KBS to Hold Press Conference on Spy Myung Wol as Han Ye Seul Safely Arrives in LA

KBS has scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. Seoul time August 16th to announce the future of Spy Myung Wol, though it’s pretty much set that Han Ye Seul will be replaced (no news on whether the new actress will be playing Myung Wol or another character). While the Korean news media reported that Han Ye Seul left Seoul for Los Angeles, there had been no actual confirmation she got on the flight, other than a ticket was booked under her real name Leslie Kim. Thirteen hours later, the flight from Seoul landed in LA and Sports Chosun had a reporter on the ground that managed to snap some shots of her leaving the airport and got some sound bites.

The only reason I’m sharing these pictures is to show that she’s okay, because her being MIA for a good day was starting to worry me. Fault, blame, professionalism, all of that aside, the safety and well-being of a person is paramount to me. KBS and Lee-Kim Productions can pursue legal action against her for taking off, but I did not want to see this story take a turn for any macabre or dangerous territory. Thankfully, Han Ye Seul appeared fine when she landed in LA. But the latest new twist is that her mom was actually on a flight from LA to Seoul that criss-crossed with her flight going the other direction. Her mom has now landed in Seoul and is supposedly speaking with Sidus HQ and the drama production right now.

According to Sports Chosun, when asked to comment on what happened, Han Ye Seul said simply that she’s given up everything because the working environment producing a live drama was just too much for her to handle. She downplayed any discord with PD Hwang and explained that she just wants to rest now. She hopes the physical toll of filming that happened to her won’t ever happen to her hoobaes, implying that perhaps this will change the utterly insane and taxing work environment of producing a live drama in Korea.

I think we can stop sensationalizing what might have happened behind-the-scenes now, even if what did happen truly was brutal for an actress to film 20+ hours a day, performing lots of stunts, and bearing the lions share of air time because she played the title character. Maybe Han Ye Seul didn’t know it would get this bad because the drama’s lukewarm reception resulted in script rewrites and writer changes, which delayed it’s live shoot even worse. I hope she gets the rest, mental, physical, and emotional, that she needs. And I hope the rest of the cast and crew of SMW can successfully complete their drama.

[Credit: Hankooki news,  Nate news, and pictures from Sports Chosun]


KBS to Hold Press Conference on Spy Myung Wol as Han Ye Seul Safely Arrives in LA — 100 Comments

      • I say its resemblance (similar meeting is that xD, but Kim Tae Hee is more beautiful) in any case do not think she would accept, this ship sank.

        PS: sorry for my English 😛

  1. Glad she is physically okay, but emotionally and mentally she may be a wreck. Seems like the fallout from this is going to cause long term damage to her career and reputation in Korea, especially if she is going to face lawsuits and charges for just leaving in the middle of production. Hope everything will work out for her and that she can put this behind her and start fresh.

  2. I hope everything will be ended just fine for all party included.
    Feel sorry for HYS and also for SMW others actors and crews.
    It’s drama in a drama…

  3. This saddens me. So basically I wasted 6 hours of my life watching this drama and now it’s gonna turn to crap. And I liked it too. And she was my favorite character. UGH!!!
    But I guess know one except for her, the PDs, and the cast know the whole story so I won’t hate her…

  4. so many conflicting reports of this situation right now that it’s hard to grasp what the truth really is. i’m glad to see that she is physically okay though. it’s a tragic turn for a drama that i was actually enjoying (despite all it’s faults), but hopefully it’s a step towards the k-ent industry realizing that the insane live shoots isn’t doing anyone any good. whatever her reasoning, beyond the professionalism, career, etc etc – she needs to put her health and well-being first. she is much luckier than other korean celebrities in that she can at least find an escape from the wrath of the industry and fans (or rather, anti-fans) by coming home to her family in the States. i really do wish her the best in her future, whatever it may be, and also best of luck to the cast and crew of Myung Wol that now have to deal with the fallout of all this.

  5. Who would have thought that such things often seen in dramas also happen in real life? hehe
    Let’s wait and see. Hope for the best. Expect for the worst.

  6. i hope she gets the rest she needs and surrounds herself with people who love and support her. Doesn’t matter what anybody says or thinks…..she is the only one who knows what she can or cannot tolerate. As to the legal ramifications…thats what entertainment lawyers are for …..let them handle it!!!

