hosted (it might, but PK and M3 was likely just as passionate and rowdy), but you guys have undoubtedly created your own unique and never-to-be duplicated running commentary and appreciation for this drama that was so very mesmerizing to us who loved it.

Better (and worse) dramas come and go, but an unforgettable experience is an once in a blue moon occurrence that we should all cherish for the love, laughter, and tears it brought to us all who enjoyed this drama. LTM was like that rare solar eclipse that united us all in gazing at the wonder that was the undeniable and scorching chemistry between Ji Hwan and Eun Hye. Will they ever pair up again? Only time will tell. But we will always have this drama to re-watch over and over again. ‘Nuff said, let’s get to the recap!

Episode 16 Recap:

Ah Jung’s not turning down Ki Joon’s proposal for good, nor is she unwilling to marry him. The reality of marrying Hyun Ki Joon 5-Item Set + World Hotel President is just too daunting for her to process, and she’s unsure of what’s going to happen. Ki Joon asks why she’s suddenly thinking this way, doesn’t she love him, to which Ah Jung replies that she loves him. She loves him so much that it’s inconceivable for her to imagine living in a world without him.

The discussion about marriage is making her confused, she doesn’t know if she’s got what it takes to get married right now. She feels like she’s missing something important, and she asks Ki Joon for some time to find it. Ki Joon understands her concerns, and agrees to do as she asks. He concedes he might be rushing things between them. He reminds her not to make him wait too long. Even though he hates waiting, he’ll do it for only for Gong Ah Jung.

I feel like I had the exact same conversation Ah Jung is having with Ki Joon before. So don’t say this is some sort of dramatic contrivance, because it’s not. My situation may not be universal, but I can tell you that this exact conversation happens to countless couples around the world. Since the lie started (no, since Ah Jung lost Jae Bum), she’s been missing her pride. She buried in work, but her self-esteem is pretty shot on a personal level. She needs to find the real Gong Ah Jung – the spunky, capable, and sassy girl she was, before she ought to even consider marrying Ki Joon.

Ah Jung asks for and gets a transfer to Jeju. She leaves for the island with Ki Joon reluctantly sending her off at the airport. He hands her a box which contains a watch, his gift to speed up time. Omo, what a sweet and poignant gift. He reaches out his hand to shake hers, but really it was to pull her in for a kiss. I have a sneaking suspicion that Hyun Ki Joon The Kissing Bandit is back in full force for this episode. SQUEEE. He tells her to call often and not over think things. Just let her mind be clear.

Ah Jung asks to take a selca picture of them together before she leaves. Ki Joon smiles wistfully as he watches her depart. This time it’s Ah Jung who turns around to wave one more time before walking through customs.

We see Ah Jung driving in Jeju, her voiceover tells us that it’s been a month now since she left and it’s been a month since she’s seen Ki Joon. She exchanges emails with Ki Joon every day, the emails like love letters between them. Initially it felt foreign, but she’s settled in just fine and now Jeju feels like home.

Ah Jung asks Ki Joon how he’s doing, and Ki Joon says he’s had a hard time since he hasn’t seen her in a month. She won’t let him visit and doesn’t allow that many calls between them. He warns her to be prepared for what he’s going to do when he does see her.

Ah Jung works at the museum at Jeju. She tells her colleague that she’s been there for a month and she still doesn’t know the entire museum. Her colleague says he’s been there ten years and doesn’t know it all either. In fact, he’s been married twenty years and still doesn’t know everything in his wife’s mind.

Aunt sits down with Ki Joon and asks when he’s planning to get married. Rumors are flying that he got married and got divorced already. She asks what Ki Joon sees in Ah Jung, to which he smiles and says that she’s pretty. I love his flip answer. Ki Joon promises to get married soon. He asks if she has time at the end of the month, he’ll bring Ah Jung to meet her and set a date. Aunt promises to make time for him.

Ki Joon calls Ah Jung and tells her that he can’t visit this weekend. Ki Joon asks why she hasn’t been emailing or calling that often. Ah Jung says she’s been busy. They end the call because Ki Joon gets called away for a matter, but he promises to call her back later.

So Ran finds out from the OB/GYN that she’s expecting, but when she comes home to break the good news to Jae Bum, she finds he’s left her with a note saying that he can’t stand it anymore. So Ran tears up the note and yells at Jae Bum for being a bad guy, knocking her up and taking off.

Ah Jung is laying on her bed practicing her English for work. She switches to writing in her diary, where we see she’s taped a picture of her and Ki Joon inside. Ah Jung wonders what to call the upcoming museum exhibit, settling on Island, Earth, and Cup of Memories. So Ran calls to let her know that Jae Bum left her and that she’s pregnant.

Ah Jung emails Ki Joon saying that So Ran is pregnant and Jae Bum left her. Ah Jung can’t understand marriage and this further confirms that she’s not ready for it. Park Hoon delivers to Ki Joon a matter for him to handle on Jeju. Ki Joon decides on a battle plan.

Ah Jung leaves work and walks outside to find Lee Jin Soo Hyun Ki Joon waiting for her (seriously, what’s with Jin Soo randomly popping up in LTM – bad, you get back to Coffee House and stay there). They head to the beach to catch up. Ki Joon asks if Ah Jung feels awkward seeing him since they’ve been apart for some time. Ah Jung confesses it is a little awkward. He compliments her on looking good, but bemoans his dark circles under his eyes. He’s totally turned into Gong Ah Jung’s fan. Ah Jung says he looks even more handsome, wondering if he’s got another woman.

Ki Joon confesses that he used work as an excuse to come see her. Ah Jung thinks Ki Joon is very busy, but he says he’s not busy at all. He’ll get his work done quickly so he can spend the rest of the time playing with Ah Jung. She teases him that she’s really busy. Ki Joon gets a call about his meeting, and he requests the person meet him at the resort.

She tells him to go to his meeting. He tells Ah Jung that he will be staying at the same resort they stayed in last time. Ah Jung says they didn’t stay there together since they had separate rooms. Ki Joon teases that she must be regretting that now. He takes Ah Jung back.

Turns out Jae Bum is also at the resort, oogling bikini-clad ladies by the pool and feeling fancy free about getting his freedom back. Ki Joon sees him and remembers Ah Jung writing to him about Jae Bum leaving pregnant So Ran behind. So Ran calls Ah Jung because she found out Jae Bum is at Jeju. So Ran heads to Jeju and meets with Ah Jung first, then heads to the hotel to find her errant husband.

She sees Jae Bum in the lobby hanging around some hoochies. She calls him Yobo and stakes her claim. Jae Bum claims he took off because he was stressed living with So Ran, with her nagging and bad temper. She tells him that she’ll have to raise “it” alone then. Jae Bum guesses that she’s pregnant, and is actually thrilled at becoming a dad. Mmmm, ooookay, you two are the weirdest written characters ever! Ki Joon comes by and congratulates them on their good news. He asks them for a favor.

Ah Jung leaves work to find Ki Joon leaning against her car waiting for her. Jae Bum and So Ran pop up, and the four of them go out on a double date. At the restaurant, Jae Bum and So Ran feed each other and are loveydovey. Ki Joon looks at Ah Jung with a wanting expression but she just drinks her soju and doesn’t meet his gaze.

They walk down to the pier and take pictures along the way. So Ran puts Ah Jung and Ki Joon together and Jae Bum snaps come truly adorable couple shots of them. They go shopping and Ki Joon holds Ah Jung’s hand the entire time. He wants to buy her more stuff but she shows him the bags of stuff he already bought her.

At dinner, Jae Bum orders juice for So Ran and takes care of her. Ah Jung asks if they are happy now, and asks why they fight and make up? So Ran says that is what a marriage is about – fighting is passion, making up is love (true for the most part, just not the cheating and running away all the time part, at least not in most normal marriages). Ki Joon notes that he wants to know what it’s like being married, too. Jae Bum thinks Ah Jung is the one dragging her feet. So Ran doesn’t feel well so they take off, leaving Ah Jung and Ki Joon alone.

Ki Joon watches Jae Bum and So Ran walk away, murmuring that they seem happy together. Ah Jung is envious. Ki Joon asks if she’s really envious, but Ah Jung says that she’s just happy that So Ran and Jae Bum are making it work. Ki Joon mumbles under his breath that his plan worked! He pulls Ah Jung up and says he’ll take her home.

They walk hand-in-hand back to Ah Jung’s place. Ah Jung says she’s home and tells Ki Joon to go now. Ki Joon uses a bunch of excuses for why he needs to go inside, ranging from he doesn’t know the way back to just give him a cup of coffee to he doesn’t feel well. Just let the man inside, Ah Jung! Ki Joon asks to just sleep together holding her hand, and Ah Jung says no.

Ji Hwan Ki Joon says “you don’t trust oppa? Shit, Ki Joon pulled the oppa card again. I dies. Are you insane, Ki Joon, you two could never just hold hands when a bed is around? That is against the laws of nature. I wouldn’t trust you if I were Ah Jung either.

Ki Joon just drags her inside the apartment regardless. He barrels inside and starts checking out the place. He looks inside the fridge and wonders why she has soju when she lives alone? She wants to know why he’s checking out her place, is he acting like the World Hotel President now? He says if he is, then she’d be fired.

He checks the bed and finds a stray hair, which he says is evidence a guy has been by. Ah Jung points out the hair is long and clearly belongs to her. Ki Joon grabs Ah Jung’s diary which is laying on the bed and flips it open, wanting to see what she wrote about him.

Ah Jung jumps on top of Ki Joon to grab it back, in the process pushing him down on the bed with herself laying on top of him. Rawr. They look at each other, but Ah Jung doesn’t forget to grab her diary back. He asks if she wrote bad things in it about it. She teases that she wrote Ki Joon is ugly and silly and she doesn’t miss him one iota.

Ki Joon is about to lean in and kiss Ah Jung when the phone rings. I KILL YOU PHONE.

It’s a work call that quickly ends, but the moment has passed. Ki Joon gives Ah Jung a sizzling look and tells her to get over here. But she runs off to grabs something to eat. He yells at her that they just ate, is she a pig? He chases after her. Argh, Jungie, you are killing Ki Joon (and me!).

Ah Jung comes back with food to find Ki Joon sitting on her bed and reading her diary. She tries to grab it back, telling him that he can’t read it. They are tussling for the diary when the phone rings. Dad and Ae Kyung have decided to officially marry and wonder how to tell Ah Jung. Dad calls Ah Jung and they beat around the bush about his marriage to Ae Kyung. Ah Jung says “just get married” a few times so Ki Joon thinks she’s talking about agreeing to marry him. He hilariously gets all happy and starts pointing to himself.

Finally Ah Jung says that even if she’s opposed to the marriage, her dad should just be a man and get married. This causes Ki Joon’s face to fall and he plops face down on the bed in disappointment. Ah Jung hangs up the phone and pokes Ki Joon a few times. Omo, she even pokes him in the butt. You naughty little minx, Ah Jung. She asks if Ki Joon isn’t going to eat the food she made? Ki Joon mopes that even Ah Jung’s DAD is getting married before him. When he is ever going to get married?

Ah Jung changes the subject and asks Ki Joon if he read her diary? Ki Joon is unapologetic and asks Ah Jung why there are days with stars drawn on them. Ah Jung confesses that it’s a day only women need to know. Ki Joon, you bad bad boy, smirks and says that today’s date doesn’t have any star on it. My god, Ki Joon’s expression is so naughty. But seriously? Just tup her right there, dude. Oh, and this is the same look Ki Joon was shooting at Ah Jung in episode 13 where they flirted across her office table.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit on the bed and drink beer. Ki Joon plops down with his head on her lap. He says this place is more comfortable. She tells him to get up, and he says no. She says his head is heavy, and he says it’s because it’s filled with Gong Ah Jung.

She asks if he’s really going to stay here tonight? If so, she’s going to need to buy a toothbrush for him before the store closes. Ki Joon says he was planning to share hers. He just wanted to hold her hand and sleep tonight like that. Ki Joon asks if she wanted to kiss him? Ki Joon wonders if he should just stay here and not go back to Seoul? Just living like this would be so easy on them. Ah Jung tells him to stop being silly.

Ki Joon pouts and asks Ah Jung if she isn’t suddenly disliking him now? Awwww, give the poor boy some affection, Ah Jung! Ah Jung gets shy and then leans down and gently kisses Ki Joon on the lips.

He smiles with his eyes closes. Ah Jung says “how can I dislike you, I like you”, to which Ki Joon lets out a joking sigh of relief since he was worried every day that she rejected his proposal because she didn’t like him. Ki Joon asks if Ah Jung still hasn’t found what she lost? What if it’s in her pocket? Ki Joon tries to search in Ah Jung’s pocket. They tussle on the bed. Ki Joon tickles Ah Jung and then Ah Jung ends up on top of Ki Joon and smacking him on the head. Poor Ki Joon keeps yelling “andwe, andwe” (no, no).

The next morning Ah Jung is still sleeping in bed when Ki Joon comes in with her breakfast prepared. He wakes her up and tells her to eat her breakfast because she needs to go to work. Ah Jung sleepyhead wants to sleep for another 5 minutes but Ki Joon drags her ass up.

He presents her with the breakfast he prepared and happily starts eating. Ki Joon promises to make breakfast for Ah Jung every day after they are married, but she teases that he’s too busy to do this. Ki Joon teases her, asking if she’ll marry him if he agrees to make her breakfast every day from now on? She tells him to use this tactic on another woman.

Ki Joon drops Ah Jung off at work. She hurries inside but he calls her back because they didn’t properly say goodbye, especially after he came all the way to drop her off. He leans out the window, and while she’s embarrassed, she nevertheless leans in and kisses him quickly on the lips. Her colleague sees this and looks away smiling.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung are both working. Ah Jung gets approached by a foreigner asking to get a tour guide who speaks English. The guy is totally picking up on wuri Jungie. Bad man, go away. Ah Jung turns him down and tells him to use the recorded tour tape to guide him. Her colleague comes up and asks Ah Jung to give a personal tour to someone. Of course it’s wuri Ki Joon.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk through the museum, with her explaining the exhibits and him asking questions. Ki Joon sees a banner for the upcoming exhibit titled Island, Earth, and the Cup of Memories. He asks what the meaning of the title is. She says it’s about finding out lost memories. Ki Joon says that love is also like that, one needs to find back the memories of love.

Ki Joon thanks her for giving him a good idea. He asks again whether she found what she lost, especially since she’s taking so long. Ki Joon grabs her arm and tells her that he’ll write down a hint for her on her arm since it’s too hard for her to remember it. Ah Jung protests and giggles from the tickle of the pen. Ki Joon writes: time has no end and leaves no trace, space is infinite and leaves no mark.

At the hotel, Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he has to head back to Seoul now that he’s taken care of work on Jeju. He wonders when he’ll see her again? Ki Joon asks Ah Jung to come to Seoul on her day off so that they can have dinner with Aunt. He hands Ah Jung the necklace again. Ki Joon’s rejected heart has been inside that box for the past month and it’s feeling mighty suffocating inside.

Ah Jung confesses again that she doesn’t think she’s ready yet. He asks her to wear the necklace to dinner, which will reveal that she’s accepted his proposal. He knows she’s not ready yet, which is why he gave her time. But if she wears his necklace that means she’s ready now. He tells her that she can decide not to come, but he still hopes that she will.

At the airport, Ki Joon is about to board his flight and he looks around for Ah Jung. She’s hiding behind a column and calls him. She apologizes for not having the courage to see him face-to-face, but she wants to know what might happen if she doesn’t go meet Aunt.

Ki Joon says that she has to come because he already told Aunt, and if she doesn’t come he will be really upset this time. Ah Jung agrees to think about it. Ki Joon buys a present for his future mother-in-law. Ah Jung sits in her room and looks at the necklace, remember Ki Joon’s request that she come to Seoul. She writes down the date of the meeting in her diary.

On the day of the meeting, Ah Jung is at work when a problem arises when one of the display pieces goes missing. Ah Jung frantically searches the entire museum for it. Ki Joon and Aunt wait for Ah Jung, who ends up calling late to tell Ki Joon that an emergency came up and she couldn’t make her plane. She doesn’t have the time to properly explain to Ki Joon right now, but asks him to apologize to Aunt. Aunt leaves upset, and Ki Joon looks stunned.

Ah Jung finally locates the missing piece inside another display where it had been misplaced. She starts to cry, finally breaking down and saying “I found it.” Her colleague remarks that Ah Jung doesn’t appear to be simply talking about finding the missing artifact. He asks if she was looking for something else as well? Ah Jung cries and says yes.

Ah Jung goes home but doesn’t end up calling Ki Joon to explain because she remembered him saying that he would be upset if she missed the meeting. Ki Joon hands a box for Park Hoon to mail to Ah Jung. He then calls Ah Jung and asks her to meet him at the Jeju airport since he’s headed there for a meeting and wants to hear her explain in person.

Ah Jung writes a note and puts it in the necklace case, sans the necklace itself. At the airport, Ki Joon asks Ah Jung if she didn’t come because she didn’t want to, or because she wanted to but couldn’t? Ah Jung apologizes and hands him the necklace case, telling him that this is her answer.

Back at home, Ah Jung looks at the necklace and wonders why Ki Joon hasn’t called since she gave him an answer already. Ki Joon sits in his office and looks at the necklace case. He’s about to open it when Aunt calls. Aunt asks if he went to Jeju and saw Ah Jung, asking further if she’s not willing to marry Ki Joon. He says he’ll explain later. He puts the necklace case in the drawer without opening it because he’s still upset.

Ki Joon is meeting with Park Hoon in his office when Hoon gets up to grab a seal from Ki Joon’s desk. Hoon opens the case and sees the note, asking Ki Joon what the note is about? Ki Joon runs to his desk and opens the case to find the note in question. He opens the note and reads Ah Jung’s answer to him.

Ah Jung writes: To my beloved Ki Joon, she knows he’s mad that she didn’t go meet his Aunt that day. But on that day, she found what she had lost. Just like that words Ki Joon wrote on her arm about time and space being infinite and leaving no mark, she and Ki Joon are born into the same time period. So they met and fell in love, and she finally understands how special that is. The memories that she lost for a period of time, she’s found it again. Now she can finally run towards Ki Joon. She thanks him for waiting, and tells him that she loves him.

Ki Joon’s eyes start to redden as he reads the note. He takes off without even explaining anything to Park Hoon. Ki Joon races to the airport to fly to Jeju. Ah Jung sits in her apartment to have breakfast. She’s wearing the necklace, and grumbling about why Ki Joon still hasn’t called. She chides him for not keeping his promise that he would make her breakfast every single day.

