New TW-drama Office Girls Premieres this Weekend on TTV

I won’t be around to check out episode 1 of the upcoming Office Girls with Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, James Wen, and Tia Li, which is the drama that will be taking over Drunken to Love You’s spot on Sundays on TTV. But I wouldn’t be posting about it if I didn’t really enjoy all the previews that I’ve seen. This drama reminds me of a TW-version of Protect the Boss with a twist.

The boss’s son played by Roy Qiu will be sent to work in the lowest rungs of the company and prove to daddy that he can cut it before being given the reins to the company department store. I like the set up a lot. Roy’s chemistry with Alice, who plays his superior in the department store marketing department and his upstairs neighbor, looks perfect for this rom-com – fast, snappy, and seething with annoyance. I like even more. Check out the five minute preview below. OG premieres this Sunday.

I just LOVE Alice’s dress at the press conference. And her hairstyle perfectly complements the dress and her face. She looks A++. Welcome to the ranks of the leading ladies, Alice!

Five-minute preview for Office Girls:


New TW-drama Office Girls Premieres this Weekend on TTV — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for updating about this. When I saw the initial trailers, I was not so impressed. But the 5 min preview looks a lot more interesting. TTV has a knack of using dramas to connect with regular people on the street. Alice’s character is that “regular girl” that normally gets featured in many TTV series. This might turn out to be an audience-pleaser drama.

  2. y do they always give james wu ugly hair does?so that his looks can’t upstage the leading male??? its like something grew on his head and refused to leave!!! JH’s hairdo in PTB i can understand – its because he wants to emulate the anime chaacter that he always read in his favorite manga, but james wu’s character wants to keep this hair do because….????

  3. I checked out the first ep. It’s cute. Based on the first ep, I actually like it better than Love You/Drunken to Love You (?). The storyline is all about how Roy Qiu’s character develops and matures while falling in love with Alice Ke’s character.
    I gotta admit Roy Qiu looks REALLY good in this drama..the last time i thought so was in Easy Fortune Happy Life.
    Also, i havent seen much of Alice Ke accept for in the Monga trailer and on KangXi twice, i never thought so before but in this drama, she giving off some MAJOR Ariel Lin vibe.

    • Me too, but could someone please send a pair of scissors to the set? Gah, why do they do that to him?

      Hope it’s subbed real soon!

      • as much as the hair sucks its always been about the face with him. what a hottie I died in The Fierce Wife, whew!

    • Yes, James Wen!
      So swoon worthy with good acting skills too!
      But we know he’s not going to end up with the girl in this drama…

      Loved him in The Happy Times of that Year and The Fierce Wife, despite him being an adulterer.

  4. I think instead of Protect the Boss.. its more like Shining Inheritance (starring Lee Seung Gi). I find the male lead somewhat similar to him as well in terms of style..

    I liked Roy Qiu in a previous drama and I think he looks pretty good here as well. I will watch it after some episodes are aired lol

  5. i just finished watching the first episode. all i have to say is love it love it love it. it’s so different than the typical romantic comedy, Office Girls is something refreshing and funny. i definitely enjoyed the first episode and i can’t wait to watch the next.

  6. Ah in Roy’s other drama Easy Fortune Happy Life, all he got to do was stand somewhere in the background, and all my attention would be fixated just on him. ;), I’m really glad he’s in this new drama. I’m curious to see what it’s all about.

  7. I saw episode 1 – and I am really liking it. 🙂 I have seen Alice Ke in other dramas but I honestly didn’t pay much attention. Roy – I think he’s gotten better and more mature. Looking forward to this breezy drama.

  8. I loveeeeee Roy a lot but this character is too similiar to the characters in his past/quite recent chinese dramas (suit/tie rich guys).
    I tried to watch it but man was a torture and it was only the first ep!
    I guess I’m one of the few that was hit hard after DTLY ended. =P

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