  7. Regardless of everyone’s opinion on how she handled things I just hope that she can finally get the rest and time that she feels that she needs in the comfort of being with people that make her feel safe and loved because at the end of the day one’s personal health and well being is of utmost important and more important than any drama or career. As for the Spy Myung Wol cast and crew, for their sake I just hope whatever happens from here on out is smooth sailing as they are the unfortunate bystanders in this mess.

  8. Call me coldhearted by I do not agree with how she handled the situation… Okay, she needed rest and was very tired from all the filming and we should blame that on the live shooting system but she is not the only one who has gone through this and this cannot be her first live shooting so she should know how physically and mentally straining it can be. Running away to another country and disappointing all those involved in the drama is not the way to stand up against the live shoots…. I am glad she took a stand but it’s just crazy how she did it… It was rather childish of her to just run away, she should have talked it out with everyone instead, the cast, crew, production company, her agency, KBS, etc., even the media if needed… If they still won’t listen, then keep pressuring them to listen….

    I’m happy that she’s finally getting to rest but right now, the other cast members and staff are more tired than her because of anxiety caused by her… And from the looks of things, she seems more relax than the others…

    Good luck to her and those involved…

    • PS…
      This isn’t the first time she walked out of something. In 2008, she also walked out of an awards ceremony when she didn’t win an award. She walked out when the winner was making a speech and her excuse, as I read, was she was tired…..

      • Her excuse was that she didn’t feel well.
        Her defense mechanism might be to leave, but it doesn’t mean there was no reason.

      • Totally agree with you. Working your bone out is very normal of this industry. That’s why the actors get high pay. What she did is so selfish. Run away without caring of other actors and staff. I feel sorry for the crew and staff rather than other actors/actresses. They get much less money than the actors but work harder. Now All staff will get into trouble.

      • Okay, that was because she wasn’t feeling well not because she didn’t win the award.

      • @Tiffany, what I said is she had an excuse,one that was done at the wrong time. If she didn’t feel well in the first place, then why show up at the ceremony.? By leaving right when the person who won against her is making a speech says that she might as well leave since she didn’t win…. Is this her making a stand? Just like the one now.. from these two incidents alone, it seems like whenever something doesn’t go her way, she leaves. That’s why its hard to sympathize with her… From incidents involving her,not just these two, I find her rather disrespectful to others…

    • She’s making a statement by walking away. How will she be able to make a point if she continues to work 20 hours/day? It might not be the right way to go, but let her face the consequences of her actions, at least she’s standing her ground. As for the staff and cast affected by all this, they have all the right to be angry at her or whoever. They can sue her if they want to. But they have to move on.

      Just because this happens in every live shoot drama and all actors go through the same exhaustion as she did doesn’t mean it should be acceptable.

      • What about all of the other people who are not directly involved in this mess but is tangentially related to HYS? Dramabeans brought up a great point in her post about this with her new movie “penny-pinching romance.” They can’t sue her because the movie is completed, but of course the result will never be the same now because her name will be linked with this scandal forever. Obviously, the cast and crew of SMW are affected but so are other people with whom HYS has a contract with. Standing up to the industry is one thing, but jeopardizing everyone’s else so that you can succeed (or fail) in doing so is way below dirty. She is not a heroine everyone makes her out to be. She thought of only herself and I call that selfish.

  9. Kudos to her for standing up for herself. I never once thought she was going to harm herself. I am so glad she is here where slavery was abolished. Kudos to Leslie Kim.

    • I am not a fan of HYS nor had even watched the SPY but when I came across the article about HYS being MIA I could not helped but checked out bits of info released to satisfy my curiosity. Since watching LTM i’ve been somewhat oriented to the “live shoots” prevalent in the K-ent which is pretty much slavery in modern times (20hrs/24hrs work)

      Though what she did put a lot of support casts in a temporary limbo I believe all of them must have been benefited by the breather even only on a physical level as I’m sure they are worried about the status of their work. There seems to be good news that a replacement actor is being considered. Hopefully they will also consider the gripes of the previous actor in their future projects.

      Put those aside I am also a believer that drastic situations requires drastic measures to merit attention. Just hoping that HSY sacrificing her career like this would create even a small dent in looking into the plight of the actors and crew enslaved by the “live shoot” cycle.

      Thank you again Captain K for this opportunity to pen my 2 cents worth.

      • I think it’s a stretching it a LONG way to compare the live shoot system entertainers endure to slavery. Slaves get beaten, have no rights, and have no choice. Actors chose to sign up for these dramas knowing that they might have to work long hours. I’m not saying a 20 hr work day is right, don’t get me wrong, but comparing these celebrities who get paid A LOT to go through these strenuous situations and made the CHOICE to do it (or in HYS’s case to walk away) is nothing compared to slavery. That shouldn’t even be brought into the discussion as a point of comparison IMHO.