The doorbell rings and it’s a package for Ah Jung. She opens the box to find it contains a collection of items that mark many of the significant moments and memories between Ah Jung and Ki Joon. And here I start to cry. Big gulping sobs of happiness.

She takes out the bottle of coke.

There is a rubber ducky for the duck boats they rode together.

Next comes the tomato juice.

An envelope containing the exact amount of money Ah Jung paid back to Ki Joon for the hospital bill.

Their lucky pen.

A miniature statute of the giant Jeju statues behind them when they laid on the grass.

An ice-cream cone for when he shoved ice-cream in her face.

Tickets for the traditional music performance he bought wholesale to support her.

A newspaper article of Ki Joon’s public declaration of love for Ah Jung

Ah Jung cries through this walk down memory lane. She remembers that she was the one who gave him the idea to send such a care package. Suddenly her phone rings and it’s Ki Joon.

We see Ki Joon sprinting on the cliffs of Jeju, the camera cutting away to Ah Jung running towards him. They embrace and just soak up the feeling of each other. Ki Joon asks Ah Jung if he’s too late? Ah Jung cries and chides him for calling so late. Ki Joon apologizes for not knowing what was in her heart. Ah Jung apologizes once again for making him wait. She loves him so much. Ki Joon replies that it is he who loves her even more.

*No recap is necessary from this point. Call me when they come up for air, okay?*

After kissing, more kissing, and even more kissing, our OTP break apart. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he’s not going to be apart from her for even a day from now on. Ah Jung says that she feels the same way, so Ki Joon has to make it so she can’t move.

Ki Joon leans in for one more kiss (for the road, or at least until they find a room). Ki Joon and Ah Jung embrace as they look out towards the sea. Ah Jung voiceovers to So Ran that she’s getting married soon. So Ran doesn’t believe her, she thinks Ah Jung is lying again. Ah Jung says no, she really is getting married this Fall.

Ah Jung narrates: Love is like a lie that came towards me, and then this lie became love

Ki Joon narrates: And we changed, learning that sometimes in a lie is hidden a truth that is more passionate than fact.

Thoughts of Mine:

There are dramas so well-constructed that the story lingers with you long after the drama has ended. We remember this overarching narrative that delivered awe or angst, an appreciation stemming from qualitative quality. But there are also dramas that make you feel, reaches somewhere inside of you and burrows itself inside your heart. Sometimes both are complementary, but mostly it’s one or the other. With respect to LTM, the schism between the former and the latter is one of the most extreme I’ve seen happen in drama watching.

You either loved this drama (inspite of its fault) or you loathed it (unable to accept its strengths). I have seen better dramas that never rise to the affection so many fans had for LTM, and there are conversely many way worse dramas than LTM that never get eviscerated with such sharp knives of mockery and condescension. I was thrilled that folks kept it civil here, and more importantly, found a happy place to share their love for LTM. While I can’t ask people who dislike LTM to try seeing the other side of why folks rabidly love it (and could care less if they did), having a community of fans sharing the watching experience does enhance it considerably.

I’m so glad I readjusted my expectations on what to expect for the ending of Lie to Me. I know folks have clamored for a Secret Garden fanservice type ending, but 16-episode K-dramas rarely end up a surfeit of happily-ever-after scenes. The ending of LTM was lovely. A simple and honest moment of tenderness and love between two people that bespoke a future built on solid foundation that was initially premised on a shaky lie. I don’t need boating, wedding finery, or babies to confirm that Ah Jung and Ki Joon got their forever after. Oh, of course I would love to see that, but this ending has the hallmarks of the second writer all over it.

LTM ended on wildly romantic reunion and kiss on the cliffs of Jeju that nevertheless felt so down-to-earth. It ended on a promise and a decision. Yes, Ki Joon and Ah Jung never did resolve much of Ah Jung’s concerns about marrying Ki Joon, but what happened was that Ah Jung took the time she needed to find herself. Do you know what Ah Jung found? In addition to her memories about falling in love with Ki Joon, Ah Jung also found her pride, her faith in her own ability, and her purpose in life.

Armed with those things, Ah Jung was able to make the decision that she wanted to marry Ki Joon, because she had faith in herself that she could be Mrs. Hyun Ki Joon and weather any and all situations that should arise in the future. Because she realized how special their love was: a love that was built on so many shared memories between them from the good to the bad.

Episode 16 wasn’t about tying up loose ends with everyone sitting down to have long talks about career, marriage, how to balance between a chaebol wife and a civil servant. Episode 16 was about Ki Joon learning to be patient and fighting for his love, and Ah Jung finding herself until she was certain that she could choose to be with Ki Joon and face whatever issues being his wife would entail.

While I don’t necessarily think Ah Jung definitely found herself in the end, what she did find was that she wasn’t afraid anymore about starting a future with Ki Joon because of how much they loved each other. That was the purpose of an entire episode spent with our beloved OTP. No one knows how married life will unfurl, but with love and understanding, our couple can weather the odds because they have each other.

Episode 16 put a definitely happy conclusion on the love story of Ah Jung and Ki Joon, taking a couple who got involved based on a lie and allowed them to discover how to stay connected through the truth. I loved this final episode, not because it was so darn well-written and wrapped everything up with a bow. But because it was meaningful to see our OTP take that final step together in pondering how to make a lifetime together when there is nothing standing in the way except for themselves.

In my decades of drama-watching experience spanning countries and genres, I have never before seen the type of raw, undeniable, and powerful chemistry between two leads as between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. Well, okay, there was something very similar, a movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Did I just compared HwanHye’s chemistry to Brangelina? Yes, I did.

Yes, I hope they do another project together. This type of chemistry can’t be manufactured or forced between any two actors, and it truly stunned me into submission with its undeniable connection onscreen. While rare in K-ent (and much more common in TW and Japanese dramas), but onscreen couples have reunited before. Let’s hope Ji Hwan and Eun Hye have another opportunity to collaborate, next time gift with a stellar script. Nevertheless, I loved LTM as is, warts and all, wasted opportunities and missed chances to do better, because Ji Hwan and Eun Hye did their best, and I felt every emotion from them.

It has been an indescribable ride watching, recapping, and discussing LTM here at the playground with everyone. For those of you who left a comment (or a hundred comments) in any of the posts, I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me, whether about my writing or about the drama itself. It’s been a pleasure Captaining the good ship Lie to Me, which weathered storms and placid waters, taking pot-shots from all corners, but nevertheless reaching port and safely depositing all its passengers, namely us the viewers.

Always stay true to yourself, and your tastes in entertainment. Good or bad, acknowledge what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately find validation and meaning in things that make you happy. Lie to Me made me crazily happy for pretty much 8 straight weeks, and for that, I bid a fond farewell to the big drama that everyone expected so much of, which turned out to be just a little drama that brought joy and love to a slice of viewers the world over.


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      Park Hoon fricking saved the day! Better yet, Saved wuri Ah-Ki couple their whole life of heartache. gah.
      I loved this ep!!! I did. I loved how So-Ran kept telling herself to use nice words, so funny. Kids change everything.
      I love all Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s kisses. I do. But I can not get over how he hauled her up flush against him in our ending kiss. That was so sexy. So manly. Grrr, I want Him. By him I mean Ki joon, not Ji Hwan (he’s strictly Koala’s). *nervous Smile*
      I LOVE YOUR THOUGHTS AS ALWAYS KOALA!! Your DAEBAK. I cant thank you enough for taking this journey with us, for making it memorable and even more fun with your posts. Thank you thank you thank you. Kamsamnida!!

      • I know this is petty of me, but when So Ran and Jae Bum got up to leave, I rolled my eyes and thought, “gah, atleast their doing it”. Hahahah They should have put manager park up in this beesnatch man. I miss jedi bestie!!

      • Leishers talking about Park Hoon, my supposed-to-be live streaming last night turned out to be just forum reading since my net connection failed me..I was laughing reading all the comments about KJ not able to open the box immediately..everyone was going crazy that “open it”, “open it or I’ll open it for you”, etc. comments keep on appearing on the thread in just seconds..and when Park Hoon helped they all thank him for saving the day!!! He became the instant savior for KJ and AJ..everyone was complaining that there are only minutes left and yet there is wedding scene coming and everyone thought AJ already give-up KJ because of that box…

      • Leishers…

        “But I can not get over how he hauled her up flush against him in our ending kiss”

        you noticed too !! yess…. you know what when I saw he did that.. i feel butterflies in my stomach, my head is spinning around.. i thought I’m dead!!
        I smiling widely from ear to ear…and hold in that position for over 1/2 hours.. can u imagine how tiring is?

      • @Peipei78
        Noticed? I could do nothing but! It was just so in your face sexy. Gah, he’s just broadcasting how manly he is I swear. Yummeh. The grab your head and lay it on your lips manly. Yummeh!

      • how can I not noticing it? it’s so obvious seen.. besides, I’ve been watching the kiss hundred times!! and still not over yet… I even open my mouth when they starts to kiss… mamaaaaa… I need KJH now!!
        sorry ms. K you may kill me later… but I need my KJH noww….

      • oh dear Lord…it’s KJ and AJ making out anymore…it’s hwanhye…my heart was racing and got palpitations…never did I’ve replayed a kiss this much with my mouth open!!! as if i was the one doing it!!!

      • @Mizweng @Peipei
        The ice-cream kiss started it all. Never have I seen such a perfect k-drama make out. Cola kiss I felt like a downright Peeping Tom. To this day, I still avert my eyes when watching it. You can hear them smacking lips. Love it!
        The cliff-kiss? Fucking Perfect!!! Total badass
        Sorry for my fouul mouth but I didnt know howelse to express myself

      • Leishers,

        you’ve forgiven for ur foul mouth.. i even can’t describe the happiness in words anymore..and yea, the bad f***king words is the better at this state hahahaha

        the cliff kiss scene.. he is eating..they both eating each other’s mouth… omo..omo… eating each other? i feel excited.. i should rewatch!!

    • I’m done finishing my missing moments during watched the livestream… haha.. should I call wuri KJ to find in my pockets also??
      btw, isn’t ironic the 3 dramas that Ms. K loves all the times are low rating in Korea but huge success internationally? Korean people are really weirdo…not my KJH of course …..hhahahahaha…
      I don’t like M3 that much BUUTT I love Playfull kiss very much and just rewatch last week to fulfill my emptiness while waiting LTM

      today is holiday in Indonesia, I suppose to wake up late and I end up to wake up at the same working time table at 6.30AM and starts to camp here again… i still not ready to end this euphoria and you can see it thru my loooonggg post now …hehehehehe
      one of the reasons why LTM become so popular and addicting is YOU guys!! yea…the insane fans…this is the main reason. I almost given up to watching LTM in the beginning since the story running sssooooooo late and dragging too much …but I tried to stay since I love both our OTP… but then starts eps. 5 the story getting interesting and on eps.6 BANG the ice cream kiss…’ve got my attention.. FULLY attention…. starts to hunt any blogs and finally end up here and… tada… I found my lost, I found my sisterhood…

      usually I don’t put any comments in any threads or blogs since my limited english and also I’m not a good in expressing what I felt in words…but thanks to ANGELITO… yes…u…mamita… ur comments are hillarious and insane… u’re the 1st person whose got my fully attention.. *my eyes on you, gals* ..then we starts fighting over Park Hoon *i don’t like him anymore*… the come another crazy person MIZWENG, LEISHERS,BO,NOWHERE,MARY … oh em geeh… I do really feel like in a family …

      I won’t say goodbyes!! no no no…. just say a biiiiggg thank you for all of u….. kiss *on cheek only,ok?* and tight hug….

      • Ahh LTM will be miss, not only because of KANG JI HWAN and Yoon Eun Hye…but also because of you guys. Peipei78 definitely got it right. I’ve never commented so much in any post. I’ve never read anyones comment until LTM. But Ii love how with every episode, every cliffhanger we were all basically thinking the same things. The unforgettable posse we had for killing Ki Joon, which showcased everyones unique imagination when it comes to ways of killing. And Of course, our enemy Yoon Joo, and the many times we told her to jump in the han river or sleep with the fishes. Heheh *Big HUGS!*

        Koala, I was thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Smith too, but then I didnt wanna say it because that movie has become so overshadowed by what *allegedly* happened after. Hahah But you cant lie, brad and Angie had some ravingly sexy chemistry. I mean Brad could romance a book into leaving its shelf, but him and Angelina had it.
        Ah Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, I wish I was privy to whats going on inside you guy’s head. DAte already!!

      • me tooo…I used to be A silent reader here..cause my english is limited….but thanks to you guys…you all driving me crazy n make me more love LTM n our OTP…so sad I can’t see manager park in ep 15 n 16…n I feel sorry for yoon Joo too!!! n Kudoss to Park Hoon..he the savior hahaha…..miss u all..BIG HUGS!!!!

      • ahhhermmmmmm Leishers and Peipei…

        may i remind you that you are fighting for Park Hoon? why am I seeing KJH name in your posts and in caps??? KJH IS ALL MINE… and ownership is based on age…so line up…

      • @ mizweng…

        sorry..halmony.. yeah.. halmony…. for this time, I won’t back off.. how can I waste KJH like that?? He’s the eye-sexting, he’s the kissing bandit, he has sexy lips and sexy smile and sexy eyes… I will fight till death!!

      • i knew it peipei…you’ve been eying my KJH all along and you even said you like younger men…gosh!!! hahahaaa yesssssss no one can beat KJH sexiness…am sure its the way he kisses that caught your attention… had i met someone as good as a kisser as KJH, then i might have married already… oh well…

      • Mizweng… you’ve been “holiday” for too long… better catch up what u’ve been missing… hot young men kisses…hahaha

    • Hey. short of HwanHyeshipper, this thread has the few folks i’ve had to chance to drop comments off. … Just wanna say

      DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO – to kisses, to rawring hot screens, to no-longer-knowing-who’s-making-out-with-who… anyways!

      thanks ladies. Hope this aint goodbye 😛 but it’s see you again!

      Seoul in Spring 2012 maybe? ^^ cheery blossoms aflutter in the skies….. brilliant blue jeju waters…. and of cos…. who knows! maybe news would come out… wuri JH and EH – *ahem* LTM part deux. 😉

    • the trailer looks interesting .. I will definitely try watching this and Eric’s beautiful spy to recover from my LTM madness. lol

  3. Thanks….awesome as always… !

    A great way to end….at least I can find some closure…..still basking in the aftermath…

    LTM would prob be the only drama that made me act out of character…back to lurking…

  4. LTM brought many fans together (YEH and KJH). Im happy that we all shared the addiction even through the onsllought of haters and antis that thinks we are below homo sapiens for watching the dramas. BUT who cares, our love for the drama makes as disregard the hatred and loved the drama even more. I want to thank you all LTMers out there in sharing the same addiction. WE all bonded and formed friendships and also made frenemies that transcend time and place. It is a privilege to know all of you and Im glad I am present when everything is unfolding every episode week by week. Hopefully we can get back together again for YEH next drama. Goodbye for now

    • BTW thanks Koalas
      O Captain! my Captain! our [LTM] trip is done;
      The [drama] has weathered every week, the prize we sought is won;
      The [withdrawal] is near, the [bawling’s] I hear, the people all [crying],
      While follow eyes the [OTP kiss], the [scene is hot] and daring:
      But O heart! heart! heart!
      O the bleeding drops of red,
      Where on the [finale] my Captain [say goodbye],
      Fallen [in love] and [happy].

      *changed some words from the original*

  5. The episode gave us an idea of what a “happily ever” might be, when KJ made AJ breakfast, drove her to work and had a goodbye-kiss after — things like that. So I liked how it ended anyway. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the recap.I just came back from watching the raw.Your screencaps.Oh wow your screencaps.

    Thank you for your time and love.I was one big fat grin throughout the episode.I loved it.I was just thinking we’ve been so lucky.It’s rare that we have 5 episodes of dating in a 16ep drama.It was not only AJ/KJ with their memories.It is also the viewers.There have been way too many criticism for this drama.It is a rom com and it delivered a rom com.

    Can I just say the ending scene.Yes yes I know kissies.However the ending scene,the sea,the sun,the kissing…..isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?I adored it and it will indelibly stay in my memory as a beautiful ending of a drama.

    I am off to watch it again.Sigh.I am such a happy happy viewer.

  7. Hi! I’ve been lurking & reading posts\comments here since LTM started and only now i had a guts to post here… LTM has ended and our lives are not complete without those two couple that inspire and make our day happier… Thank you captain @koala for all your hardwork, recaps, spoiler etc… i will miss this playground since there’s no LTM anymore… maybe i’ll be watching different dramas but not as interesting as LTM… The last two episodes of LTM was a sad moment to me (lots of cry moments until now) but most of all i cried when i read madam’s recap above… Thank you so much & also to LTM casts & crews… I will miss you all…

  8. Koala, thanks so much.
    I have to say that your postings and recaps also made the LTM experience so
    much more enjoyable, you put in words exactly how LTM fans feel about this drama and the OTP.

    From your recap, I think the part where AJ managed found the display is a symbolic scene to show that she too managed to find whatever part of herself that she’d lost.

    I think I’ll love this final episode too… While I had for for some boating and a wedding, I didn’t actually think it’ll happen somehow. And I kind of understand why the writer did not go down that route. I’ll post again after catching the subbed versions tonight.

    • And I also want to thank all fellow fans here, your posts also made watching LTM so enjoyable to me, not a day goes by in the past 8 weeks without reading all your posts.

  9. thank you soooo much ms. koala! you have made LTM so much more fun and special to watch!! it’s been an incredible journey….

    the next few weeks will be tough going through LTM withdrawal =(
    it might even be worst than My Princess withdrawal for me, but I knew that was coming cuz i just LOVE SSH. but LTM totally took me off-guard. i never expected this OTP to be this awesome…and KJH to be this HOT!!!

  10. Kudos to you, Koala!!!
    Once again, I am truly grateful for all the recaps, spoilers, etc. you have posted:)
    God bless:)
    Au revoir!!!!

  11. Koala oh Koala!
    You forgot two very important points!
    1) When KJ is leaning on AJ’s lap, KJH ehm… KJ’s hand, goes at the low back of AJ….
    2) When KJ is trying to wake Aj up, he actually hits her playfully, to her butt.

    Did YOU really didn’t notice?

    • Serious? I didn’t noticed it. Must go and watch again.

      BTW, can anyone just tell me there was nothing between them when he spent a night with her. Did he really just sleep holding her hands?

      • Did you watched again? *hehe pervy face*

        I m guessing the same.. Did they just slept together holding hands?

  12. I’m not sure I’ll still be first by the time I read and comment but I’m so happy, truly happy.Thank you thank you Mrs Koala for such an amazing LTM ride with you. Thank you for all your wonderful insights. With your recaps, I can see different and honest perspective of the drama. I love this playground all the way from PK time.

