Giordano Fall 2011 Collection with Jung Woo Sung, Shin Mina, and So Ji Sub

Such pretty pretty people. Donโ€™t stare too long or you might see stars in your eyes. Giordano Koreaโ€™s Fall 2011 catalogue has just been released, and itโ€™s three spokesmodels Jung Woo Sung, Shin Mina, and So Ji Sub, are looking equal parts well-dressed and well-posed. Loving the clothes, and loving even more the mature and sexy vibe the three of them give off.

[Credit: Giordano Korea]


Giordano Fall 2011 Collection with Jung Woo Sung, Shin Mina, and So Ji Sub — 19 Comments

  1. Jung Woo Sung and So Ji sub – such fine specimen of manliness. Oh was there another creature there? I didn’t see… my eyes must be gender specific… exclusively for the rough, strong, hot and sexy. Particularly liked the pair of hands-in-pockets brooding pose in the alley.

  2. Ughhh So Ji Sub makes my heart flutter and my mouth drool. Man. I’ve been drooling for him since Sophomore year of high school when I watched I’m Sorry, I Love You. Jung Woo Sung is drool-worthy too, but So Ji Sub does this extra thing for me. <3 <3 Though Jung Woo Sung in Daisy and A Moment to Remember is <3.

    Shin Mina is pretty. Can I have her legs? And dimple…

  3. Oh I love it. But this also highlighted for me your concern about Jung Woo Sungs female lead in PP. Cuz I mean, shin Mina is tall and even in heels, JWS is still taller by a good bit. hahah I picturing JWS and his co-star now hehe. But this is hot. I love Giordano ads and CFs. They really work for me, especially the CF’s with Jeon Ji Hyun, Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung–its soo boss. Its like their mini movie.

  4. I totally love how the way shin mina looks at so ji sub in the one ad.. they look like a super perfect couple.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. gah. there’s just something about so ji sub’s eyes that get me… so hot.

    and shin mina – flawless as always. that girl can pull off cute and sweet one second and be smokin’ sexy the next.

  6. Thank you for these beautiful pics but you are a bit harsh : these people are just too much .
    I am only now watching What happened in Bali and – apart from JIS who is as amazing as usual – SJS and HJW are here in their best acting . I can’t get rid of SJS’s face and walking , always in my mind .

  7. How does Shin Mina manage to look so gorgeous even with bedhead? She’s adorable. And So Ji Sub is just totally pounce-worthy. RAWR!

  8. YOWZERRRR! Min-ah is super gorgeous and cute to boot! JWS & SJS are bound to give me hot hot hot dream in a hot hot hot balmy night! ๐Ÿ˜›

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