      • To effect change it is necessary to stretch a point. A signed contract between parties bind them right but it does mean that the terms are not onerous – though only a court can judge that. Likewise in the western world 20/24 hours continuous work requiring physical and mental efforts definitely fall in the definition of abuse/slavery. But like I said, it’s just my opinion- no need to take it as a gospel truth.

  10. I’ve been through so many K-scandals that I’m sort of immune to casting judgment one way or another. Not that I don’t have an opinion (I do), but at the end of the day, Han Ye Seul has (will) pay the price for her actions (not showing up, leaving the country) whether through the end of her entertainment career and/or dealing with legal ramifications.

    So I just feel sorry primarily for the cast and crew, who operated under the same working conditions as her and are still there left to pick up the pieces. This entire fiasco has turned out to be dropping a bomb on the house next door because of neighborly bickering – both sides lose, and lots of innocent people nearby deal with the fall out. I’m sort of tired out from parsing the facts from the speculation, and am just relieved she’s safe, the drama is moving forward, and let the law deal with who is to blame.

    Finally, acting contracts are the very type of specific performance clauses that courts are loathe to enforce. Say HYS does not want to act anymore. Period. A court will not force her to act, which is anathema to civilization allowing people to have choice. But a court will make her pay monetary damages for refusing to act. In that case, I think HYS weighed the consequences and made her decision. Problem in life is – her decision, however valid and of her own free will, will necessarily affect bystanders related thereto. That’s never fair, but it can’t stop her from making her decision and living with the consequences. But it also gives those affected by her decision the right to be angry and upset at her, and the cast and crew are apparently rightfully pissed off. Just my 2 cents.

    • so agree with you, she acted like a baby princess, what abt others who i think were in worse condition than her (because she is a star) still have to wait for her for whatever they dont know, its not how long you have to wait for something/someone, its you dont know why you have to wait for, what you r waiting for, and worst waiting for someone you think that wont come, you just hope, I am not a fan of Eric, but I would feel pretty bad if I was him.
      some says like you can quit sometimes in life, i agree that, i quit several times, but when I quit, I know that my part is not gonna effect on others, not like this, not this situation.

    • My two cents:

      You can not change any system by running away from it, you have to be part of the system and fight to change it.

      So if was not happy with the working conditions, it was no secret before she signed up for the show, and if she wants to make it better for her hoobaes, she has to stay and fight not run away.

      Also, speaking of physical exertion, i saw in worlds within where both directors are in hospital with drips, i am yet to see reports of her health issues due to over exertion.

  11. I read somewhere that she’s in a serious relationship with some rich businessman and that she’s openly spoken to her co-stars that she’s seriously considering getting married with her man and that she promised him that after the drama stops airing, she’ll leave the industry and get married to him…

  12. I myself think differently….Ethical people will do it and work til the end and perhaps make a statement later as Ms.K suggested. Somehow, the intense working things is tough but it is NOt the end of the world.Come on guys, I think in some parts of the world, people are dying of hunger and not even have work to do. So sometimes in some countries, still even have child labourm people, kids works to helps out family cause they are dirt poor… I’m not agree with

    1.firing the PD or anyone else in the team cause of conflicts.That’s sounds a diva issue and how she can ensure that other PD can be better than the current. It’s like ok, I can’t work with this guy cause I and him can’t work well, pls fire my boss or fire me cause I have gut to quit?????

    2.leaving all cast and other team members hanging, not turning up for days is childish and irresponsible

    3.quit attitude, if it is so hard risk your health and life so you quit???How abt others?So the people behind the scence, the ones that holding the board, the lights, carrying equipments to film the stars and not even been recognised sometimes are not working long hours and not risking their health.For god sakes, I found HYS is totally unreasonable and selfish.

    Just my opinions, sorry so frustrated that I need to voice the opinions cause I think it is unfair to other and so irresponsible.Made me feel bad for LTM crew, who changes in the middle, leads and cast are exhausted and still filming in the morning before show airs…Perhaps if the filming has such a big budget they will not have to do that? But what if they do not have enough then they don’t have to be so tight …

    • Why are you so frustrated? This is not your life.
      She sounds mentally, emotionally, and physically wrecked. You try going there. Not everyone can pull it off. She happened to be one of those who couldn’t.