    Honestly, I can truly relate KH and AJ’s love story. I will miss this drama (waiting for posts, live recap and recap) but I will surely be watching and rewatching this drama.

    Thank you again.

    • Amazing, there was no comment when I open and I thought I would be first. BUt by the time I posted my comment, there’s already 19 comments. WOw, I should not be surprised many are lurking here for the recap.

  13. Yeah…1st time 1st common *maybe*
    I have to say I love how you “Omo” at perfect moment between the two leads.
    This is a twisted calm ending for me. Perfecto! Aw, I will miss Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye , and LTM with lots of love

  14. Thanks MAM….ay ay ay captain…you take us safety till end..once again kansamida!!!!….the last episode was DAEBAK..I love their interactions n the KISS of course…OMG…The Best KISS ever….so passionate…how the hands move..n the hug..aaahhh…so happy…to all LTM fandom thank you….you all are the best companions…love all your comments…I will miss you all..cried out loud!!! to show our love for the last recap…hope we can break 1000 comments you all agree LIARS????
    HWANHYE…THE BEST OTP EVER!!!!! KUDOSSS for your hard work!!you make LTM so alive n lovable..thank you my beloved OTP!!!

  15. And now we come to the end and there is a little hole left in my heart. I think you summed it up pretty well, exactly why we loved this drama. I will now watch my most favorite OTP sail off into Rerunland, where I will meet them again many times over and over. They will be moving into my Happy Every After neighborhood, joining Jandi and Junpyo, Youngjae and Jieun-ah, Gil Raim and Kim Joowon, Miho and Daewoong, Lee Sun Joon and Kim Yoon Hee to name a few ;). (Mugyul and Mary’s house is still under construction. ) But I think that Jungie and Joonie may just have the best house on the block for a long time to come.

  16. hi to all! feeling very emotional today and so caught up in that last kiss! ive seen that last kiss so many times and im just overwhelmed by it. only HwanHye can do “that” kiss.

    i have not seen the entire episode but i believe it is the perfect ending for LTM. we have seen two people fall in love and bring out the best of themselves for each other. i love every scene of our OTP. i will treasure it for the rest of my life. i really hope that one day we can see HwanHye again. this chemistry is one in a million!

    to dear ockoala! word’s cannot expressed how grateful i am because of what you have done for us here at the playground. it’s been daebak here and i will be around waiting for more HwanHye update. it will be hard not to see them after LTM but still, i can always go back and watch that sizzling and passionate story of AJ and KJ 🙂

    back to watching the hot kiss!

  17. “Always stay true to yourself, and your tastes in entertainment. Good or bad, acknowledge what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately find validation and meaning in things that make you happy.” These words are helping me at this time; thanks, Koala. Much love and thanks to you as the captain of our LTM ship. The voyage was oh so wonderful, and may our OTP find a lifetime of happiness together!

  18. I loved the ending. Loved everything you said!
    I too thought that reuniting OTP in kdramas were rare – but I hope they realise the pot of gold to be mined here.

    Maybe Hong sisters would take on the HwanHye juggernaut? I so do not want to see them in a melo – they sparkle in rom-coms.

    All I can say is – if they see fit to pair Yong Hwa and Shin Hye again – from whom I only get an Oppa Dongsaeng vibe – they better look into our OTP.

    Well not immediately, maybe but yearly would be good.

    • Call out to all the chingus at the playground – It’s been a pleasure and real fun to be with you guys sharing and crying and laughing and squealing together!! Thanks for the memories!

      Let’s do it again soon!!

      • Lets do it again soon for real!!
        Gah, my days wont be the same without you guys. I might not know you face to face, but you guys were and integral part of my 2 months of Joy!! Hell you made it all the more Joyful. Moments like these dont happen all the time for real. Thanks Koala, for everything.

  19. I totally love love loved this drama, but did anyone else catch KJ walking into AJ’s home with a different T-Shirt on????

  20. Dear Ockoala,

    Another masterpiece of a recap. Thanks for your reply to my post in BL recap 15 which I sorta replied in recap 16.

    I concur with a lot of your observations and conclusions on this series. It’s a pity the second writer did not step in at around episode 6. I felt the last 2 episodes were more realistic and down to earth than those from 10 to 14. She/he made the best out of what could be done although these 4 episodes felt like I was treading on quicksand. There is some redemption in episodes 15 and 16.

    And though this series was built on one weak and poorly established/executed lie, the undeniable truth is the sizzling, zapping chemistry between the 2 leads. I won’t be surprised if these 2 end up in real life. Both are still single right?

    The last episode did not disappoint me. Time jumps and fanservicey babies would have been way too cheesy (imho). More Cola Kisses and Koala Hugs were all I asked for.

    Ockoala, aja!

  21. Hi ms ockoala!
    thank you so much for the wonderful 8 weeks that you shared with us with this drama LTM. It´s my first time to comment but im just one of the many silent followers visiting your playground.It´s already 2 am here in spain but i can´t get myself to sleep or refuse to until did not yet read your full recap:)
    Thank you very much to all LTM fans for staying until the end because of our love to our OTP. and for giving us satisfaction just reading your comments.
    I am Ms Yoon Eun Hye fans and hope to see her again in a new project soon…and will be delighted if she do another project again with kang ji hwan in the future.
    Again thank you ms Ockaola for spoiling us LTM followers.I will definitely still visit your playground even LTM came to end.

  22. hi peepzzz

    slept 5 hours ago with a big smile after watching ep 15 and 16 back to back…and here i am happy to see mother recap all up…gotta read first and be back later….

    • and now I stand, clapping my hands, cheering, bawling my heart, snots running and then shouting…BRAVO MADAME K!!!!!! This is the Best recap befitting the best finale….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading this pack thru thick and thin…somehow your thoughts help me understand the how and why a halmoni like me turned into a giddy fan…and thanks for setting up a playground for insane people, a place where we feel at home and could express fully our love esp to the best OTP..-

      I thank LTM esp KJH and YEH for breathing life to KJ and AJ… This story has a personal meaning to me… LTM made me believe in love again and made me realize that I still got passion in life that I somehow forgot a bit…You see, am a middle aged halmoni who became jaded with love as time goes by…tho I’ve a son I truly adored I never had a chance to marry not because I never had a proposal (got lots mind you…but not from a chaebol so poor me) hehehe I used to be an impulsive, hopeless romantic but as years came by became a doubtful, hard-nosed realist… LTM made me feel excitement again…made me believe in LOVE again…and made me hope (if not for myself,but for my son) that LOVE and marriage need to be acknowledged for its worth and that both parties should be willing to take time to know what is at stake and to work things out based on what is important to them… LOVE is truly wonderful and should be enjoyed every step of the way….

      • yesssh my dear Leishers…and I sincerely hope and pray that YOU FIND YOUR OWN KJ AND CREATE YOUR OWN LOVE STORY… you’re still young so please do so… make it so that you do it for me too… don’t end up like me please…..muwahhhhhhhhh

      • @Mizweng
        Well I am one who knows and appreciate the single life, but I’m looking for my true love. He’s looking for me too I bet. Heheh.
        But I promise to live love and laugh with my real life OTP, so we can weather any uncertainty or storm that comes our way. Aww, now im happeh and wanna find him sooner. I was waiting until I finish school and stuff, but I dont mind finding him now. hehe

  23. I totally agree to your last sentence LTM is the little drama that brought us joy and love..and I think it is the type of drama that warms us in cold rainy weather with its OTP , the ending is beautifully taken, with the vast open sea, that in love its always difficult to know what going to happen next…just like the ocean and the weather…Thank you Ms Koala for this past 8 weeks due to you ,I was able to enjoy this drama and the main character which I think did their best job in convincing us their are really are in love…Thanks again.

  24. i was busy refreshing ur page while on my way to work. It’s my dose before a start of a long day at work. My tues, wed mornings would never be the same. The last drama that let me caught the mania was playful kiss. I really enjoyed the ride in this playground. Thank you.It’s the playground and all the comments that made the show even more enjoyable to watch. Of cuz our otp did a fantastic job as well! =)

    • OK – I’ve just got to say this – the set up is similar but the reaction is soooooo different!!!
      Coffee House ending – PSY and KJH were merely posing through the motions – their bodies miles apart and hardly any action from KJH.

      Wuri HwanHye – (fanning self) – just look at his face!! Lips swollen with desire and that grab!!!


  25. LTM chingus, I guess we could all say goodbye to LTM with a contented sigh…what I’m waiting next? Its the news that they are falling in love in RL… 😀

  26. Great!! thanks Koala. You never fail to amaze me with your writing ability. Views and opinions greatly appreciated. You never failed to amuse me with your comment either. It’s been great playing in here, I’ll surely miss the times that I can’t get through a day without checking here. Thanks Dear! It was a very memorable experience!

    I am hoping for another project for wuri HwanHye! 😉

  27. In a way I’m kinda relieved it’s over coz I’m going to become a functioning human being on Mondays and Tuesdays again. Lol! I have been totally useless during those days while this drama was on.

    Thank you Koala for sticking to this drama and I totally agree with what you said about staying true to ourselves and liking what we like regardless of what everybody thinks! It has been a fun ride and I’m glad and grateful for having taken it with you and with the rest of LTM fans! I will surely miss them (AJ and KJ)!

  28. Hi Koala, many thanks for your recaps all this while! I think I’m gonna have major withdrawal now that it’s Wed and it finally hits me that LTM has ended yesterday… I’m gonna miss the LTM fam here and in soompi!! Love you all~ and YEH and KJH, pleaseee just give it a try and get together k! =D

  29. Ms K thank you so much for your love for LTM that draws all our heart together. Week after week you echoed what’s in our heart for which some of us were unable to express. Such great pleasure to be on the same yes indescribable journey with you and all the Liars on this playground. Everyone here thank you for the treasured pleasure of your company. This is not the end of the journey only the first stop. Looking forward to the next destination together that is HwanHye Forever! To the HwanHye couple thank you for the joy and happiness you brought us. May you both find heaven’s happiness and joy in all you do.

  30. It is such a crazy experience to stay until 1am to watch the raw ep, just slept for 5 hours and woke up again to watch the ep with sub-titles. Then I discovered your playground may be from ep4 and start reading everything you post related to LTM. I fully enjoy these few weeks and particularly the weekend after ep8. Was able to read a lot of other LTM fans’ comments/thoughts on what may happen in ep9. I will continue to visit Koala’s playground, I will re-read the recaps until I memorize all details. To me, LTM is very very sweet and I love the OSTs ‘Pouring Rain’ and ‘I Belong To You’ so much that I can replay them nonstop for 1 hour.

  31. I know there will be more eloquent posts about this drama and ending episode, but this is just where my heart is at:

    This drama made me HAPPY. It made me believe the fairy tale all over again. It made me want the world to fall in love with each other and live happily ever after. It made my heart sing, my eyes tear up from happiness, and my lungs swell with joyful sighs. It made me know that LOVE is real.

    • And thank you so much for your recaps and the place to be HAPPY about this drama, no matter what it was doing, HUGS, OCKOALA!

  32. thanks sistah!
    the ending is the redemption of LTM!
    even if plotwise, well, we know all about that already, LTM had made its mark in kdramaland because of the sincerity shown by both Ji Hwan and Ki Joon.

    softsubs are still available at

  33. Thank you koala. You always say it perfectly.
    I join the millions around the world who have enjoyed and will be enjoying, more than thousand times Lie to me. I do not like dramas with grandiose settings and grand intentions. For me and countless others who lead ordinary, simple lives, Lie to me was the most entertaining drama this season and maybe for now, all seasons. And the prize was to luxuriate in the awesome chemistry of the couple Yoon Eun Hye as Gong Ah Jung and Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon.
    Will always visit your playground koala. Have only lovely days ahead!

  34. That was one beautiful ending!!!!

    I’m gonna miss this show so much… I guess they left out many of the kisses on the previous episodes just for this episode….

    I’m gonna miss you guys. I’m sure we’ll meet here again when there are news about Lie To Me because I’m sure ockoala will post the news no matter how miniscule it seems. And we’ll meet here again when we find a new drama that tugs at are hearts, and if KJH and YEH reveal if they are in a relationship, with eachother or not..

    Bye bye!!! (for now)

  35. I am kind of satisfied, but also noticed that they blatantly denied us boating that presented itself at the perfect chance when they were rolling around the bed. But anyhow, I will take the love and passion they had for each other because I believed and felt it.
    Thank you AJ and KJ! Thank you Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye for the heart and soul of your portrayal of KJ and AJ. For making me believe that love doesn’t need a perfect script or direction, that you just need to feel it and roll with it.
    Most importantly, thank you so much miss Koala for your time, dedication, unbias and love for this drama. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    See ya in another love!!

  36. Thank you Ms. Koala for your recaps, update, spoiler and passion so we can enjoy LTM journey until it finished! Such a nice advanture… (^^)p

  37. Thank you Koala!!! I couldn’t ask for a much more suitable captain for LTM cruise. You were able to dock the LTM cruise liner safely back to shore (written preview of episode 15 and 16 I thought we are heading on a glacier like the TITANIC). It’s really hard for me to leave this ship, I want to extend it but the cruise is over and it’s time to leave. I’d like to stick around for a few hours and come back for a couple of days just in case they decided they will make special or updates for YEH and KJH. I will bring with me so much memories from this trip. I enjoyed everything and learned a lot from this journey. I have never been satisfied in any finale, but for some reason I am satisfied with LTM’s, although there is a part of me that is wishing for a special episode. I can linger on this finale for a long period of time. I’ve been telling my friends and family to watch LTM because it will be broadcast soon. Since they love YEH in Goong and Coffee prince I know this will be a big hit. The tenderness and the sweetness and the love is all there. I just love AJ and KJ, very well portrayed by YEH and KJH. I really hope that KJH and YEH will win OTP of the year if there is an award for that. The fans of LTM are awesome. I’m sure that LTM will be an international hit or actually it’s already a hit. My warmest thank you to Koala!!! Keep it up! 🙂

  38. I am a health professional by day and a romcom addict at night. This is the first time that I am leaving a comment for you madam koala but I cannot let the sizzling LTM pass without telling you how much I enjoyed your humor and your rather,um, colorful language =)

    You made this experience more poignant and real with your insight and comedic twists. Oh my, this couple is unreal. I usually double over with kilig (giddiness) every time KJ looks at AJ and I imagine myself being the recipient of those smoldering looks. My poor husband had to take the back seat. I even made him promise that as soon as the DVDs are out, we’ll have to watch it together since I endured playing board games with him. Tit for tat. Anyway, I’ll check your site from time to time to see when we’re going to set sail again.

    Just a quick ending note – I would have loved to see snippets of their married life together, like AJ supporting KJ while traveling overseas or KJ supporting AJ with her ministry work. Or even Aunt holding her grand niece/nephew. That would have been perfect.

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    P.s: up to the last episode, i’m still wondering if our HwanHye were just acting or is it for real? 😉

    • Koala’s words at the end of this post gave me goosebumps! Bravo!!! Thank you for all the recaps and reviews! I truly enjoyed being on this LTM boat, although, many times I have thought of jumping ship due to poorly written screenplay. But hell yeah!!! HwanHye’s power is truly enough to fire up a rocket to the moon and back… and back… and back again! I wish they’d reunite onscreen sometime soon, offscreen would be even better! Hihihi! Kidding aside, they deserve another project together with a better script and more talented writer/s from the wonderful world of Hallyu!

    • Bravo! Ms. Koala Bravo! your incisive and sensitive writing made this experience so much more heartfelt and meaningful. You are an awesome and witty writer. Kudos and keep up the good work.
      p.s. I love how this recap is so chocful of wonderful and yummy pictures! I know this is your send-off gift to us. awww…am touched…*hugs* thank you!

  40. “In my decades of drama-watching experience spanning countries and genres, I have never before seen the type of raw, undeniable, and powerful chemistry between two leads as between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. Well, okay, there was something very similar, a movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Did I just compared HwanHye’s chemistry to Brangelina? Yes, I did.”

    Oh yes you did Mrs. Koala, yes you DID—and rightfully so, because I too have been making the same comparison as you since day one!

    I remember going to see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” with a friend and telling her “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were going to be an item;” how she didn’t see the burning chemistry with those two was beyond me; but I knew…

    Anyway, KJH and YEH have the same burning chemistry—it’s palpable and undeniable—I’ll be shockprised (shocked and surprised) if our OTP never once consider to date in REAL LIFE…

    • THE CHEMISTRY between Ji Hwan and Eun Hye is so undeniable, it’s enough to create its own periodic table of elements! I’ve never experienced a drama that makes me go wonderfully insane because of the mere power of the OTP. Seriously, the steam power of this LTM engine was solely HwanHye. Or was it that their chemistry was too hot that it clouded everything else, rendering the plot/writing unfortunately insignificant anymore? 나도 몰라! Nado Molla! HwanHye should have another project together. Soon! Is there a Special, by the way?

      • Hi Foxy, I couldn’t have said what you just said better; their chemistry was to the point that I at times had to look away from the OTP’s one-on-one moments—I felt I was intruding…

        I so hope they’d made a special but I doubt it. KJH supposedly has a very busy schedule so it might be impossible for him 🙁

    • @Adjovie I’m quite glad that you are no longer angst y! So do you now believe in Santa, err, fairy godmother? Hope you as I did. Ciao!

  41. LTM was such a sweet reprieve from reality’s mundane to humogous issues. Our time stood still for the past 8 weeks and got suspended in a world called LTM. We tackled issues that made us feel elated and swoon for the sweet torments our hero and heroine made us feel.

    Now we are bound to move on and face life’s reality. Again: ALAS! Parting is such a sweet sorrow. 🙁

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    Thank you, once again ocKOALA… the time spent here with you and like-minded fans of KJ/AJ-mania was well worth it!


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    Watching LTM was an experience that I will forever remember. I have previously mentioned that LTM gave me a lot of firsts…watching live streaming, participating in blogs, de-lurking(LOL), becoming a true fan girl…this list can go on. I’m glad I chose LTM to be the first.

    Isn’t it weird? I really did think that Hwan-Hye is Korea’s version of Brangelina. YEH & KJH are exceptional actors. Toegether, they are phenomenal. I hope to see more projects from these two, their OTP deserves another shot.

    I will regularly visit your playground to check for updates on the OTP and new LTM news.

    Thank you very much. I am in awe of what you have done for us LTM fans. I’m also in awe of all the chingus in the playground. I’m so happy to share this experience with you.