      Earlier today, I was talking about organic chemistry being the class used to weed out potential pre-med students. I remember some of the most intelligent students dropping like flies after orgo. I myself had to give up on something I’d worked very hard to attain, mainly because my body wouldn’t let me go on.

      This is a reality of life. It sucks for everyone involved and she’ll face the harsh consequences of her desperate actions, but netizens acting as if she owes them her firstborn is ridiculous.
      I’m glad she’s out. I feel sorry for her and regret losing her since I’ve liked her work, but ultimately I hope she can find recuperate and find a way to move forward.

      • Hi anais,

        Yes, I’m frustrated and I voice my opinions out and I’m no shame of it. At the same time, I’m trying my best to look at it from different angles.

        I also know it is not my life, but the story is something that not everyone can ignore.Are you the same too? that’s why you are writing abt how you feel abt the senarios and HYS?

        In a way, I’m very glad that I still feel the frustration, the happiness and express feeling abt something. Not ignorance or pretend to be happy and not saying a words. Thanks for reminding me that there is a life in every story and of course all of us are living,breathing and feeling it everyday.

      • I don’t care to judge the various people involved in it the way so many are eager to do. The part of this debacle that interests me is what it says about the K-ent industry and K-ent netizens. My concern for HYS goes only so far as seeing her be living and breathing. Too many talented people have perished thanks to this industry and its netizens. Whether she gets sued, returns to the Show, or whatever else is her and the Show’s concern.

  13. I think she had enough of everything to give up like that. Her mental emotional and physical Health has taken it’s toll & she just said enough! I don’t blame her if that’s the case. She knows the damage & she may never get her status back but she risk it anyway hoping that they will change how they make drama. We do it too. We work hard for the job we want then one day we had enough of the abuse we just quit or resign. I wonder though if she & the company could have handle it better. But because of all of this I hope they will learn & something good will come out of this & make Eric more famous.

  14. Also, K-ent has made big stars like Daniel Henney who also born and raised in US, started in Korea and made it big in US Xmen. I haven’t even heard the man complained, he even went back and act in Plan B with Rain..so I don’t get it with HYS.Why others and deal with it, be flexible and work around. She is not the one that’s alone…she stood up for herself but so what??If they can afford it, it has probably been done better…what about hundreds of other behind the scence…holding rail, paper, make-up, costumes holding, lighting, sounds who also run extra miles…I just totally disagree with HYS in her action, in short: irresponsible, childish, selfish and not even a team player.

    • I don’t remember seeing Daniel Henney as main lead in a kdrama, therefore I can’t see him 20/24 on set 6 days/week
      I bet he works hard too, but as I remember even in SKKS (helmed by the same PD) the main leads left the set with minus 10 kilos each, but Park Min Young or Micky Yoochun aren’t ppl who would complain about it

      on the other hand Koreans should let a bit loose their concept about the boss is always right, they just met the American who wouldn’t put up with the crap. In any USA court, after her contract she could win, but she forgot that is something happens the sue will take place in SoKor where almost every time the big company wins

      When the big company lost- SME, JYJ(the little guys) got on a live show just once on KBS… the same KBS who replaced them with SNSD and f(x) at Jeju’s show while JYJ are honorary ambassadors

      so I think she knew that she fights a lost battle, this why desperate measures

  15. Foreign countries do not understand the american work ethic (balance between personal and work lives) and how our rights are protected by
    the consitution, unions, etc. Please do not say her response to being
    exhausted was due to her american upbringing. It’s a low blow when
    someone stands up for themselves and risks losing fame and fortune.
    I do not know her circumstances nor do I want to judge her, as I am
    an avid SMW fan, and I think we’ll just have to wait and see how this
    situation ends up and if her actions result in fairer treatment of our
    wonderful korean actors. They do sacrifice their health and personal
    lives in order to entertain us and we need to show them respect and
    back their efforts for fairer treatment. Live shoots and continuous
    script changes to garner the favor of the fans is a situation that needs
    to be dealt with immediately in Korea and wherever else it’s a common
    practice. Eric, thank you for being a gentleman and not taking the easy
    route (putting all the blame on LHY). To all the actors of SMW, kudos
    for your understanding and patience. Let’s make SMW a drama which
    ends on a high note and high ratings.

    • I think you got me wrong that blaming part of the upbringing…
      I myself made a comparison on how other who started from the same background can do it and also go through it while she can not.It’s very different, taking on the details of upbringing is NOT my intention.