    • i share the same sentiment and would be more beautiful if hwanhye end up like brangelina married with kids an all???…ahhhh that would be heaven…this halmoni can die happehhhhhhhhhhh…

      nice to see you drmjs…muwahhhhhhhhh

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    You’re right about the chemistry – not easy and to sustain it over 16 episodes while getting BETTER, hats off to YEH and KJH. So many great bits to replay…ah, I can’t wait for the box-set. The plot was admittedly spotty but the relationship was palpable and real. This is my first time watching KJH and I think he’s mighty fine 🙂 no worries, he’s yours. I’ll enjoy from far, hehe…

    I’m going to be a permanent visitor to the playground now. Here’s to more great dramas!

  48. Thank you for being the captain of this ship. Your recaps made me understand the episodes much better because I’m very shallow as long as I have my OTP then I’m a happy girl. I’m so in love with LTM and HwanHye that my heart ache because the drama ended but hopefully the beginning for our belove HwanHye!

  49. Oh Koala, you’re gift of words… really, you have touched us with such poignant emotions that will definitely leave a mark for some time. LTM has made me love Mondays again. At this point in my life when having no job, supporting ailing parents and educating a child, presents such a daunting task, somehow this drama has given me something to look forward to. It’s a feeling for now but it’s a start and it means I’ve finally climb out of the mud.

    “Ah Jung also found her pride, her faith in her own ability, and her purpose in life.” – hahaha It’s ‘just’ a drama after all. But hey, we are free to find inspiration wherever we choose.

    thank you.

    • What AJ lost and found?

      This is Koala’s interpretation“Ah Jung also found her pride, her faith in her own ability, and her purpose in life.”

      Here is someone else’s explanation, AJ thought she is Yoon Eun Hye having a deceptive romantic love affair with Kang Ji Hwan throughout the drama thus she went to Jeju to gather her wits and reprogram herself again that she is in fiction the character Gong Ah Jung who is making sweet music and having a lovey dovey time with sexy long legs and prominent adam’s apple chaebol heir Hyun Ki Joon.

      • @ lizzy, i’ve fantasized that it is really YEH and KJW in this and the story is just a way for them to express their real feelings for each other hehehehe

        i just hope that when they do come out as a couple (heart wishing!) there won’t be any scandal and that people will just be plain ecstatic over it 🙂

      • LOLs I like your re-interpretation of course. Much like inception but yes… you could have just hit jackpot!! 🙂

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    Heartfelt thanks to Ms Koala for the wonderful recaps and insights to the show. It adds flavor to the already fantastic OTP. You got yourself a fan who will be camping here from now on. Just bill me …hehe!

    To all camper: I love you all. Your comments and links help feed my obsession. The camaradie here rocks.

    Warm hugs and kisses from Singapore!

    • I’m from Singapore too!!!
      My husband knows I’m obsessed with a certain K-drama and whenever he tries to peek at whatever I’m reading this playground or Baidu or re-watching but I always feel as if I’m being caught doing something illicit.
      Hahaha…. LTM is my guilty pleasure.

      I’m so going to re-watch LTM again.

    • so can relate to you serendipity .. my husband not even commenting anymore if he saw me giggling over my laptop while reading all the LTM goodies. My kids now sing the ice cream song everyday and even ask me to put it on their ipod mwahaha..

    • hey fellow singaporean! =) I just got married this month and he was saying he think he just got married to a crazy woman because I was whining to him how depressed and crappy I feel right now that LTM has ended and that I’m having sore eyes now (must be the lack of sleep >.<) !! I'm dying to buy the director cut dvd if they do release it!!

      • donut.. good luck to your husband .. lol..

        it will be so funny if the husbands of kdrama addict wife get together and talk about their wives crazyness.

      • hey donut – good luck to your hubby. After LTM it is City Hunter for me. LMH is looking mighty fine.

        hello fellow singaporeans – Lets get the hubby together for 16 hrs and we ladies have another round of binge on LTM. we can dissect and slow mo every delicious moment

        I am getting my hubby to watch the cola kiss and jeju kiss tonight * hint hint*

        off to stalk for more LTM goodies ..muah.hah.ha

      • It will be hilarious if our husbands get together and gossip about us and our craziness over LTM but good idea! lol yup LMH is fine but I’m so obsessed with KJH now, he is such a good kisser that I can’t help repeating those scenes!

      • Me too!!! though I’m in the States now. So… if there’s any cola / ice-cream gathering – broadcast it! 🙂 🙂 will be back in Sep (if things go as supposed to) 😀

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    Those kisses are to die for.Look at the way he snaked his arm round her waist and grabbed her closer! How can you manufacture such intensity in the kiss. That is NO WAY acting……

    Off to ogle…

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    Thank you a million times over for all the work you do. I religiously follow your site. You are awesome!

    HwanHye believer for life!!

  58. This drama was simply unique. I haven’t seen a drama like this one, that gave me a feeling of something true. Although it had an ironic title “lie to me”, its story was about a true feeling – love . I have an aunt that says “you can fake all feelings, except love because it shows, you can’t hide it” and I saw that in this drama. I may sound absurd but I felt like I was watching real people because their feelings and moments were so honest and down-to-earth. It was really touching and warm. I couldn’t agree more with you about the main leads, their performance was outstanding, as much as you compared them to mr and mrs smith, the later ones never gave the impression the kdrama characters and actors did. I think I witnessed an eclipse. I was satisfied with the ending as you said it didn’t have boating, wedding or kids, but it was just perfect – we had that in BL but I still felt something was missing, as much as I liked the story and actors, but truth be told they lacked the emotion LTM had.

    For all the happy, warm moments this drama brought me, I’ll cherish it!!!

    Thank you Koala for another wonderful recap =^.^=

  59. Ms. Koala( Aka in my mind Auntie K) thank you so much for loving Kdramas and more importantly Lie to Me. Ever since I found your website thru another blogspot, Ive been hooked. I go on it almost every day, you make me laugh, smile, cry with your thoughts and personality which I didn’t expect all these emotions/ feelings could come from reading one’s blogspot ( who knew right). I want to thank you so much for not only this playground but also helping me rediscover my love for all things Asian ( I’m Black-American btw). Because of you and those that come to your playground, I’ve decided to learn and speak Mandarin and Twai just so I won’t have to read the subtitles in English anymore and maybe finally take that trip to Korea that I’ve been promising myself for a couple years now. Once again, thank you so much for all that you do and continue to do; you may not know it but you help people.

  60. @KOALA
    That header of yours is going to give someone a heart attack!! Did you see how he pulled her in? I can not get over that. That pull just conveys everything!! Man, how can you not have faith in a relationship when you guys crack sizzle and Pop like that?! I wouldnt leave my bedroom for days, months!!…..Choesohamnida! 0.O pervy thoughts.

    • Ms. K doing it in purpose…she likes to spoilers us and knows exactly what our hunger…and btw, the banner was made by 1crazynyt…she’s the expert and pervert one..hahaha..we just the viewer and enjoying every hard works she made… * i feel guilty*…

      special thanks to Ms. K and 1crazynyt…you’re one of our OTP too

    • mannnnnnn this kiss gonna be my benchmark now… i shall only kiss with someone who can do the same as KJH!!! oh god this halmoni has good taste!!!bwahahahaaaaaa

      • hahaha . put that as your list of 10 qualities for ideal man 😀

        say.. Has anyone translated AJ’s list??????

    • @Peipei78
      True, Koala and 1crazynyt are def an OTP. they know and fulfill our needs.
      Hahah I had that same thought. I’m all set for this party for fourth of july. I’m going to search for my Kang Ji Hwan. hahah Gah, great minds think alike.

      • well said Leishers…and i shall be praying for you to have you own beautiful love story… keep me posted…muwahhhhhhh

      • Yes please pray for me to have my beautiful story hahah. I know nothing happens before its time, so I can be patient.

  61. sigh. had 8 hours sleep in 2 days coz of LTM so feeling like a zombie but no one can take away the joy i felt with the last episodes.. so sweet! love it!

    thanks Koala for all your dedication to LTM. I really liked what you said here:

    “Always stay true to yourself, and your tastes in entertainment. Good or bad, acknowledge what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately find validation and meaning in things that make you happy. ”

    I think you nailed it there. Lots of people who turned nasty coz of this drama somehow got influenced by the negative comments/reviews when they shoud have let themselves just feel the emotions by watching instead of just reading.. I for one am really glad that I chose to watch this drama as it made me feel alive.. and hopeful that someday my Ki Joon will sweep me off my feet (even if they’re not as pretty as Ah Jung’s) ..

    Thanks everyone for staying on the ship and not jumping overboard 🙂

    Til the next YEH drama!

    • “Lots of people who turned nasty coz of this drama somehow got influenced by the negative comments/reviews when they shoud have let themselves just feel the emotions by watching instead of just reading.. ”

      Can’t agree with you more.
      Which is why I find the weecaps and comments in certain blogs a tad childish. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m cool with that but you can tell some negative comments are just for the sake of being negative.

      • So true, I only went to the other blog just there to write my support but did not read the recap and the haters/antis comments.

      • sadly it’s true.. i can’t even go to that certain blog just because everytime i went there it effecting my mood, 180 degree different then here.

        >>”but you can tell some negative comments are just for the sake of being negative.”

        yes.. they stop watching from early eps, yet still give negative comments on eps 15.

      • Being negative is not good for your health and it makes your life mesirable too. Have a positive attitude on everything you do and looks in life is a good thing. Have faith in GOD….

    • “hopeful that someday my Ki Joon will sweep me off my feet (even if they’re not as pretty as Ah Jung’s)…

      @atwork…I was thinking the same thing too after I saw the last episode last night…Only if we can clone Ki Joon/Ji Hwan and I’ll be in line (probably right behind Ms. Koala) to get my own…nyahahaha!!! Aahhh that last kiss drove me nuts!!! :))

  62. I have never in my life been so in love with a couple, much less a fictional couple! I… have no words for the LTM finale. Nothing but the deepest, sincerest Thank You for sharing such a palpable and genuine love.

    I can hope that YEH and KJH find love in one another… and though I know that much of LTM is really great acting, I don’t think that either of the two could have pulled off the same feeling with anyone else. And above all, I hope they recognize and truly appreciate what it is to find a fellow actor you can feed off of — ones who can support each other and bring out greatness in the other. I just have so many thoughts about LTM which could probably only come out by re-watching and analyzing bits and pieces of this drama.

    I only hope that Korea can get past the low ratings and see just how amazing YEH and KJH were as AJ and KJ because they really truly brought the best in one another in their acting.

    And now to rewind and replay the Jeju Island reunion kiss…

    KJ drawing in AJ and pressing her against him as they kissed… gah, so freaking good. And ep16 gave me nearly everything I asked for! Bedroom scene AND a morning after scene… and though it’s not AJ waking up in KJ’s bare arms, I was still so giddy and satisfied. Seriously clawing at my LCD screen in giddy excitement.

    • I thought the pulling up/in action was super HOT as well.

      Even if it’s acting (which I highly doubt so), such action should be pure instinct, I don’t think the PD will actually tell them how to kiss right? LOL…
      So I can only conclude that KJH is one hell of a kisser.

      • Do you think some of their actions during the kiss scenes are ad-libs…..coz my six sense is tingling saying its true

      • I think a lot of it was YEH and KJH also knowing how AJ/KJ would feel at the moment… that KJ’s overexcitement and hunger to be with AJ is to the point of devouring her. And what recipient of that type of emotion and kiss wouldn’t just melt away???

        I think that as seasoned actors, they’re at the point in their career to know what to do filming-wise without needing to be guided by the PD. I know the PDs were both really happy to be working with them since they didn’t hold out at all in becoming AJ and KJ.

        Ad-lib or not, YEH and KJH really put their all in their characters. I’m sure they more than enjoyed those kissing scenes. Who wouldn’t? But still, you have to acknowledge that they are good enough actors to know good acting means improvisation and ad-libs that are natural because they as actors know their characters. I think this is also why the ending was so great, because the PD and writer had input from YEH and KJH. They’re the ones who know AJ and KJ the best.

      • i second that… hmmmmm now i know why KJH looks thinner in this ep… he has not been eating!!! he said that to prepare for a kissing scene he usually doesn’t eat, and he has lots of scenes to prep for…
        oh wow!!! no wonder he DEVOURED YEH!!! Gosh I can literally see KJH’s tongue (ok maybe my perverted imagination)… BEAR WITH ME PLEASEEEE… squeeee

      • We can all agree that YEH also had a rocking BED SCENE HERE!!!!! Whose to say what happened in the middle of the night!!. KJ looked pretty happy in the morning making breakfast and all. Would a disappointed and grumpy man be so happy to get up early and serve his girlfriend breakfast in bed if he did not get anything??? I don’t think so!!!

    • oh god.. just reading your blow by blow lf the last scene is make me giddy.. i’m in the middle of dl the last eps, so in 6min 13 sec i will be off to enjoy the scenery of jeju!

    • I’m sorry, but if Korea doesnt give LTM the recognition it truly deserves then thats mad messed up.
      All biases aside, I think LTM should definitely win an award. And I’m not talking about the popularity award or what not, but a serious award. I mean, YEH and KJH showed some exceptional acting skills in here. I mean, the show was obviously not the best written one, but that even further points out how KJH and YEH totally stepped up as actors. They should atleast get niminated. They were really good. I never consider Rom-Coms as serious contenders in award shows, but this one really needs an award. It went right for the heart. And the heartfelt performances held you so tight!!

      • It’s funny how LTM turned out to be a fantastic platform for YEH and KJH to flex their acting muscles. The plot an writing in LTM were so many definitions of BLAH that it was like a piece of found object turned into artform but YEH and KJH. The awful plot and script really showcased the strength in how both actors could carry something underwhelming and just turn it into magic.

        YEH definitely got more recognition for her acting skills, but I hope KJH also gets the praise. He really is an amazing underrated actor. Hopefully this will be his year.

      • @Best Luv
        “The plot an writing in LTM were so many definitions of BLAH that it was like a piece of found object turned into artform but YEH and KJH. The awful plot and script really showcased the strength in how both actors could carry something underwhelming and just turn it into magic.”
        You can say this again Best luv. Its the truth, they really showed how strong an actor/actress they are with this show. I mean, I always knew that YEH was a good actress since CP, but she and KJH together? They bring out the best in each other. They put it out there for real. I really hope that this drama doesnt get overlooked because of the bad writing and/or low ratings. I really hope they saw what we saw. Because when I think about all the emotions portrayed in this show, and how raw and real it came across? I’m just speechless. They really deserve to win an award. Win an award on the same stage they presented together on

      • @BestLuv – in all fairness this is one of the best I’ve seen from them yet. But we’ll still have a few contenders from the other dramas… But awards, I sure hope so.

        Even if it doesnt – ALL THAT LURVE from overseas will overwhelm I’m sure!!

  63. Oh I feel sad… Mondays and Tuesdays will never be the same again. I haven’t seen both episodes yet but i feel that I need to write something. Otherwise I might missed some of you who are here..

    To LTM production cast, wuri OTP, Ms K and everyone here..thank you for making my LTM days. I’m looking forward to do the marathon of LTM again but it’ll never be the same experience again. No one to share those smiling moments when you see the little BTS secrets..

    To our OTP, I’ll forever be a fan!

    I want to share this song by Jason Aldean feat Kelly Clarkson..Don’t You Want to Stay..somehow it’ll remind me of LTM..

    I really hate to let this moment go, touching your skin and your hair falling slow,
    When a goodbye kiss, feels like this

    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    Don’t you wanna hold each other tight,
    Don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight,
    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    We can make forever feel this way,
    Don’t you wanna stay

    Let’s take it slow I don’t want to move to fast,
    I Don’t wanna just make love, I wanna make love last,

    When your off this cab, It’s a sad goodbye…….

    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    Don’t you wanna hold each other tight,
    Don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight,

    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    We can make forever feel this way,
    Don’t you wanna stay

    Oh yeah!!!
    Oh it feels so perfect baby..
    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while..

    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    Don’t you wanna hold each other tight,
    Don’t you wanna fall asleep with me tonight,
    Don’t you wanna stay here a little while,
    We can make forever feel this way,
    Don’t you wanna stay

    Don’t you wanna stay…..
    Yeah Yeah Yeahhh
    Yeah Yeah Yeahhh

  64. thanks you so much for recapping til the end…. love to be in a place where
    it’s important to look for the good rather than criticizing and looking for faults

    love the love story of Ah Jung anfd Ki Joon… an most importantly…
    my love for Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Jihwan grew with this drama…
    they know that they are getting crappy script but they still did their best and never let go of Ah Jung and Ki Joon…

    i really hope they work with each other again with a good script and production…. but what i really want is for them to get together for real and makes beautiful babies together… hahahaha 😀

    from the bottom of my heart… thanks Koala…

  65. —YEH and KJH met and fell in love in real life.
    —They wanted to go public but didn’t want to do it (do it—:D hehe) like all other celebrity couples.
    —So since YEH had promised to do LTM, she thought, “why not do it with KJH?” KJH and I love each other so why not show the world by doing LTM together 😀

    About the non-wedding scene:
    —If you were YEH and KJH, would you want a reel wedding scene to upstage your real wedding?

    Well, anyway, this is my (Adjovie’s) story and I’m sticking to it.
    I’ll drink a bottle of tomato juice if YEH and KJH aren’t married in the near future!

  66. “Let’s hope Ji Hwan and Eun Hye have another opportunity to collaborate, next time gift with a stellar script. Nevertheless, I loved LTM as is, warts and all, wasted opportunities and missed chances to do better, because Ji Hwan and Eun Hye did their best, and I felt every emotion from them.”

    => I agree, Koala, I agree…thanks again 🙂 => re-watching is a must 🙂 can’t get enough of Ji Hwan & Eun Hye

    • does any co star of k-drama happen to co-star again before?I am afraid not ,……any example? I wish they can go to get marry show
      and it will be real pink!

  67. thks i can try to settle my emotion…ur recap prepared me on all the cute n angst scene….thks me LTM is just like a ‘real” couple story i dun really mind abt all the flaws…i really hope that our OTP can get a real item in real life…really happy to b able to mingle around in ur playground with all LTM fans…will catch up with ur upcoming recap! 🙂

  68. Dear Koala,
    i’m a bit teary reading your last paragraph. It’s true in every word.

    Thank you again for everything, providing us a playground where we can channel our obsessiveness & craziness for this drama. Feeding us spoiler that help us through wed-sun. For sharing the love of this drama where we can see past their flaw and still accept it (heck we even obsess over it).

    You truly is hostess with the mostest!!

  69. Thanks a million Mrs. Koala. Wow, Daebak, what a great ending for LTM. I hope our OTP will continue there relationship outside this drama, create there own love story. What is reel becomes real. LOVE is a hard emotion to find when you try to hard. Love should be spontaneous and can ber strongest when it’s start unexpectedly. LOVE…..LOVE…..What a kiss. …What do you call this Kiss?…..

  70. Can’t believe it’s finally over…
    Guess I have to find a way to live my Mon-Tue without wuri OTP.
    I love this ending, but deep down I’m still hoping the wedding and family pics scene (I know I’m that shallow). Looks like I have to imagine that scenes by myself *big grin*

    Thank you, Koala-san, for your insightful speedy recaps, your constant feeding to satisfy our hunger of our wonderful OTP, and for allowing us to rant here. I have fallen for your playground I would continue to camp here. It’s my first to enjoy a drama along with other crazy (in a good way) fun fans.

    I wish the best for YEH-KJH. Hope they will find drama with better script, they really deserve that. I love their burning chemistry that I wish them to be real couple in RL. But we live in real harsh world, so I wish them happiness with whoever they end up with.

  71. koala you have a very rich mind and a magical pen.thank you so much for a very exciting and enjoyable month long of watching LTM.You add so much pleasure to my imagination and such a great help in finding any reason for YEH and KJH to find their way back in each other arms in real life. iam coming back from time to time to look for new news about the two.
    more power koala and goodluck.
    Che Rowley

  72. Thank you Capt Koala for everything you’ve done…I’m going to miss the LTM ship but I’ll still be hanging out on your playground…LOVE THE BANNER!!! 🙂

  73. i am yet to rewatch the final episode with eng subs but for now, i thank ms. koala and everyone who have been following LTM for such a breathtaking experience. weeks filled with firsts.^_^ love yah all liars!

  74. Here again….thanks MAM again…your words such a bless for us..u so talented n best gift from GOD..may GOD always bless U n family….for me this drama is unforgettable memory…cause LTM has: Best chemistry,Best OTP, Best Kiss,Best hugh,Best piggyback,Best Cry,Best drama that can make my emotion turns upside down!!! Really great experience!!!

  75. Thanks Koala for another great recap and thank you for stirring this ship to its end.

    What a sweet ending. Though I did not really enjoy Ep.15 but it was really necessary to wrap up the secondary characters like AJ’s dad and Cafe Aunt, YJ, SH (as he moves on), Aunt’s accepting the fact that KJ is crazy over AJ etc, it’s actually path its way for Ep.16 all for the sake of AJ and KJ.
    The part on AJ receiving a box full of past memories that she and KJ had created, was so sweet and totally unexpected. KJ is so lovable… he remembers every single event that had happened between them, how can you not love this guy? And yes, Park Hoon is their savior and should be treated with more love from both of them.

    With the end of this drama, like many other die-hard liars I’m back to my boring Mon & Tue again.

  76. Thx Koala for the whole 8 weeks of wonderful recaps. I’ve been following this drama and went a little crazy each week waiting for it just like u. I know a lot of people was disappointed in LTM but I still love it even for it’s flaws. Many thx to the OTP for showing us great chemistry between two leads. I’m like u Koala I watch dramas that touch me and just enjoy the ride no matter if it have no plot. Don’t let others disappointment or bad attitude ruin your chance at watching a great drama that make u feel. Thx again Koala…now get some rest! 🙂

  77. Thank you for all the recaps. I was also happy with the ending. Of all the k-dramas of this year I was interested in Lie To Me the most. Even though the writing was not there I enjoy watching the journey of the main couple.

  78. this drama, amidst all the flaws, had an awesome OTP that kept me entertained for 8 weeks… that’s all that matters really..

    thanks Koala for leading us all until the very end.. i hope that you wont stop keeping us posted about these two amazing leads ^^

    a question: will you be recapping Heartstrings?

  79. Thanks a lot Koala for sharing all your LTM thoughts. 🙂 I know that a lot of us enjoyed LTM more because of this playground that you generously shared with us. Cheers!

  80. ah jung said she needs to go buy him a toothbrush if he sleeps over…

    seriously, she should of buy him something else needed for that HOT NIGHT….

    oh god, where is my bed scene???

    • Maybe the pd thought it will be too hot it might get sensored. Can you imagine? We are already swooning with the kisses how much more if their doing it. Oy! I’m getting hot! Hahaha!!! Then they started to adlib on whose going to be on top and where the hands goes. Ohhhhhhh yeah! Ah huh ……. My goodnesss I got a dirty mind.

  81. Thank you Koala for the bottom of my heart!!! When I am at work and dying to watch this drama you kept us posted. That I thank you truly cause I haven’t been fired for leaving my job. Although this is a party for LTM I am in mourning party. I will truly miss my Ki Joon (cause of him I am now going to have a harder time choosing a man cause he has become my ideal guy). Oh gawd mom wouldn’t be happy with this news. Anyways, thanks thanks a ton!!! You are the “daebak”!!!!!

  82. @Sere (I dont know if you’ll se this but LMAO)
    Gah, I should of just heeded your advice.
    The classic case of curiosity killed the cat!! I ended up watching Searching for the elephant. I cant watch anymore. But that horny guy is really funny. He needs to hit up rehab ASAP!! Heheh

    • I’M SORRY! I told you it was a giant waste of time! But how did you like Lee Sang-woo? ^^ Wasn’t that kiss all kinds of hot? I think I edited out a few clips of him from that movie and chucked the rest away. Sorry, Hyukkie. Not even you could save this

  83. Thank you, Koala.
    I watched the episode (unsubbed) first before I read your recap. I do think it’s a satisfying ending.
    Thank you for recapping and sharing your thoughts on LTM. Your posts (recaps, teasers, spoilers) on it helped me appreciate the drama more. I hope KJH and YEH work together in another project.

  84. And I read this, with tears brimming and threatening to spill over.. darn. so it did.

    A story so palpable that it makes you sort of take a breath and then let it out. ..

    parting seems such sweet sorrow… so till we meet again…

    There’s re-watching to be done! (and dtly too… lols. almost forgot about that)

      • now that you mentioned it….please help me understand HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD CAN A FULL PLEDGED MAN LIKE KJH HANDLE THE PHYSICAL REACTION AFTER A HOT KISS LIKE THAT…I know he’s professional but we’re talking about instinct here… I don’t believe he wasn’t affected…no sirrrrreeeee…. even YEH get flustered am sure… after all it’s just but natural, right? even with a lot of people around, you can’t ignore what you feel, right????

      • omg. those closeups… ahem.. thanks for erm… sharing… *back to pervy looks*


      • lolz… what I would give to share the screen with KJH and have him look at me like that even if it were just acting!

        my left kidney. probably that. and my spleen. maybe. hahahahaha. cold shower. ASAP.

      • I do know that when Yobo goes into that mode of kissing – the next thing we’re looking for is the bedroom – any room!!!

      • I actually think the part where she’s straddling him in her bed has more reason for KJH to take a reeeeealy cold water. I’d be surprised if certain anatomy part of his didnt wake up after that scene. Sorry motherkoala!!! I know I know keep the comment section clean. But its..just..too..hard, even my dear old mom comments that those two especially Ji Hwan always had a ‘I want-to-sex-you-up’ expression everytime their scenes come out

      • I know what you’re talking about ladies!! you’re sooooooooooo nasty …take me along with you…


    • i dunno if it’s my imagination working but YEH is kinda shy(almost coy), as if she’s hiding something, during the party ( saw other pics) but KJH looked so self-assured, with a kind of manliness…and in this particular pic he’s kinda emitting a vibe like telling us that the lady with him is HIS!!! aaarghhhh never did I know I have the talent to read pictures!!!!! mannnnnnnn am so dooomedddd!!!!!!

    • hwanhyeshipper, you are right they are trying to devour each other in this last kissing scene….thanks a million for sharing this link of pics they are AWESOME!!!

      for sure even the weather was cold since they are shooting by the oceanside, KJH couldn’t help get warmed up inside with that instensed and passionate kissing he shared with YEH….definitely he might have taken a cold shower after that take he he he..

  85. LIE TO ME…was a drama I almost gave up on, but thanks to your recaps, Ockoala & your readers’ comments….I got back on track & LOVED every second KJH & YEH were onscreen!!!
    To tell you frankly, this is one case that I didn’t think they were GAJ & Ki Joon’s characters….I LOVED their chemistry so much…I felt like it was KJH & YEH’s “real-life-lovestory” that was unfolding right before my very eyes!!!
    I’ve only “shipped” 2 other “loveteams” before LTM..that’s Hyun Bin & SHK since Worlds Within & Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min of Playful Kiss!!! But KJH & YEH & LTM comes along & WOWS me no end!!!
    Thanks to your recaps Ockoala…if not I would have MISSED a great OTP!!!

    • I’m with you for Hyun Bin and SHK since Worlds Within but my other “love teams” is JGS and MGY in M3.

  86. come on you two, continue to your own room (on screen AND OFF SCREEN) 😀

    i guess it’s time to bid farewell to LTM :’)

    thank you Mrs. K for recapping this drama, it’s been a wonderful experience.
    this is the first time i’m commenting online about k-drama ^^
    thank you campers, for making this crazy LTM roller coaster ride sooo much fun with all of your comments!

    btw, still hoping they really got a room for ‘further actions’

  87. Thank you for keeping us company this last eight weeks. It was a very pleasant journey with you at the helm… 😀 i have finally found a place for kindred spirits in Kdrama land!

    • though it said that 1 IP per vote, but i keep clicking on it. kekekekeke.
      do not care whether it is counted or not. I’ll fight til YEH FTW!!!!!

  88. Thanks! Enjoyed reading your recaps and everyone else’s comments (sometimes just too many to read) hihi… Can someone answer if it’s true that Hallyu stars can only do one drama per year because they get paid more than the other actors? Thanks in advance

  89. I finished watching the finale, waited until my sobs finally subsided, came onto the playground … and almost immediately became a blubbering mess again. This drama and the viewing community it inspired – especially the illustrious ms. koala – has given me this feeling that I won’t even attempt to describe because 1. I couldn’t and 2. You all already know exactly what I’m talking about. I am a real person living in the real world and have real human-to-human relationships and yet still I cannot remember the last time I experienced something so real, so honest, so true (and that’s not redundancy since the drama uniquely hit home each of those things).

  90. thanks dear.. 🙂 i truly enjoyed this whole drama and ur recaps.. being at work made it impossible for me to catch the episodes the very next day and ur playground provided me the comfort to ease thru the long days..

  91. One of the BEST KISS EVER in Kdrama land and those best kiss ever normally involve YEH! So, she’s the reigning queen of Kdrama land kissing business!
    I love this ending. I love the final conclusion. I love how they ran to each other’s embrace, fit into each other’s hand (and body :P) naturally. That’s how kiss is done, no rigid body posture, no stiff lips, no scripted gestures (yunno, some of the kiss scenes in Kdrama make you feel like when the OTP kiss, a third person lurks behind directing where to touch, how long is the kiss should be, what to do with the hands, below part of the body screams “keep away from my crotch” & the list goes on and on) I’m glad the writer let them kiss in the entire episode (heeeeeeeeeeee!) aaaaand, they’re seriously gorgeous!
    HwanHye is one of the best loveteam in Kdrama land. Period.

    • @Hunny Bunny
      True. HwanHye pair is DAEBAK
      I seriously never thought there could ever be a really good kiss in K-drama until I saw City Hall ep 14. That kiss was so sweet. But Ice-cream kiss, with the intensity and the electricity inducing pairing of KJH and YEH completely blew me away. That kiss was so good. It wasnt rought, or forced or K-drama typical at all. The ending kiss…I have no nice coherent words for that. All I can say is, I’m using 1crazynyts header as my desktop background.

      Before I forget again, I wanan tell you I love your name. hunny bunny, it just rolls off the tongue.

      • me too! love Kim Sun Ah. Like YEH, her chemistry with her co-stars (even the mediocre “When It’s At Night”) really shined. And she does get good kisses… but City Hall… ah, City Hall <3 One of my all time favorite fictional OTPs.

      • hehehe..thankeee for liking my name. That’s what my bf calls me. He said ‘I’m his HunnyBunny’ 🙂 whenever he calls me that, I get all mushy inside 🙂

  92. Koala godmother you knew I love you the most, don’t you? We have that telephatic connections that no one ever had!

    With that let me bid you farewell for the moment (i will do an AJ here so I can sort out my thoughts and get my bearings in the real world)
    then I’ll be back home soon. . . Adieu.

    Same goes to my co-conspirators and allies in this forum. Aloha.

  93. You captained the LTM ship really brilliantly!! I totally enjoyed LTM from start to finish despite it’s less than perfect script. The chemistry of KJK & YEH simply bowled me over and gave me so much enjoyment following their romance. Like you say.. there are many who rant about LTM… as I liked it so much… I steer clear of those and hung around this fun playground and the soompi forum for LTM. The whole point of watching is to connect and enjoy the drama right? But credits should go to you for making LTM even better! Your insights and penmenship and the shippers commenting on this website made the journey even more awesome!! Way to go Koala and thanks so much. LTM will be a rewatch many times over for me! Till our next journey…

  94. Mz Koala thanks again for everything our love for HwanHye is the connector that binds us all in this playground and what a playground it is no words can convey what the 8 weeks we’ve been thru together all i can say what kind of magic/miracle is this isn’t this something out of this world all of us converge here just for the love for our OTP what a feat only you mz ockoala can do it hurray to you n to all the fans we have reached the apex to a happy n satisfying conclusion

  95. need to mention this… LTM IS THE ONLY DRAMA I’ve seen where the OTP said SARANGHEYO a number of times!!!! (I know AJ verbalizing but KJ acting it out…same thing for me)…In other dramas they say it once or twice…dear Lord I kept on finding reasons why I love this drama to bits….

    • Yup mizweng…always make me shaking everytime they say saranghe yo…this only Drama but for me its seem real!!!!oh God I just can’t get enough for this two!!!

    • omg and the way they match the songs in scenes…i say, maybe the story telling could be flawed in some way (am shallow so I don’t really concede that the story itself is flawed!), but the OST (IMHO) is definitely PERFECT!!! again, am biased!!! so be it!!! bwahahaha

      • Oh halmony you always driving me crazy to make me think about our OTP again n again…they just so perfect together n the ost so fit with the emotion n scene…don’t try to remain me about the Kiss cause can make me wanna kiss a guy rite now!!!wot wot!!!

  96. Thanks Capitain.You are simply the BEST.I’m with you in every words.

    “A simple and honest moment of tenderness and love between two people that bespoke a future built on solid foundation that was initially premised on a shaky lie.”….That meaningful ending will no doubt be linger in my mind for a very very very long time. The meaning of the story is so deep not that I can only figure it out by watching the ending just got upload and walking away and keep thinking abt it…Despite all criticism and flaws, LTM has done a great job of entertaining with the best OTP…oh, words are really running away from me this time.Thank you guys all for the ride..I will miss HwanHye dearly

  97. again for the last episode of lie to me koala’s playground still giving m the joy reading her recap, i well never forget your playground koala..thanks again for the wonderful journey with the LIE TO ME addict FAN’S..

      • lol, he’s holding a plastic knife to cut off the cake methinks. Can keep it to cut something after the party, like buttons? kekekekeke 😛

      • @hunnybunny

        Oh *ahem* the more i look at that pic… the more i see the traditional korean woman behind the man… u know what I mean?? ehehe … some things are still best being traditional….

        Hope they all got rest. JH looks good in other pics. 🙂

    • oh my they just look good standing together even without doing anything! hahaha i don’t ask for much but hope that they can continue to keep in contact…

  98. My dear Captain Koala, Indeed, it has been an unforgettable, eventful and exhilirating journey, and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding us safely through port. Now we have landed, it is time to disembark and move on…
    Thank you for providing us with a haven in your playground, to camp, cavort, go insane and be fed of our addiction with this drama. It was a jungle out there (other blogs), with poison darts and venom flying everywhere. Like so many of us here, I really could not understand the hatred and the putrid… I say if you have nothing good to say, sometimes, it is better to just shut it.
    Yes, I love LTM, KJH and YEH. I do not need to apologize for that nor do I need to justify it. Liking a drama which sometimes defy logic or sense, does not mean its fans are illogical, nonsensical or less smart. It just means the drama appealed to others at a different level, and beyond what is ordinarily appreciated. In the end, we all have a choice whether to love a show or not, but to my mind, if you really hate it, why watch it and criticize it to death afterwards??
    And so I thank my fellow playmates here for the great company, witty banter, passionate rants, and giddy raves over the past several weeks. It was sweet to have shared our love of LTM (and KJH and YEH) with you. You are all awesome and it’s great to have played with you.

    • Very well said. I agree with you. Each individual has a different taste and entitled to a different opinion. If someone doesn’t like what they see in the kdrama, why not stop watching? rather than feel miserable and be so critical.

      As for me, no matter how shallow the story of Lie to Me is, or how many loopholes it may have, i still would say, I enjoyed it, it was fun, a de-stressing experience and most of all, i fell in love with Ji Hwan and this kdrama. I love YEH and KJH, forever!

  99. i hope people don’t explore my laptop,coz they will think I’m some kind of pervert with whole LTM hottest image..

  100. Thanks so much ms koala for all the lovely LTM recaps.
    And to all the LTM chingus aka drunken fans in this virtual playground…u all rocks !!
    donno how many days more i can walk around smiling alone like a crazy lunatic remembering some part of the drama scenes and the joyful feedbacks wrote by LTM lovers in this playground..
    This drama really makes me crazy….and the OTP…what else can I say..everybody already poured out their heart contents on how they felt about wuri AJ/YEH and KJ/KJH . That’s what i felt too…more that i can add, my love goes to both of them !!