      • But doesn’t mean you have to do it all your life. Do you actually see any star that have the spark last forever?? Or any individual that can outperform all the times? I doubt it and there are up and down times.We have our own peaks and some knows abt it and some don’t. That’s why some work their ass off at their peak and then start a lives.Or may be having a live at the sametimes but there is no such guaratee their career is still the same.

  16. I admit not watching this show mainly because the synopsis did not appeal to me. However, due to this HUGE MESS, I have been reading what’s happening at this site and dramabeans. This is my opinion- BOTH OF THEM WRONG AND LACK PROFESSIONALISM. For the lead actress her actions as to leave them in such a lurch was wrong. The station in handling the situation is also wrong by vilifying the actress and the working conditions which affects all is inhumane. Therefore all has suffered and the station could & should have done it with more diplomacy and basic courtesy. We the fans and netizens are guilty of forgetting the 1st thing and that these people are humans first actors/crew/cast etc 2nd we have placed a lot of demand & pressure on these people to produce and when they in our eyes do not measure up to our expectations we throw very very nasty and cruel words to them apparently forgetting that they have feelings too which can in turn destroy the person. Shame on us and our behavior. From what I have read they are cases that we ourselves/netizens have destroyed some really talented people for that I am sorry.

    However I am going to side with the actress more because although she may look healthy, she may not be mentally/emotionally, who knows what she has been going through when shooting this drama. She took a huge risk career wise with this move but have we ever thought what would be the outcome if she did not do this – could she have been approaching a mental breakdown and the only solution for her was to leave in order to save her life & sanity as such her action though unprofessional was a desperate one. I do not know her contract but would like to see it as from what I understand her working conditions were outlined, what needs to be confirmed was how much of it was broken by both parties to get a better picture.

    As for the other actors, they may be going through something similar however emotionally they are stronger / could be wound tight like a rubber band ready to snap at any second. I am sorry this has happened to them & wish them all the best.

    I am sorry about this mess but in a way am grateful for it because it brought to the forefront the many issues with the Korean entertainment business from most points. It needed to be highlighted , now what needs to be done is to get a solution and an implementable action that benefits all & is not detrimental to the industry just shape it for the better.

    As for us the fans especially netizens we must behave better and be more considerate of the persons as they have feelings like everyone else. Just because you are “invisible” does not justify that its okay to be extremely cruel & critical when we actually do not know the “true” situation. Words hurt, its time to make WORDS THAT HEAL.

    Gone for now & thanks ockala for this site, I enjoy being here.

    • I agreed with you on the things can be fixed and done better. But end of the day, my rather fair personal thoughts and opinions, the reaction gave normal people that vibe, it can be fixed if she at least released a proper statement. I’m not intending to cause a war here…hahah, peace please.

  17. aw. thankfully this didn’t happen to YEH despite criticisms, high expectations, and low ratings in Korea. 🙁 I would be very sad if YEH will walk away… but i know she will never. Goodluck to the SMY casts and staff. hope this will be resolved for the better.

  18. I don’t agree when people state the other cast and crew had to work just as hard as her. She was the main character and was in almost every scene. The other actors barely had screentime. I can’t say I agree with how she handled things by not showing up and simply leaving but I can totally understand how it must have been exceptionally hard on her. She stood up for herself but I’m not sure it was the right way to do it…

    • She was the main character, yes. But, the rest of the crew, (not say the rest of the cast then) specifically, works as hard as she does.
      Do you think cameramen, editors, light crew, make-up people, work less than she does?
      They don’t only have to film her scenes, but the rest of the scenes as well, sometimes in harder condition than she does.
      The difference is that if a cameramen quit, they can’t just hire another one. No production or show is depending on them.
      But the cast and the crew DOES depend on HYS.
      If she has to raise her voice, she should do this the right way. You can’t fight a wrong by doing another wrong

  19. I have two issues with everything that has unfolded.

    1. Had the outcome of this weekend been her corpse rather than her landing safely in LA, those who are now so quick to call her a diva would have been bemoaning losing such a promising actress, decrying the brutal working conditions so pervasive in K-ent industry, and tarring and feathering KBS and Hwang PD as the big bad Confucian patriarch personified. Hwang PD and KBS are so lucky that they get to play the 피해자/plaintiff.

    2. The consequences for the drama SMY is at this point separate from HYS’s fate. They – as the Show itself and as individual human beings who’ve all endured immense challenges – need to focus on how to move forward despite these tremendous setbacks. If the Show or various individuals find that they cannot, I wouldn’t be surprised. I wish the best for Eric and others for whom so much was riding on this drama.