  101. thanks koala for recap, spoilers and all friends comments.LTM has expired even though I will still visit koalaplayground.I’ll look for another drama that could make me a spirit filled day today but I’m not sure if there is drama that can replace my heart LTM..
    I will definitely miss KJW and Yeh again,I hope they were brought together in another drama..^^

  102. Woaaah …. daebak !! I followed your advice – with great self-control mind you – not to watch eps. 15 but to watch both together – which will be tonight! But …. reading your recap – ahhhh…. am at work now (sydney time 1.40pm) and cannot waiiiiiiit to go home to watch .. sadly I must attend to my child’s need and then work a bit (*sigh* didn’t get paid enough to work late nights but .. hey … workaholic – what to do) then … it’s ME time ….. BIG time .. 2 eps ! yeepeeeee …… don’t know if any of you watch We Got Married, but I am so much in love with Khuntoria – the difference is Khuntoria aren’t scripted on most parts so we follow their journey together and boy, I so hope they secretly dating – Khuntoria is my 1st love and LTM comes 2nd … love YEY and KJH !!! and .. hope they are dating for real too … thanks again for the great journey Koala … your comments are so great – you should write a fanfic – or even better write a novel – who knows YEY & KJH might star in it! Koala rocks! till our next journey … baci …

    • Hi there! I’m a supporter of Khuntoria (nice meeting you here!)… wahaha oops seem like I got a soft spot for coupling. To me, Khuntoria is my idol OTP and YEH/KJH is my drama OTP! I love both couples dearly =D I do admit LTM & YEH/KJH have been eating up my time these days lol

  103. Chingu, I’ll read this post more carefully tomorrow *checks hour* well, later today because I’ve JUST finished watching the finale and I’m still crying tears of happiness! I’m too emotional to say much except OMG SQUEEEEEEEE! It even had decent writing, omg! alskdjsklddkjlfgh

    I just…I think I’ll rewatch it a million times! Ki-joon/Ah-jung, best OTP ever? Y/Y? ♥___♥

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us all! Okay, seriously, I feel like my thoughts are running in 5 different directions and my heart feels like it wants to jump out of my chest so I’ll leave. But I’ll be back asap, okay? Possibly I’ll be a bit more coherent by then.

    Still, omggggggggggggggg! alksjflksjdkfd hkhsdkjashdkjsdgfd Sooo many kisses! So many hugs! And the scene in the bedroom was sooo adorable and askdjksldhfkd gokay, okay, going, going now because I can’t do this now. I’m too high!

    • Ps. The header. Am I hallucinating? Ah-jung’s line shouldn’t be the other way around? Real love blossomed from a lie? or am I reading the header wrong? okay, okay, 6 am. Bed now.

    • yea me whatever you want…as long as I get KJH’s tongue.. so? where is it??? heeellllppp meee…I even stand right in front of my LED 26″ should be big enough but why do i still miss it????


      • dont have a link but if you want, buff the last part of ep 16 (got mine from…they got the chinese subbed) been replaying that for the nth times…hehehe

      • where ?where? where is the tongue? l thought they only do muth kissing , where is it?l am so excited ;3

      • Check SBSLie1 channel on YouTube. You can watch the super-HD version, haha.

  104. Koala thanks for all the recaps and spoilers from LTM, love the ending but feel sad that the drama is over, as you said I’m also waiting them to be pair again in another drama, iuntil that time comes, I think I’ll re watching LTM. and although the LTM are finished but I hope you can continue to post the latest news about Hwan Hye, because I love camping in your playground

  105. wow that was a long 8 weeks? of a happy ride with everyone with dearest koalas recaps.. I agree 100% with all the things u said…

    btw any news on adlibbed scenes again????
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • hi madqueen 🙂
      im sure there’s probably more ad-lib thats going to come out and maybe either ockoala or some of the liars here will bring them here soon 🙂

      • hopefully will find out soon, and off to bed for me, night night its almost 10 pm

  106. Thank you for being such a fabulous crack dealer, mother koala!!! You have NO idea how much you mean to us, the addicts, who practically live, breath, and sleep in your fabulous playground. Please continue being the fabulous Koala that we all love and adore!!

  107. Thank you Koala! I have truly enjoyed your recaps! I started with liking LTM, continued with loving it and ended with going crazy for it…. all thanks to you!

  108. ohhhhhhhhhh i was baaadddd…but very happy and vindicated…I just posted a reaction to the other site’s thread…hehehe halmoni’s devilish side coming out…here it is:

    I just have to write this…. I do respect you people… that we have diverse likes and dislike and all that jazz… BUT I NEED to say this proudly… I LOVE LTM TO BITS!!! FLAWS AND ALL!!! I DON’T NEED COMPLICATED PLOTS to enjoy a drama….am shallow… what I need is to be entertained after a crappy day…to swoon and giggle like a crazy teen ager… to glue my eyes to the screen til it explode because of the overwhelming chemistry of the OTP… and lastly. I like my love stories…silly and flirty with lots of skinship the better… and LTM gives me all these and more… too bad you don’t like it but for us who do, we will NEVER grow tired of watching it and falling in love with our KJ and AJ all over again…


      • Your welcome… trying hard to be cool for the last month but I felt I had to say my piece now that LTM ends…It’s my way giving tribute to my favorite drama to date…hehehe

    • i did read some of the comments on DB…some of them were just nasty….a post from DB..dont knw if m allowed.
      Boring, overrated, commercial, and pedestrian. If ever both actors have anything new in the near future, you won’t see me near it.”

      I’m with you 100%!!! Esp. the commercial and pedestrian part. I liked YEH a lot in CP; I forgave her for the mistake that was MFL; but in this drama, I feel she prostituted herself for commercial reasons. I feel that she has no artistic integrity at all! I will not trust her again!

      “The only thing I loved about this was JB & GF’s weecaps (and that sole weecap from Santa). Honestly if it weren’t for them, I’d have thrown up from all the gushing, sacharine, and sappy reactions from rabid fans/recappers. *shudders still*”

      I read the recaps in the other websites for only one episode, I only got as far as reading 3 paragraphs. I had to stop reading and never went back to those websites – I was afraid I’d develop diabetes from the saccharine sweetness of the recaps; and suffer serious brain injury from the mindless comments of the rabid fans

      • wow! those are nasty and very harsh!

        but it’s best to not let ourselves be affected by this especially as we are still cherishing the ending of LTM.

        let’s concentrate on the memories that HwanHye have given us 🙂

      • oh dear… am glad i stayed away from that thread… with all those nasty things… yeahhhhhhh this is my home!!! rather die with sugary sweetness than be a sourly fish!!! bwahahaha

      • ouch. erm. not nice. Besides, its HARDWORK doing what they do. I think basic respect is needed.

        Such blatant snarkiness is tsk tsk tsk. IMO.

      • @nyc7
        That’s how they see and feel it LTM or YEH for that matter, but that’s why we always come back to the playground because no amount of bad mouthing or whatever will get in the way of us being HwanHYE Shippers. So just let them be. What’s important is that WE are happy!

  109. Thanks a whole lot … Captain Koala… another wonderful journey with you!!! (although I’m mostly lurking…) I read all the comments here… I don’t think a THANK YOU!!!! is enough to show how much we appreciate what you have been doing for us…

  110. I am both, the happiest and the saddest person on this planet today!!!!! happy cos i passed all of my 4 tests for my CPA exams..phewww. finally!!!!!!!!!…..and sad cos this amazing journey with KJH and YEH has come to an end:(((.Hopefully, we’ll see get to see them together again!

  111. This is a great a great journey together with my fellow “LIARS” We shared our laughs and tears together with Ah Jung & Ki Joon by finding their true love for each other through lies!!!!!! “Lie to Me” is a moment that we all shared and we will always remember for very long time!!! Thanks to YEH & KGH for their great efforts to deliver us this great series!!!!! It’s a great feelings to have this opportunity to exchange thoughts and reactions to my fellow insanely liars ( it feels so good that I’m not alone \(^o^)/. And to Koala…. Thank you for joining us on this journey (and crazy in love to Lie TO Me to the highest level)…. You are the best!!!! Till then……

  112. A couple more comments before I check out…
    I love the bed scene! It might not be the boating we were lust…I mean, looking for, but it was satisying nonetheless. In fact, I’d say this was even sweeter, showing how Ah Jung and Ki Joon are so at ease with, and respectful of, each other despite the passionate love they wanted to express. KJ’s restraint spoke volumes of his love for AJ and just how big a man he is. Their conversation was so open and candid. And because she was relaxed, AJ allowed more skinship here than I have ever seen her do. When she leaned on top of KJ’s back, when she stroked KJ’s hair (which I think is totally ad-libbed!), and when she sat on KJ’s waist – adorable!

    Yoon Eun Hye look totally wasted in the last two episodes — as if she’s about ready to crash. Koala observed before that the actors must be running on fumes towards the homestretch. Poor guys. YEH – I hope you get 3 days worth of sleep before you go out again for a date with KJH… But then, how come Kang Ji Hwan just kept getting more handsome, sexier and hotter in the last episodes— why????
    OK, it’s 12:42 AM… time to pack up my tent and exit the playground. Love you all!

    • KJH definitely looked like he lost a lot of weight by the end. And YEH… poor girl was filming until 7am the DAY of the last episode.

      DEFINITELY Live-shoot. I think the storm headed to Jeju also cost them some time since the PD, actors and crew were stuck there without a flight to get back to headquarters.

  113. Ms. K… I’m so Into the last make out session or should I call it LIP- SEXTING, I even forgot to say my warmest Thank you! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart..

    Any way, as I was watching the LIP-SEX.. I’m thinking that, these two might have felt something hot in there, me as I viewer I felt it, let’s be honest YESS!!! I feel hot every time I would see that LIP -SeXting what more the two of them doing it… There’s a strong sexual tension between those two I mean it in real life .. the way they look and act toward each other you can see it – every time their eyes meet, air crackles with sexual heat. ..the chemistry in general is amazing and their sexual chemistry is even more – it’s smoking!

    • No. Thank YOU for creating the simply exquisite headers for wuri Ji Hwan and Eun Hye. Ooops, I meant Ki Joon and Ah Jung.

      The way they connected onscreen, my brain tells me “it’s just acting” but my heart tells me “no one can act in love that that”. Kudos to you for always being such a sweetheart and sharing LTM goodies with everyone~ 😀

  114. Thank you oh so very much, Koala…

    This past 2 months you’ve been navigating a lovely ship full of L2M lovers, our love to this OTP on this wonderful journey… Thanks for letting us join you in your playground. We’ve been through various ups and downs watching this drama, anticipating every Monday w/ all eagerness and anxiousness..

    Now, I (or we) need to find another spirit booster that would help me/us to love and going through Monday with happiness and exhilaration

    Thank you, thank you and thank you..

    p/s: I don’t want to bid ‘Adieu’ to L2M/this OTP..

  115. Wait… People are still camping here??!!

    Okies.. .I found something really CUTE. If you all wanna read it, feel free to do so. I’ve translated it for those who need it.

    Basically…. Some chinese fan put MFL and LTM together (and it’s really good work!) (From forum) I found it really cool how it looks feasible with all the PS and editing.

    So I’ve decided to call it – Part Deux : The Hyun-Gong Affairs.

    Each follow-up comment will be according to the screencaps.

    • PartDeuxStills 2:
      Park Hoon (hence PH):
      Agashhi – you haven’t paid. Please follow me to the payment counter

      GAJ throws PH to the ground. (ala SG/CH??)

      GAJ: I am GAJ (i.e. who do you take me for?!!) You think I would run off without paying?!

      PH: Sorry [err. that man looks nothing like PH. But in next pic, he looks shocked at his bleeding nose.]

      GAJ: Call your President here. I want to complain. Tsk.

    • PartDeuxStills3:
      (In strides HKJ with entourage)

      GAJ: *snark* Show off.

      HKJ: I apologize for my employee’s rudeness. However you hurt him without good reason. You must apologize.

      GAJ: Me? Apologise? No way.

      PH: Sajang-nim (President) it’s ok. We should not offend the Gong Enterprise.

      HKJ: No. If you do not apologize, then I will have to make this a legal matter.

      GAJ: Sure. Go ahead. I’ll fight to the end!

    • PartDeuxStills 4:
      (GAJ looking disheveled and being shepherded from the court.)

      GAJ: HKJ – I’ll remember you for this!

      (News headline: The defendant GAJ found guilty of assault. Fined 10mill. Community service 150hrs)

      (GAJ dressed in black and pink wellingtons. Gasps at the dirt on her face.)

      GAJ: (hood cap pulled over) I told you all to investigate HKJ. How is it coming along?

      MIB (men in black): World Hotel and XX Enterprise are planning on a marriage of convenience (i.e. commercial alliance) and to enter the chinese market.

      GAJ: Hmph. That guy wants to marry? I’ll make sure your plans go awry.

    • PartDeuxStills 5:
      Ms Lee: Although this is a marriage of convenience, I must tell you I find HKJ-sshi very appealing.

      HKJ: Is that so. That’s good. I have many responsibilities on my shoulder and I hope you can be my worthy partner.

      GAJ (dress in spiffy red dress and matching fur stole. Sees them in the corner) Oh. In the midst of match-making aren’t we. I’ll make sure this meeting is wrecked. Let’s see how you enter the chinese market then!

      GAJ: Yeobo. I’m here. [LOLs. So classic a line from LTM]

      (Screen pulls away showing shocked HKJ and Ms Lee. Smirk on GAJ face)


  116. “Ah Jung leaves work and walks outside to find [Lee Jin Soo] Hyun Ki Joon waiting for her (seriously, what’s with Jin Soo randomly popping up in LTM – bad, you get back to Coffee House and stay there).”

    hahaha, I thought the SAME EXACT THING. I was like “er… Jin Soo???”. Hahaha.

    Aigooo, so many scenes in ep16 = perfection. Can we just watch YEH and KJH interact in real life forever? I don’t care if they’re not dating officially. I just want to see them hang out. Forever.

  117. Love you ms Koala, seriously i don’t think i could have any other conection like i have with your opinions, and even tough we wanted fan-service scenes this last ep was DAEBAK! AWSOME, EXCELENTE and it feels like that cause it was so realistic and down to earth.

    Like you said, i hope they work together in future proyects, and alsooo date (please KJH & YEH give us that favorrrrrrrr <3<3<3) hahaha.
    P&L in playground 🙂

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    I also posted at that site of the old saying……If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all
    At least here, I hardly see any negative posts, just a lot of giggles, so i enjoy reading them and thanks for the recaps

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    I have watched only half of ep 16 with no subs and the video is literally less than 1 inch wide. but I couldn’t wait. I am all over and loving any interaction btw hkj and jungie. be back when I finish watching but wanted to get in my heartfelt thanks. so dying to watch this on my computer. I can’t see detail. it is too small lol

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    Off topic…Ockoala, Yoon Eun Hye is going to be in a CF with Ethan Ruan for this company

    • Really? Damn it, Xiao Tian is soo hot, not as hot as Ji Hwan, though *ducks and covers self from flying rotten tomatoes throws by ER fans* I just hope there wont be any kissing/ hugging thing, or her oppa will forced her wearing a ‘property of KJH’ sash tied to her neck, tehehe

    • Eun Hye and Xiao Tian? I checked the Weibos, they are currently scheduled to do a CF, but there are other spokespersons signed too. So not sure if it will be a couple CF or group or individually.

      When Xiao Tian and Rainie did Adidas, they did some couples shot but switched off with other models as well.

      Curious. Will definitely check it out when it’s released.

      • I feel so guilty, I think i am being really selfish right now..I want a YEH and KJH CF:(
        Why do I feel jealous that YEH might do a CF with another guy. All I see nowadays is KJH and YEH.

      • Do you know who the other spokespersons are and when they are scheduled to shoot the CF?

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    @ms Koala, THANKS A MILLION for your recapped and for letting us blogged and post our thoughts here in your k playground…you’re indeed DAEBAK!!!
    There’s nothing i can say about the ending its perfect for would have been AWESOME if LTM had been extended even for just 2 more weeks or up to 20 episodes…16 was really really really short.. and LTM gave us so many things to look things differently now, like the rubber duckies where
    all their lies and their views started to change, the cola kiss everytime i see cola i remembered how these two made that cola worth something to remember he he he, the tomato juice, the ball pen being given away in the airport, the ice cream kiss song i m sure would have become a top hit if they ever recorded it…ohhh there’s a lot more….want to enumerate all of them but since my heart is aching just by the thought that its the end for LTM…my insides are crying….for more more and more plsss…anyway, yes like you Ms K, i am also hoping for them to have a second project together in the future. aja aja aja…

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    • that would be nice rainbow 🙂

      in my dreamland, aj and kj will marry this coming weekend 🙂 after 2 months aj finds out she’s pregnant! 😉 and so she can only work a few more months hehehe 🙂 both are ecstatic though 🙂

      oh and it’s twins 🙂 ah love it!

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    Have I wrote you this before captain? you seriously have the X factor in writing…amazing recap and none can deliver it better than you do, it touches every angles of our mind while reading your recap. And I love every single banner too, even some of the movies I haven’t seen.But of course I love LTM banner with HwanHye the most.

    I refuse to depart with LTM and my HwanHye…to show my loyalty..hahah…..lock them in my secret room in my little heart for a very long time. I escape from reality to watch LTM and I wake up finding valueable things that I have to keep and treasure in my own reality.That’s what LTM done to me.Thank you thank you….

  129. Clicked in to read your recap but got frozen by the seaside kissing heading for a whole 2 minutes. Ep 16 is awesome …will there ever be a love like this again on Kdramaland? Sad to say goodbye to it.

  130. Just finishing watching ep 16…the last scene (the distant shot) , am I dreaming or what, seems like I saw another kiss Ji-Hwan to Eun Hye ..

  131. OMG! zoom in the last scene, they kissed again (after they looked out at the ocean) they turned to each other and kissed!!!!!!

      • i also think they kissed.

        just noticed something as well, when AJ kissed KJ while KJ was lying on her lap, is KJ supposed to kiss AJ back in that scene? did you noticed that KJ/KJH sort of slightly moved/puckered his lips to meet AJ/YEH’s kiss?

      • hehe that I noticed that when I was rewatching it yesterday.. I saw KJH slightly puckered his lips reciprocating to YEH’s kiss.. I’m thinking whether that was a part of the script but hopefully it’s not!

      • Its funny, I had to replay that part a few times because I couldn’t believe it. He was anticipating that kiss and he did kiss back you can see his facial muscles move. Although, I sensed that YEH got more shy towards the end of the drama while KJW seems to relish every kissing moment. Hmmmm…

  132. @#$^@&(@*@&((@*@&^@$@@^@!**+#(@))#*#^#?}{|][,./*(&!
    just finished episode 16 :(((((
    the bad thing about this drama is that it only stops at ep 16! huhuhuuhuh
    why cant it be a year long?? why cant it be forever??weh weh weh?????

    LTM has the BEST ENDING. Bar none! BEST BED SCENE!!!!!!!

    why does it have to end 🙁

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  134. Finishing LTM makes me realize that this is the first kdrama I’ve watched having “the-not-so -evil-kind” of second leads..well its true that the writer didn’t established their character so much but IDK, I just love how the story so much complications, just like what common individuals are going through in real life.. LTM is the first kdrama which just centers around the main leads and the first kdrama I’ve watched that feels like I’m simply watching friends developing their feelings with one another right before my very eyes.

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    • lol, we are oldies but young at heart.. I like the bed scene the most than the last kiss…too real for me..I watched xxxxxtimes..just love the scenery of the ocean so beautiful for lover…turn back the clock time!!!

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  138. My dear Koala, Just went through the whole ep.16 again (no subs.) but with your recaps it really help me to understand or maybe KJ/AJ body languange that really bring me to understand this final episode. I think we all here understand and loved LTM because in a way it relate in our lives. Some may think its a fantasy and cinderella like story but I can tell that it happens in real life too. Both character are just so sweet, yes, of course it is not a perfect with some few flaws like real life but we can follow the flows of the story of two people. I smile when I read through all the comments, where some became obsessive (like me…) and forget (for a moment) their yeobos at home. My other half is very understanding with my craziness of kdrama, while I thank you Ms. Koala for the recap I would like to thank my other half properly (:P) for always there for me, so sweet like KJ.

    I am satisfied with the ending of the drama. While both of them standing on the cliff hugging and kissing and kissing and promise to love each other forever, the picture itself gives a thousand meaning for their future. Yes, both of them will conquer the world with their love, together they will become strong to handle the turbulance that will come on their way. For me that wrapped up the whole drama. Some may find this is all B***S***T but it is all up for each individual. I for one would say thank you again for the writer, be the first or the second, to the Director, to all the crew, and not forgetting KJW/YEH for making this kdrama possible. Some may criticize and condemn LTM and those who’re so into LTM for having a bad taste (like me….?) but just stop for a moment and think…. to criticise someone’s writing or directing is just too childish. Why? they have work so hard and the effort that they have put into LTM for it to make it possible for us to enjoy it. Even if we don’t like it, just be courteous enough to just watch other kdrama instead of hurting others. It really hurt my feeling when I read other comments from other blogs criticizing LTM without even thinking so much about it. That’s what I like about this playground, everyone is an adult, matured, polite and full of fun. Hope we all here keep the friendship of LTM and hopefully there will be another KJ/AJ story again (maybe in real life).

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  141. They are such a great chemistry couple… Their kisses are so real, unlikely other dramas, only light touch and frozen… No feeling at all… I think both actors kiss so real and passionately in most of their dramas. 🙂 Wish that they will b a real couple.. kekeke….. KJH pls choose a new project soon 🙂

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    Truly appreciate your tireless and amazing effort, going all out to provide us LTM addicts with everything LTM-HGJ-GAJ which is second to none. I take my hat off to you, Captain! Just like many others, I’m hoping to hop onto another of KJH-YEH ship, with you once again comandeering at the helm.

    Even if another KJH-YEH never passes our way again, I will surely return to this wonderful playground. Hopefully there will be other ships just as interesting that I can hop onto. Right now, I’m craving for my fix already. I’m off to start rewatching LTM Ep. 1 for the umpteenth time.

    Bye for now, all fellow LTM fans and thanks for your company for the past few weeks.

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  146. damn it…best ending ever. It was soooo sweet. It reminds me of why I love SeungJo and Hani- marriage is really all about finding yourself and committing to one person with all of your heart

    I totally believed KiJoon when he said he loved her so much more. I know AhJung loves him just as much but the commitment of Ki Joon in the relationship is phenomenal, he is totally my model husband (haha, as in chaebol material)

    lots of kisses and sweet nothings…made me giddy all over and also, for all its faults, LTM gave me the ending I wanted. I loved it because hands down HwanHye is the perfect onscreen couple ever…

    I’ll miss LTM because I loved it and I will continue to love it no doubt even if I rewatch it and notice the glaring inconsistencies and bad writing after all the euphoria is gone…and of course thank you ms. koala, your recaps are truly entertaining and I’m happy you shared your love of LTM to us…it’s been entertaining and exhilerating

    p.s. I hope if heartstrings is good, you recap it too

  147. Does anybody know the truth about our couple ? Are they dating ? Their eyes can not hide their feeling… i think it’s impossible only acting… especially KJH eyes and their gesture during the kisses. Or is it a superb acting only ? Any comments ?

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  150. i don’t understand why people are thrashing YEH for doing this drama.. How could she have known that the story wouldn’t be solid? Actors only get synopsis when they sign up for a drama so how was she to know that the writing will be a failure? She should be praised coz if it’s other actors, they would have thrown the drama halfway and save herself.. afterall, her reputation is the one at major risk.. instead, she gave her all, acted with her whole heart.. to think that she agreed to this drama coz of her loyalty to verdi media over the loss of love song..

    i am really getting annoyed at this constant bashing and negative comments… it seems some people just can’t be happy until they put someone down.. wonder how they can sleep at night with a clear conscience..

    • dear atwork…don’t care all the negatives comments…just stay positives n love what we like…I feel sorry for all the haters cause there so much pain in their heart….YEH n KJH are professional actors…they already give their best for this drama thats why this drama receive so much love from us…so we have to appreciate n support our OTP…cheers!!

    • I’m fine with people criticizing a particular show just as long as the arguments are clearly presented. But I definitely hate those who personally attack the actors/actresses involved since they are basically “just doing their jobs.”

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    And the ending kiss has been replayed incessantly – so sue me!!!

    O my – I am so not ready to let it go yet – can’t bear to part with AJ and KJ.
    Especially at the end – did JH pull EH out of her shoes in that kiss? He clasped her so tight against him – he seemed to want to absorb her!!

  152. Just finished the english subbed version…oh em geeeee am still high with the awesome ending and the fantastic kisses… KJH you’re one hell of a hot guy!!! I say this time and again…you definitely like YEH… can see it in every look you give her…

      • love you too nowhere… i want this high to last a long loooong time…. best playground ever!!!!!

    • i really agree, KJH obviously feel something for YEH, (i hope i am not imagining things) and YEH is more reserve, see his facial expression wow….

  153. I will survive this right? I’ve never fallen in love with a fictional kdrama couple – nor the people who have brought them to life – until eight weeks ago when LTM came swirling into my life, took my breath away, and made my heart skip many-a-beats. I’m new to this land of scrolling, refreshing, and posting but LTM love is just too strong of a force to remain a silent reader. I thank all of you for your insightful and spirited comments that have kept me grounded in the fact that I am not alone at this bridge between fantasy and reality. I’m glad I found this playground while perusing another blog; it made me appreciate that we have a choice in where we want to be and whose company we wish to keep. Ms. Koala, I came here because of LTM but I’m staying because of the lovely home you’ve built for your fellow readers and participants. This is drama viewing/reviewing/sharing/squeeeeealing at its finest – diplomatic, cordial, analytical, and just damn “someone-print-that-comment-on-a-t-shirt-stat!” hilarious. I send you a million cola ice cream coated thank you’s from where I am. Now to return to this whole surviving the closing of this LTM chapter, I gather from reading other experiences that it may be a long and difficult road ahead. Obsessively checking for BTS pictures and videos – check. Reviewing romantic/sensual/sexy scenes (which is any scene with KJH & YEH) – check. Playing each episode repeatedly in the background while I do work even though I don’t understand Korean but need to hear the chemistry oozing from their voices – check, check, check. I am a colacouple-holic. Drama goddesses and gods, grant me the serenity to accept LTMless weeks (yes, it consumes my whole week not just Mon/Tues), courage to face the diminishing morsels of LTMcentric posts, and wisdom to understand that there is hope for another collaboration.
    P.S. Ahjummas! Y’all rock!

    • coffeebot, you are hilarious! your comments have so eloquently expressed my own feelings and experiences. been excruciatingly going through the withdrawal symptoms since last week. man! we need serious therapy and koala’s playground is just the right place – our very own detox centre. and ms. koala will help us out because she will continue to feed us gradually diminishing morsels of our crack of choice… until the next type of crack comes along…

  154. our OTP ad-libbed in most scenes n not wanting to miss out lol. well as someone pointed out was when YEH gave KJH a kiss (bed) KJH was just suppose to receive her kiss right, but we could see him kiss back a little (he can’t resist) equeeeeels
    looking forward this weekend w/friends to marathon LTM w/pizza, cola n ice cream! lol

  155. I can just rewatch and rewatch and rewatch oops! already done that since ep 1 but going to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch again anyhow. And the ol’ heart is thumping and thumping and thumping so loudly it wont settle down! How now?

  156. How can I be sad over a TV show? I am literally feeling depressed, how is this possible? I feel like there was an invisible tether attached to me over the last two months and now its just gone. This show had me behaving in ways that I can’t comprehend. How did a show with a semi-train wreck for a script get me to fall in love with two people to the point that I am wishing for their relationship to be real? I think I have gone mad. I can’t believe its finally over.

  157. Thanks for the wonderf’ul recap! I’m so happy right now. I can’t contain it. It feels like falling in love again. 🙂 I hope to see them again in another romcom series.

  158. Ms Koala thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Everything is perfect.
    1. Perfect couple KJH and HEY
    2. Perfect scenery looking over the ocean.
    3. Perfect kiss.
    4. Perfect song
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    6. Daebak, awesome. excellent.
    7. Perfect participants who are addicts to LTM….

  159. ms. koala, i definitely appreciated you breaking down the 4th wall and sending a message to the kids about the reality of AJ’s hesitation. i agree that she “lost” her pride and i also think that she “lost” her sense of identity. if you have been single and independent for so long, it’s nothing short of jarring to all of a sudden be defined as a unit or, even worse, defined by someone else (how many times was the phrase KJ’s woman thrown at her? ugh). it doesn’t mean that you don’t love the person or that you can’t be in a relationship but it does mean taking the time (and sometimes space) to figure out if and how you can maintain your own unique identity. when she “found” herself again, it must have been such an immense relief not only to know that her self had never left but also that it would always be there. thereby giving her the confidence to know that she could hold onto both herself and her man. glorious.

  160. @Koala: You forgot to mention a very important part in the bed scene the next morning :p – JK butt slap AJ a few times to get her to wake up. LOL! And KJH can’t resist returning shy YEH lap kiss. His mouth twitched twice. :p

    • hahaha! I love that scene too. That bed scene of the night before and the morning after is my all time favourite part of this drama. The ease of conversation, relaxed bantering, casual but tender skinship… They are so sweet and adorable! I think it is a foreshadowing of their future together as hubby and wifey.

  161. And I loved LTM because of the happiness it gave me as a viewer. Exactly the same happiness that I felt for Secret Garden.

    So I still don’t understand why I feel as if Secret Garden is being chided – put off as a lesser drama than LTM when both have given happiness, as you have pointed out, not to the absolute all of the universe but for satisfied fans of the dramas.

    IMHO, I think dramas are now being subjected to too much high-falluting critique – not that hoping that writers and actors and the whole industry to better themselves is not at all important, IT IS – but sometimes this same high-falluting critique becomes an onerous burden, murderous even because they seem to want to burry dramas personally deemed “lowly” 6-feet below and burry along the fans with comments that berate, categorizing as folly their amour for the said dramas.

    Sad to say, that is forgetting that first and foremost, the highest calling of dramas (at least in my belief) is to entertain.

    And yes, sad to say, LTM will fall victim to this. Nevertheless, I, as a drama fan who have been rendered so ephemerally joyful by Ki Joon and Ah Jung as well as by Joo Won and Ra Im, will just have to remain stout in devotion and conviction that the wonderful feeling I experienced will remain real and most importantly, valid regardless of what critics will say. 😀

  162. Thank you for the recap!

    The best ending ever! Lots of KISSES!! rawrrrr!! Though there are just pictures, I still need to gasp for air. I’m looking forward to hearing good news from both of them. HwanHye, deliver your babies, please. 😀

  163. I still miss our otp so much, I still can’t believe that it already ended.
    The finale episode is awesome to the max! I love every single second of our otp.

  164. Ms. Koala, I couldn’t thank you enough for the best recap i’ve ever read in my entire kdrama addiction life. You discussed the storyline extensively. Keep up the good work. I’m a fan!

  165. Thanks for the recap, I think I am going to watch in it’s entirety this weekend. Your recaps were awesome as usual. Can’t wait to see what you will be recaping next. No pressure but you have become my guide to K-drama. lol

  166. Despite of all the bashing from those who didn’t like LTM, I still love the show to my deepest heart. It’s an effort of all the actors and the crew behind the scenes. They have really bring out their very best!.Everyone in LTM deserves an applause.

    I love this drama sooo muchhhh! Yes, perhaps the story might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But to me, it’s such a wonderful love story between Ki joon and Ah jung aka wuri Eun Hye and Ji Hwan. The finale has made me teary eyed with happiness. I was so touched by Ki Joon who mailed all their memory souvenirs to Ah Jung. Love the way writer-nim wrote about this part!

    Six month down from now, I hope to hear the good news about them declaring to the public “JiHwan loves this woman, Eun Hye!” to the public.:)

    Thank you Koala, for giving us a playground to share our thoughts and giving us the joy for these beautiful 8 weeks with out OTP.

    PS: JiHwan’s ear was all red during the seaside kissing part..He’s really into the finale eh? Hehe:P

  167. Hi! Does anyone know the title of the song playing at the latter part of the finale..the scene where Ah Jeung got Ki Joon’s package? Thank you very much! 🙂

    More power to you, Koala! Looking forward to joining you in the next drama that you will be hooked on.

    Cheers from the Philippines. x

  168. LTM is a very romantic drama..I would rather see hugging, holding hands and kissing rather than a wedding at the end…with a smack ^_^ and then the camera will just turn 360 degrees and the couple stands like statues….this drama shows reality on how two people love each other…it’s good that K drama is getting liberated now..compared to the kissing scenes before…I am planning to watch LTM again, I love the scenes when AJ and KJ are living in lie..ha ha..the contract signing was not overkill as well…i like this could have been better if the supporting characters are more intertwined with the leads story…thanks koala for the recaps…


  169. Thank you koala unni!!
    I’m so happy with the ending….so, so pretty and so, so …RAWR. THE KISS WAS HAWT.

    thank you for your weeks of recap and your continued enthusiasm!
    this has been a great ride.

    cheerios fellow playgrounders!

  170. thanks ms koalas for a wonderful recap.i just finish watching the eng sub.its beautifulstory very simple but lingers to my heart.this is not just a drama but something to reflect on the beauty of love and being in love.yeh is very good i really…really like her and i start to like kjh want too.they look good together but i want fate to happen for both of them.thats why i pray.the giggle that i keep in my heart makes me giggle more when reading all of comments in your playgound.its funny at my age of 50 i can still all the make me smile and many thanks to that i found your site.good luck and god bless everyone.waiting for yeh next project.i support you always.

  171. Hi Ms. Koala. I just want to say big thanks to you. I’ll never forget LTM and how this playground made me smile throughout the series. I salute you. Love YEH and KJH 4ever.

  172. raw undeniable chemistry ….i miss them already just finished watching ep 16…thanks for all the ltm posts youve shared with us….

  173. thanks koala, thanks for comparing them to brangelina…well said on that. 😉

    i truly wish they’d be for real. hwanhye you both rock!!!

  174. I am so glad I found this happy place. I was a dramabeans fan but no more. There was too much hate going on when it came to this drama. People seemed to either love to love this drama (as I did) or love to hate this drama as most on db did. It was not enjoyable at all going there.

  175. Thanks so much KOALA!!!!

    Can’t find the exact words on how grateful I am (with your thoughts)!

    This series is FOREVER! 🙂

    Will definitely miss our dear Ah Jung & Ki Joon..

    Hoping in the (very near) FUTURE, they will make another series…

    Ji Hwan & Eun Hye’s CHEMISTRY is REAL! It’s like watching real people falling in love & getting through with issues involving THEM 🙂

    Ji Hwan is to die for!! haha again…SO DAMN GORGEOUS!!! can’t help myself staring at him LOL

    Eun Hye is still one of the BEST ACTRESS (korean) i’ve seen 🙂

    Both of them are sincere enough with their characters…EPIC!

    For the writer/s, is it possible to meet you? 🙂

    One last…THE HELL WITH THE RATINGS!!!! It’s just numbers!

    • yap..@ gracey to hell w/ the ratings in SK, internationally their #1 so who cares????….they make more money when the dvd comes out n sold the drama to another countries.

    • hahaha.. correct.. who cares with the ratings anyway… Even if a certain drama becomes toprated if it doesn’t connects with the viewers then it’s useless.
      LTM is truly the realities of life.

  176. Just watched Ep15 & 16.
    I had some reservations after reading the live commentary from Baidu, but whoa, I am blown away by this finale!!!
    It’s just so sincere and heartfelt! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    My favourite scene is the bedroom scene. So utterly down to earth, naturally flirtatious and sweet. I was grinning ear to ear watching it.
    It’s really like watching real life couple. I mean, it brought back memories of my hubby and myself during our courtship days, I certainly had similar bedroom scenarios with my then boyfriend (now hubby). 🙂

    Love all the interactions between KJ/AJ… I have to say KJ is DAEBUK.
    He is relentlessly in his desire to marry AJ, but not to the point of being pushy and he makes so much effort. The box with the souvenirs of their memories – PERFECT!
    Of course, there’s the KISS. So filled with longing.

    I had hoped to see some boating and wedding but after watching this finale, I’m actually glad that the writer give us that. The finale is just beautiful as it is.

  177. just for curiousity sake went to DB blog n read the comments there, wow!!! so many cynical ppl n bullies .what I don’t understand, how can they make comments if they don’t watch this drama? they keep saying worst drama of 2011… have they ever watch Paradise ranch? although 2011 isn’t done yet thats the worst drama, n I believe everyone think so too………….though I like Joo Sang Wook he was on the wrong drama at that time .well I guess u can’t please everyone.

    • i just started going to db then i started reading how they criticize LTM, got turned off and never went back. no regrets. glad found koala’s playground. love it here.

  178. “In this endless time, there are no traces. In this infinite space, there are no trails.”
    In that endless time, we are born in the same age.
    In that infinite space to be able to meet and become one with you,
    the FATE is really AMAZING.
    and the MIRACLE is really BEAUTIFUL. -AJ ( for KJ)

  179. Just done watching LTM subbed…hillarious. missing em already… im doing reruns again this weekend…cant get enuf of em…Now im reckless what will my mondays & tues be like from now on 🙁

  180. farewell Brangelina of South Korea.

    ah, ani. Brangelina has more skinship and torrid kissing scenes and bed scenes. wuri HwanHye is much subtle but has the same intensity. I say HwanHye is better.

    I agree that chemistry between actors are hard to find and can’t be forced, scripted nor directed. HwanHye has it, why don’t K-ent abuse it? hehehe…maybe something “fruitful” will come out after a second project together. awwwww…the hopeless romantic in me.

    to Koala, i’ve been searching for blogs other than yours…but i keep on wondering why this playground has kept me glued from the very first word up to the last word of your recap. Was it because your writing has touched me more than the first scriptwriter of LTM? was it because you clearly makes your point and hits me bullseyed? Are you an english teacher? or a script or a novel writer or a journalist?

    i’ve watched a total of 27 tv dramas from korea, japan, thai & taiwan (aside from the lousy dramas i’ve watched from my home country). This is the very first time that I participated in a blog. I’m really glad I found yours and i’m looking forward in reading more of your future drama reviews.