  20. do not know why, if there should be my successor wantid kim tae hee, because I really like his role in my princess..
    but what would his kim tae hee and the parties want him sbs…

  21. Please sue Han Ye Seul and end her career by not hiring her on any type of entertainment production. Let her responsible of her action!

    • I don’t think anyone needs to sue her to end her career. It’s already over. It was over the moment she got onto that plane. She will have a hard time starting any sort of a public life even in Los Angeles.

      She will get sued by KBS and others involved in the production and will be held accountable.

      I wish everyone would stop with all the righteous indignation. It’s totally laughable.

    • With or without the interference of law, we’re all aware that her career has ended. I also read somewhere that yes, the production is going to sue her.

      I just hope that everyone could learn from this fiasco. >.<

    • Sure why not? On the other hand she can also file a counter suit. It would be enlightening so we can all look at their respective truths.

  22. Of course I am happy that she is alright, but I really hope that she’ll get punish for her behavior! Running away and sending her mommy take care of her mess is just so childish, she is surely not a grown up yet.

    I don’t care the drama, but I do feel sorry for her co-workers, she left behind. I hate selfish people.

    • Where in the article did it say that she sent her mommy to settle the mess? She could have waited for her mommy to come to Korea before getting on the flight to LA had she really wanted her to clean up her mess. HYS is already prepared to give up her career, get sued for the breach of contract…

    • She didn’t know her mom was coming. The mom didn’t know her daughter was en route to LA. They crossed paths.

      It’s immature to jump to conclusions and slander people based on hearsay.

      • Well, if that’s the case, then why would she let her mom stay there in the fire? They sure have a phone, I would never let my parent taking care of my responsibility.

      • @Irene, if you’re a mom and you’ve found out that your daughter is actually going through some troubles when you get home, will you pack your bags and not do anything to try to fix the mess?

      • @ Irene, you’re clearly not reading what I wrote. They didn’t know each other were en route because they were both up in the air! And HYS had clearly been incommunicado before she up and left.

        Imagine their surprise upon arrival to find the other missing. If this were a drama, it’d be funny in a farcical way.

  23. No matter what is said and done, Han is still irresponsible of her actions. A lot of great and famous actresses finished their job on the dot, no matter what. Not only because they are required to do so, but just to give back to their fans and people who supported them. I wasn’t that pleased with this drama and basically rely on recaps, and am glad i did because if I watched all the episodes it is such a disappointment that the lead actress was no longer available to finish the drama and leaving everything on air.

    A diva like her is not needed in the industry. Acting is passion, if she can’t have it, then leave the industry.

  24. she is unprofessional, selfish !!! i hope she won’t do an other drama or movie!!
    A diva like her is not needed in the industry.

  25. news, she is gonna flight back to Korea ASAP, and wants to finish the series, I have no words with this lady, I think she didnt think anything at all

    • If this news is true that she is coming back to continue with SMY I can only surmise;

      1. she must have really been over her head with work pressure that she was obviously not thinking clearly when she acted the way she did (everyone has a different level of frustration tolerance)
      2. she must have underestimated the price she will pay when she walked away and only come to realize it now that she is away from the maddening situation
      3. cooler and wiser heads must have intervened for her to see some light
      4. i have another thought but it’s wiser to keep it to myself

      Well, whatever the reason hope she faced the situation squarely and finish what she started then publicly put up the issues she is championing so the people may know and only then can she influence the public to push some reforms in the system.

    • ME, too!
      Kick off her US debut on Letterman where she could tell her side of the story. He would be beside himself with how beautiful and poised she is.
      If Hugh Grant can rebuild his career, she can.

  26. I am seeing everybody say kudos to her for standing against the k-industry and the harsh conditions.
    I am sorry but I have to disagree. This is NOT the way. This is childish, unproffesional and will change NOTHING!
    Since she did have a contract about working specific hours per day, and only in weekdays, she should SUE the production, make public statements, and work ONLY the hours she agreed, until the drama is over.
    Simple as that.