      • @julieng: i’ve never, ever, ever participated in any forums before, ESPECIALLY if the topic is TV Drama. Except of course when I had the Film Appreciation subject during my university days and when I used to help my sister during film reviews for her previous weekly publications. Those were AGES ago. we are now here in Dubai. My circle of friends here likes watching TV drama from our country (which are all crap for me, really! no exemptions), my sister only likes tv drama and movies from hollywood 🙁 and at the my age, I REALLY-really LOOK WEIRD when i blush and giggle like a teen in front of my laptop.

        Ever since I followed LTM series and Koalas’ Playground and was caught several times by my flatmates, I am now said to be a weirdo, no one’s taking me seriously this time, I got laughed at and my reputation of having a decent standard for arts & entertainment for them became low … but….

        I LOVEEE ITTT!!! the hell with them. hehehe. as long as it’s for Eun Hye & Ji Hwan & koala, i would love it.

  181. i also loved their ‘bedroom scene’…i had hoped for some boating but was very satisfied with their pure interaction. they were just soooo cute and i was grinning from ear to ear.

    KJH is also the BEST kisser! i love how he aggressively pulls YEH towards him during the deep, passionate kisses. i don’t think he did that with the previous actresses?? =) YEH had always reciprocated kisses quite well, in Goong and Coffee Prince.

  182. HOW MANY times has sisters watch the drama? I can’t help looking at it again,l want to get the ice cream cd and the drama dvd..and also picture book if thers is……………..

  183. Such a perfect finale for our OTP’s love story… I really felt that this is a real life love story and not just an illusion… thank you so much for your hardwork recapping this show and for your genius thoughts… I love EYH since PH days and I like KJH’s humor. They might not be the most goodlooking couple but they are sooo gorgeous on their own rights that I felt that they are suited only for each other. They have the most undebatable, undeniable, epic chemistry ever.
    I really enjoy so much camping in this playground reading your recaps, your thoughts and the exchange of thoughts of the readers and of course… the pictures of our OTP.
    Once again, Thank you Ms. Koala. Godbless.

    • sang hee was happy with how things turned out. didn’t that yj say that he looked better? (after he cleaned their studio) and he even offered to paint aj & kj.

  184. On dc said that part of the script which was cut in the final ep~!!!!

    there was going to be a scene of KJ and AJ at the 100 day celebration of their baby~!!!waaaaa
    there was aparently a 2nd vers where they were at the world hotel office and their kid is now 5 years old
    both versions had another light kiss

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only they could have fitted more into the episode and that would really make us more happy~!!!

    • I think some parts had to get edited out too because they lost time at Jeju Island due to a storm nearby that kept them from flying back to Headquarters (HQ). YEH said she filmed her last scene at 7am the day OF the finale. I hope they filmed it and will give it to us in extended version (or even add it for the reruns/when it shows internationally).

      • I hope they would REALLY release that cut part!! My broken heart will finally be calmed down once the producers do this!! I love, love, LOVE LTM with all my heart that I don’t want it to end anymore, haha!!
        I love the ending but it broke my heart because I want to see them as Mr. Mrs. Hyeon Ki Jun (my imagination can’t be appeased from imagining the reactions of Ah Jeong’s friends and acquaintances ^^)

        But it would be better if Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye will gret married in real life!! ♥♥♥

    • That would have been amazing to see and hopefully they add it to the Director’s cut or DVD set as a special….

      And maybe they were going to add it to the ending but they didn’t want to cut some AJ and KJ making out time…

  185. The only thing I did not really like with LTM is that the first time they told eachother they love eachother is after KJ proposed. Yes, they said they LIKE eachother before but not LOVE. And they actually told other people first that they love eachother (KJ and AJ) before telling eachother…..

    But besides that, they were adorable!!!

  186. Thanks for doing a wonderful job of recapping the entire drama, Koala. I just love your blog because of your awesome writings, as well as a feeling of fellowship from other bloggers who share their opinions, and comments some of which are so hilarious.

    By the way, anyone notice what happens to that scene when KJ and AJ were pre-schoolers or kindergarteners? When I saw that scene in one of the previews, I highly doubted that the male child is KJ as there is about 3-4 years’ age difference between him and AJ, isn’t it? I suppose there’ve been lots of editing and that’s why we never got round to seeing those cute youngsters. But I’m still wondering whether this scene contributes to the story line any form???

    Though people in Dramabeans are pretty snarky with their comments, I still visit this blog too, after readin Koala’s and Soulsrebels’, just to see how nasty people can get..But thank God, Liars of the whole world are oblivious to all the snides and continue to enjoy the series. I just love the love story of KJ and AJ, nothing can taint it and I’m sure we Liars will go on enjoying this drama second, third time round.

    • LOL, I agree that the almost all people in DramaBeans are too rude. This series is the BEST I have ever seen 😀 I am very happy to find LTM fans over here!! I love you all girls and guys!!

      Quote from you: I just love the love story of KJ and AJ, nothing can taint it and I’m sure we Liars will go on enjoying this drama second, third time round.

      You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! In fact, my sisters and I plan to watch this again ~ I just watched it last November 20 (I just knew about this soo recently). My soul won’t be satisfied if I would just watch this once!!

  187. Thanks very much for all the recaps. Got misty eyes after watching the final episode. definitely it’ll take some time to get over this drama. thanks again

    • Indeed!! I can’t believe the series has already ended in Episode 16 🙁 I need a part 2! WE need a part 2!!
      I’ve been giggling all by myself from November 20-November 25 by just recalling the fun parts of the episodes I watched… Lie To Me has brought soo much joy to my life (although it made me abandon my school works, hehe, but it’s OK as long as I feel happy). Lie to Me is Number One Most Must-Watch Korean Series!! period 😀

  188. Finally i watched the ending, eps 15-16 together… IT WAS GREAT! Best k-drama couple ending ever!!! I dont care about the other characters but HKJ y GAJ had an excellent finale. It was sooo real and i can totally feel her insecurities, second thoughts and doubts… sometimes love is not enough. BUT the important thing is that she found herself and as a complete person she can be with the 5-item set Hyun Ki Joon! Thanks Koala-unni for all this amazing recaps and being with throughout this journey!

  189. AREN’T THEY REALLY DATING????? looks like they are from the kiss on the last episode at JeJu Island.. wow so passionate… the kiss was more than to say passionate… You will feel the LOVE, Longing, the whatsoever, I rally love this drama coz of the two lea stars… Whoa they reall look good to each other… Well, koala thankz for everything!!!!!!!

  190. I think KJH looked extra cute in this episode specially when he was wearing casual clothes. I thought that he was so good looking in the airport with the stolen kiss, and the hotel lobby scene when he gave her the necklace. Of course the bed scenes were undeniably sweet (both evening and morning scenes).

    To all LTM haters, I feel so sorry that you couldn’t understand the feeling of just being happy watching both HKJ and GAJ and how their true love developed and become strong. You don’t know what you’re missing. Believe me. Oh well. I guess you can’t miss what you don’t know.

    Koala, thank you thank you thank you (a thousand times) and to all the LTM fanatics, enjoyed all you have written. Will miss LTM and you!

  191. KOALA ur is the best, Every Time I read the synopsis LTM I kept Laughing and Smiling and I can’t stop doing it and whether you can write a synopsis of the others in the Indonesian language

  192. the end part they could actually get a drawing of ah jung and ki june maybe witha babyshown on the screen ……drawn by shan hee ?that won’t take 3 minutes to get the whole stories perfect.

    • Hehehe! Let’s make alternative endings 😀
      (After 2 years) Ah Jeong and Ki Jun will be seen going out from the gate of their home with Ki Jun holding a bag of trash. He puts it down while Ah Jeong smilingly watches him. When they get inside, Ah Jeong will turn her back to the gate and wink…. then end 😉
      Kang Ji Hwan ♥ Yoon Eun Hye Forever!!

  193. Koala unni, thank you so much for your recaps. I normally read your recaps as a translation for raw video since I can’t wait for eng subbed vids :p. But I’ve been a bit busy with work and other stuffs this week and also I was dreading to say goodbye to LTM so I’ve only just watched the final episode with eng subs. But after squealing at the hand-shake-grab kissing scene and “don’t you believe OPPA <3 ?" line, I had to come and check your playground for full LTM experience :D. And we did squealed at the scenes 😀 !!! And the butt poking bit, I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to rewind for confirmation lol. I doubt the script would say "poke HKJ/KJW's butt" ! She must be comfortable with him to do that knowingly (i.e they are at the butt-poking level at their real relationship :p) or her unconscious attraction must have triggered her to do that !!!! I hope they either do get together and have a reality show where we can enjoy more of YEH <3 KJW or have loads and loads more of romantic dramas together :D.
    This drama was a brilliant ride, loaded with romantic squealers 😀 😀 :D. Thanks again unni :D. I have been your regular blog-visitors since 49 days, and I will continue to remain so until the foreseeable future 😀 . xxx

  194. when Jae Bom shouted “Freedom!” I suddenly remembered Cha Dae Wong from MGIAG when Mi Ho left him the first time… 🙂

  195. Thanks Koala for sharing your thoughts and views regarding LTM. I truly appreciate it and forever thankful for being fair. Even if LTM had been poorly judged by others, you never give up and continue to give us high hopes about the show. As a regular here in your playground thank you.
    For two months, my boring days especially Monday and Tuesday became so lively thanks to LTM.
    LTM, YEH and KJH make a huge impact in my daily life. Acting like a teen going gaga over Korean actors, staying up late just to watch the new episodes in raw, waking up so damn early to catch any news, previews, English subs videos before going to work and even ignoring friends invitation to meet up afraid of missing news about LTM once I stayed out late. Can’t even focus on a friends problem simply because my mind was occupied by LTM, no time to concentrate on what she’s saying hahaha! What a bad friend am I?
    LTM finale shows the tenderness, acceptance, sincerity, faith and love between two people who starts with a lie but ended up making that lie as truthful and real as possible as can be.
    We’ve seen the transformation of AJ and KJ relationship. Total strangers who fell in love who along the way but both discovered what they’re lacking. Qualities they never know they possess. Character they never know they can portray. And love they never know they can accept and freely give without pretension and conditions.
    AJ and KJ showed us that in love nothing is possible. That falling in love has its ups and down but love will conquer it all. That even though AJ and KJ are just characters the intensity of emotions that they shared to us audience, is mind-boggling. Is it acting or is it real? (Borrowing AJ’s line from episode 8) Who knew?
    Physical attraction is very evident that more it attract our attention to anticipate what will happen next whether it is AJ and KJ or YEH and KJH.
    No one will ever duplicate AJ and KJ nor YEH and KJH. The chemistry they created will forever be in our heart and mind.
    LTM (cast, crew, PD and Directors) thank your adding a spice in my life. Ratings are damn! Who cares about it when it was very obvious that everyone just can’t get enough of it and responses overseas are overwhelming and astounding.
    KJH thank you for giving us KJ, although he’s just a character he opened a possibility of standard of what an ideal man/prince could be. Every woman dreamt of having you around even for a day.
    YEH, I’ve been a fan since Goong and I would definitely say you never failed to amaze me. I don’t want to sound bias but for me you’re simple the best. Thank you for giving us another character that we will forever loved, thanks for AJ!
    Thank you everyone for the love and good vibes here in the playground.
    After a week of recuperating over LTM, it’s time to bid LTM goodbye
    Paalam LTM, hanggang sa muling pagkikita. 😀

  196. Is it just me or Kang Ji Hwan in this series looks an awful lot like a better looking version of Park Shin Yang in Lovers in Paris? His looks, the way he delivers his lines and facial expressions…keep giving me a familiar feel which I couldn’t work it out until way later. Pity the series didn’t as well as had hoped, but it was very enjoyable regardless.

  197. This is the first time for me to say that I love Korean drama (just LTM, I guess) because I’m just watch other dramas for so-so. Who knows that lies can turn something good in life? Well, fate is surely playing around and waiting for being catch…that is what I have noticed about this drama…

    p/s:whatever it this..this is the real DAEBAK…

  198. Dear Ms KOALA,
    Thank you so much for maintaining koala playground. my love affair with korean romantic comedy started years ago when my two daughters introduced me to Princess Hours. From then on i have been a fan of Ms Yoon Eun Hye. Lately I watched My Fair Lady in one of the major TV networks here in the Philippines. Impatient that I am , I decided to go to my favorite Korean DVD stall and bought one. There, I accidentally found a copy of Lie to Me. As it was a Yoon Eun Hye starrer, I readily bought one. It took about 2 weeks before I decided to watched it.
    Amazingly, it has now turned out to be my favorite among Ms Yoon’s romantic
    comedies. And of course I became an instant fan of Kang Ji Hwan as well. I agree 100% that indeed there was that electrifying chemistry between the two main actors, KJH and YEH, to the extent that you are mesmerized, forgetting that they are acting out parts. The rapport between the two of them was so flawless and real. Lie To Me may not have the best storyline and script but the two actors’ effort to bring the drama to the final end was so admirable. (the way they discussed how to handle some scenes and all that collaboration as seen in the BTS).

    If only….the earlier episodes were at least written and the script handled, the way episode 16
    was , it could have made a lot of difference. For that my congratulations to the writer of the last episode.

    Thank you so much for the recap. I buy DVDs with English subtitles. I like listening to the actual Korean dialogue, though. Many instances, the English subtitle does not give justice to
    the original dialogue. Your recap and the analysis that went with it were more than enough. While watching the episode where Ah Jong was asked to explain what symbolizes Jeju Island, in just one word and she said mother, how I wished i could understand Korean. (I did not discover Koala playground yet by then).
    While trying to surf the Net for more info about KJH I came across a news item which stated
    that he was quite embarrassed with the ratings of Lie To Me. And that he was thankful to have Ms Yoon in the drama with him and that they are trying their very best to make the drama better.
    How I wish KJH and YEH would have the time to read your blog, particularly this final episode
    to find how their work and tandem were appreciated by so many;
    Indeed, ratings mean a lot in the entertainment industry but the fact still remains that Lie To Me have made many many viewers even outside Korea very very happy.

    JustI wish just like you that in the near future they would have te chance to work together again to really give justice to their acting skills. i hope just like Ah Jong we, who clamor for this would also have a fairy godmother listening and make this wish come true.
    Really hoping fairy godmother make KJH and YEH visit your playground too.

    For now, I bid Lie To Me goodbye until such time that a fairy godmother takes action and give us another KJH and YEH tandem.
    Thank you so much Ms Koala. I will keep in touch and follow your blog and hope you help
    me find more korean drama to watch through your recaps and reviews as I continue my love affair with Korean drama..

  199. stumbled in to the post today, and saw that that there were 499 comments, wnated to make it 500.

    Wonder when we will see these two together again

  200. Hi,

    question to anyone and everyone: How old is Goong Ah Jung? Since she says that she last met So Ran and Sanbae 3 years ago when she took some sort of exam I counted: 19 + 5 years at college + 3 so that means 27. Which sort of is what her dad said that she’s close to 30 and should think of marriage.
    So that means she’s younger than Sang Hee and Yoon Joo who are 28? And the age difference btw her and Gi J. is 7 years if he’s 34 (which is actually how old the actor is too)?

    My question is, is it usual for Korean actors to be playing “their” age or is this just a coincidence? Because Yoon Eun Hye is also 27 I think.

  201. Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the final phase 🙂 I handle such info much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  202. Yes i agree i really want them to have another one drama.i cant help it but to watch again and again this lie to me together with my sis we really like you Yoon eun hye and you handsome kang ji hwan…..

  203. Yes i agree i really want them to have another one drama.i cant help it but to watch again and again this lie to me together with my sis we really like you Yoon eun hye and you handsome kang ji hwan…..

  204. thank you so much for doing recaps. this helped me a lot!
    thank you for making koala’s playground. i love your blogs cause you make me understand kdramas more <3
    keep up the good work and til next drama…

  205. Bravo! Im your avid fan. I enjoy your reviews and it makes my day! I will always visit your blog for K drama reviews. Love it!

  206. i like the ending episode & how KANG JI HWAN kisses YOON EUN HYE at the last episode, seen him how he lifted her towards his body while kissing her, to me that was FOREPLAY, like how i felt when i watch them do the COLA KISS in episode 8, theirs was the purest passion i have seen on screen, & thank you captain koala for your blog, for telling so much about LTM… hope to see more of them together in the near future…

    • i really liked how he pulled her to himself, too! he is such a good kisser! i also hope that they have another project again soon. i really want to see more of them together.

  207. i saw a preview of episode 16 and there is a portion there that isn’t included in the movie. has anyone scene deleted scene when kjh & yeh were sitting in a restaurant and kjh is being cute and childish while yeh is trying to appease him? i really want to see that part but it wasn’t shown in the DVD 16 th episode. Please help me!

  208. i know my comments are really late now but i just cannot forget this series! i keep on reading and watching it over and over again! i love u all 🙂

  209. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Bless you!

  210. Hihi.Ms Koala. Thanks for the LTM writeup.I have been watching the drama and reading your blog a few times. I really love the chemistry between YEH and HJK. Hope both will act in same drama again.

  211. Although its very late that I found this drama but I felt in love with this drama so I googling just want to find the recaps then I found this bog…Love the way you tell the story so much…. Thx koala…. (҂’̀⌣’́)9

  212. Oh my gah! I just watched this series this year (I just re-discovered k-dramas this year) and I’m officially in love with Kang Ji-hwan and I love Yoon Eun-hye too. I began reading the recaps on DB (awesome site) but then they stopped recapping so I started looking for somewhere else to read recaps and then I stumbled across your blog. I love your writing and your writing just made me love LTM more. Thank you so much.

  213. wow it’s been years since this drama has been aired and I’m still rewatching it and can’t help that smile whenever I see them together 😀 I keep pictures of em to look at so I start the day with a smile lol Reading the whole recaps though from ep 1-16 is such a satisfying experience, i like how lively you are when you do each recap and I love love love it when you decided not to drop LTM 🙂

  214. I have rewatched LTM several times recently. The storyline, the ending including both KJH, YEH chemistry are superb. This is the first and best Korean onscreen couple I have ever seen, after watching numerous Korean drama in the past. Their acting are so natural and they are so compatible whether onscreen or offscreen. How I wish someone would cast them together again in another new drama. Finger cross. Miss this couple so much.

  215. Watched it recently on Nerflix and fell in love with Hyun Ki Joon character… hope that Kang Ji-hwan gets back to his acting career after his probation period.. he is a good actor.. hope he will be given a chance again to prove his worth.. hope to see more of him..

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