  27. for me i feel sorry for other cast or crew from SMW but i feel that she’s doing this for her own insane.. much better that she’s going to LA than she comited suicide like other korean actress/actor…coz mentally problem same as like phisical problem and i think mentally more dangerous coz sometime it can hurt ur self in a bad way..

    okay maybe she act like a ‘diva’ but we all don’t know what is the real problem..we just heard news for this problem like this and like that but i think the real problems just HYS, PD’s, crews and KBS know it self maybe..just think positif..

    let us see how this problem turn out…just wish the best for all of them..

    sorry for my bad english *piss out;)

  28. for me i feel sorry for other cast or crew from SMW but i feel that she’s doing this for her own insane.. much better that she’s going to LA than she comited suicide like other korean actress/actor…coz mentally problem same as like phisical problem and i think mentally more dangerous coz sometime it can hurt ur self in a bad way..

    okay maybe she act like a ‘diva’ but we all don’t know what is the real problem..we just heard news for this problem like this and like that but i think the real problems just HYS, PD’s, crews and KBS know it self maybe..just think positif..

    let us see how this problem turn out…just wish the best for all of them..

    sorry for bad english *piss out;)

  29. Its hard for me to feel sorry for her. Yes they are extremely long hours and pretty horrific for anyone to handle. But she isn’t the only one having to do so. It feels like such a selfish action from her part, just leaving and running away and leaving everyone around her to pick up the pieces. Poor Eric, just coming back from the army and having to deal with so much crap from Poseidon to HYS being awol. I don’t wish for anything bad to happen to HYS but I really hope she doesn’t feel like she’s above it all because this was an awful thing to do to the production. And especially to her fellow actors in the drama.

  30. Maybe if we gave her some time, she would come back and finish the drama. I don’t want to see a replacement or any extreme twists to the drama. It just started to get good x.x

  31. She is such a greedy person she left the drama just like that for not thinking for other people who is working so hard on this! Advise from me to HYS please put your personal issue with PD Hwang aside. I still can accept if she drop this drama after filming ep 2 or 4 we still can get someone else to replace her! Its was like WTF she just disappear after ep 10 which is more than half way to the ending! It will look so weird the lead attress suddenly change to other new faces after ep 10 I find it very hard for me to digest it with a new face. Gosh but i will continue watch this drama till the end just to support the other actors and actresses. Hope it turn out to be so good and she will feel regret from dropping this drama! Such a XXXXX. Her attitude just piss me off so badly!

  32. I wish this move, which may seem irresponsible and childish will somehow change the live-shoot system which is prevalent in K-ent. My views didn’t change, I’m still not going to judge Han Ye Seul cause I haven’t experience taping for 20+ hours a day, 2 hours of sleep or probably no sleep at all for how many days straight. Yes what she did still looks selfish… I feel bad for other people among the crew of Spy Myung Wol who also have to spend the same amount of stress she’s been through. But I’m in no position to judge her.

    Right now, I just want everyone to move on from this. I hope this is a start for improvement on shooting dramas. I love watching Kdramas but I’d love it more if no one is sacrificing their health just for the audience pleasure.

  33. I feel bad for all parties involved. This must has been really bad for a, what I suppose, rational person to throw everything away and leave. It’s clear to me that she knew what she was getting into when she decided to not show up for work. This is very sad.

  34. On one side of the spectrum we have HYS who runs away leaving the entire cast and crew hanging high and dry.

    On the other side, we have our YEH who stands till the end, and then enjoys the wrap up party AND gives away gifts to the crew to show really cares about. Off topic, but just saying

  35. i just kinda feel bad ..coz when i’ve just decided to pick up this drama once again.. this happens.. >< saddening.. coz episode 10 made a bit of impact to me as a viewer..

  36. Han Ye Seul, hwaiting!
    I am on your side whatever happens.
    She needs more support than criticism right now, since now she has to live with the consequences for the rest of her life.
    God forbid she harms herself.

    I hope she finishes the drama then gets the heck out of Korea.
    US television will take her. If she gets a role on (pick) a CSI show, she will feel like she is treated like royalty compared to the sweatshop that is Kdrama land.

  37. Also want to add that all the currently filming drama actors and crews are prolly glued to their name an electronic device following this story.

    Hopefully, whatever happens to her now, they will feel more likely to make their complaints known. in the future.

  38. Wanting to affect change on the industry is one thing, leaving a production mid way and leaving the country reeks of selb absorbed childishness. Everyone else on set worked just as hard as she did if not harder. I don’t see Eric being a man-diva and running away.
    She could have finished the drama, sued the production company and left the industry in a blaze of glory. Instead, we get princess syndrome.

  39. This is an example of someone trying to protect herself and take care of herself. Yes, at great cost to herself and unfortunately others, but your mental, physical and emotional well-being is not ALWAYS worth sacrificing so that you won’t fail people and the decision when it is worth sacrificing and when it isn’t is a personal one, not for the public to make. Sometimes a choice has to be made and you end up disappointing yourself and others, but you live to fight another day and fight another fight and that’s what matters. So stop being so judgey netizens and the media because it only leads to hypocrisy.

    I have nothing but good thoughts and support for HYS. I hope she can overcome this. Her k-entertainment career is over, but her life isn’t, nor is her talent. Whenever these sorts of scandals come out in K-entertainment, I can’t help but empathize with the individual who is under fire and being villainized. She’s an actress who quit her job and yes, it was unfair to everyone else, but some people act like she committed a sin against God and needs to be burned at the stake. Or even more absurd, that HYS personally and individually [insert name here] offended you on purpose!

    Sometimes you fail at something in life. It doesn’t mean you are a diva, a bitch, lazy, weak, selfish, a villain, evil, conniving, a gold digger or any of the other hateful words that people have attached to HYS. Before people call others those names while pointing fingers, they should pause and look in the mirror. Ugly words and sentiments make ugly people.

    And lastly the production company and Sidus HQ hold part of the blame/responsibility for this along with HYS. They should have mediated the on-going disagreements/conflicts between HYS and the PD so that the on-going conflicts on-set did not get to this catastrophic level. I think people are less concerned about/aware of the production company and Sidus HQ’s part in this because they are companies without one individual face or name for people to easily remember and point to like they have with HYS. HYS isn’t the only one who failed: her production company and Sidus HQ also failed at doing their job right and hopefully they will take steps internally to keep this type of thing from happening again. (And I know that Sidus HQ was at the end of their contract with HYS, but that’s no excuse for abandoning her.)

    I think the broadcasting stations, KBS in this case, have the most power and ability to influence a change to the live shoot system. If I were KBS I wouldn’t sue HYS for all the damages (maybe just for part), she is an individual after all. If I were KBS I would sue the production company, Lee Kim productions and Sidus HQ. (Lee Kim productions and KBS are suing HYS because, yes she holds part of the blame, but also because as an individual she’s an easy target and scapegoat). If production companies and management companies understood that they had to address request, conflicts, and contract disputes seriously and sincerely when they occurred or there would be repercussion, then this situation between HYS and the PD could have been addressed/mediated earlier so that it didn’t become catastrophic. If production companies knew they would be held financially liable and open to litigation because oft delays in production, the live-shoot system would slowly but surely die out. Corporations understand money.

    An actor is responsible for doing his work- being prepared, showing up and putting in their best effort.
    A management company is responsible for looking out for and protecting the interest of their talent and fighting to make sure the talent is in a safe working environment.
    A production company is responsible for managing and executing the smooth completion of a drama on time.

    In this case the actor, the management company and the production company all failed to meet their responsibilities so HYS is not just some evil person out to ruin SMW all by herself. She is not solely responsible for this debacle.

    That’s my 2 cents. Sorry for the ridiculously long post.

  40. now that the K news says she is coming back to the SMW crew, am really not sure what’s gonna happen next…

    I kinda expect her role to be replaced but now she’s going to finish it…feeling awkward now….

  41. August 16, 2011 at 6:23 AM
    @Irene, if you’re a mom and you’ve found out that your daughter is actually going through some troubles when you get home, will you pack your bags and not do anything to try to fix the mess?

    I couldn’t give you a simple reply Rich.

    To answer your question, I wouldn’t do anything without her permission. I have a son and a daughter as well, but I have also my own mother and I would never let her step into my shoes while I run away. This is just NOT my way to handle things. I hope she can face her problem and find ANOTHER way to solve it, but now I can only feel sorry for her co-workers, I am not sure I would want to work with her after this.

  42. August 16, 2011 at 8:12 AM
    @ Irene, you’re clearly not reading what I wrote. They didn’t know each other were en route because they were both up in the air! And HYS had clearly been incommunicado before she up and left.

    Imagine their surprise upon arrival to find the other missing. If this were a drama, it’d be funny in a farcical way.

    Why there is NO reply button? Anyway, @Anais, OK, they didn’t know, but as soon as they realised, they could have called each other, don’t they? SO I don’t think they just missed each other. Never mind, she is coming back now, finally.

  43. Can we stop discussing how diva-like her attitude was or how she should have stayed for sake of professionalism and everyone else there and take a second to look at how FKN SKINNY SHE HAS BECOME?! I mean, she was very slim before SMW started… but now she looks like a walking skeleton about to break…

    Honestly if that’s how overworked she is… honestly I think it was good that she walked out. Unless Korean companies and netizens alike are actually waiting for an actress to die on set??

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