Recess: I Want That, I Really Really Want That

Most dramas tend to be middle-of-the-road fare – you watch and then you forget about it. But sometimes even those dramas yield things that are memorable in other ways, it stays with you for a good long while. Today’s recess time discussion is this: has there been anything in a certain drama that you covet?

It can range from something as insignificant as dying to own that Pig-Rabbit plush from You’re Beautiful or perhaps coveting the entire life of a certain character because it’s just so perfect to you. As for me, let me get the fun started with some of Koala’s all-time wants via K-dramas.

1. I covet Choi Ji Woo’s hairstyle from Air City. Plus she got to make out with Lee Jung Jae, so that hair is clearly a lucky charm. It was a glorious mane with lustre, length and fell perfectly down her back.

2. I long for the entire Winter wardrobe owned by Bora (Sung Yuri’s character’s name in Snow Queen). She looked stunning in every single outfit in that drama – fashionable, chic, trendy without looking like a fashion victim, and totally season appropriate.

3. I covet Kim Tae Hee’s princess shoe collection from My Princess. Do I even need to explain? Have you seen her wall of shoes?

4. I wish I could be Yoon Eun Hye for a day during the filming of Lie to Me. To be kissed like that by Kang Ji Hwan. *blushes*

5. I want Binnie’s house in Secret Garden for a vacation home. No one could possibly live there daily. But on weekends? Totally lustworthy.

6. I want to eat at the fictional Oonamjeong restaurant in Gourmet. Bonus points if Kim Rae Won cooks for me. Even more bonus points if he comes out and feeds me, just to show me the correct way to eat the food, of course.


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  1. Can I just lust after a character? Mine would definitely be Ren Guang Xi from Autumn’s Concerto, post surgery. As for things I would like the lace ribbon from Summer’s Desire. As an accessory for some reason I’m very drawn to it. Right now I have a piece of yellow cloth wrapped around my wrist to mimic it, but it’s not the same.

  2. I love Gong Yoo’s roof top apartment in Coffee Prince, esp. the slide out bed, the terrace w/ view and the fact that it’s right in the middle of town and not some leafy chaebol suburb. If not, I would also happily take the house in Personal Taste (preferably with Lee Min Ho attached).

    I also want Lee Dong Wook from whatever and in whatever form I can have him.

      • I remember I coveted the wardrobe of Sung Yuri in Snow Queen as well. So many nice boots and coats!
        As to the appartment in Coffee Prince, (talking very quietly, because this is a bit eccentric), I looked for it once in Google Maps Satellite using the names of the hotels you can see on the skyscapers in view. I think I found it, in the middle between the two hotels, but the picture is not very clear:
        But when you zoom out the neighbourhood doesn’t look as appealing as in the drama.

  3. I want to be Yoon Eun Hye filming Coffee Prince so that I can kiss both Lee Seon Kyun and Gong Yoo. And I want to actually be Go Eun Chan so I can marry Choi Han Gyul.

    I want every snazzy cellphone from every drama in the last 3 years.

    I want the entire Shinhwa enterprise from BOF… they took Cheabol to the next level. As far as I could tell, Shinhwa ruled the world.

    • haha yeah none of the kdramas to date have chaebols like the ones in bof! i want my self a f4 member! preferably so yi jung! <3

      • haha, omg, I misread your comment and I was like, “what? The Shinhwa boys were in an entire BOF ep? OMG I MUST WATCH IT!” LOL (I dropped bof at, like, ep 11 or sth)

        And koala, chingu, I need to think about this one.

    • Can I covet your kdrama wish? The whole time I watched coffee prince, I was thinking “I want a Choi Han Gyul!” If he existed in the real world, you have to let me have him and you can have Gong Yoo.

      … wait, can they exist at the same time in the same dimension?

      • Thing is… I don’t know who I love more, Choi Han Gyul or Gong Yoo. The logical choice is to go with Gong Yoo because he’s real. But Han Gyul had me at “I don’t care if you’re a man or an alien…” Whenever I make up my mind, you can have the otehr one.

  4. I want a cellphone accessory. But my phone has no where to attach one. I like the orb from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I’m enjoying these homework assignments.

  5. Ah. To be Kim Tae Hee in “My Princess” for a month. Just the Princess part and Song Seunghun part. ;). I’d live in a house like Hyun Bin’s in “Secret Garden”, a perfect man like the doctor in “The Greatest Love”. A doteful secondary love like So ji Sub in “What happened in Bali”…. Hmmm that’s 3 men in total. That’s okay right? X). Heheheheee. Oh and I just want Jang Hyuk in his Chuno attire to just hover all around me.

  6. Man, I loved Kim Tae Hee’s shoes AND headbands in My Princess. Seeing her wear all of her cute headbands eventually influenced me to go out and buy some of my own (that I STILL haven’t quite worn yet) 🙁

    I also liked all of the jackets/outerwear Lee Min Jung’s character wore in Smile, You.

    Most of the bags that Park Shin Hye wore in Heartstrings were of the crossbody type and I searched for days online to find a bag that I could use for school that “grabbed” me like some of hers did.

    Kdramas encourage me to spend more money than I want to. Lol.

  7. hmmm lol this is gonna be a long one for me!
    1. Chu Ga Eul- i loved her coats and that pretty pink dress that yi jung bought for her in BOF. and i want to steal yi jung from her! haha and i want one of the f4 cars.
    2. I really want to live in the house that Lee Yoon Sung lives in City Hunter. And I want him too lol!
    3. I wish I could go and have coffee at the cafe in Coffee Prince.

  8. I would like to be Goo Hye Sun in BoF. If I were Guem Jan Di, I would have stuck with my Ji Ho sunbae. Not only was he just way too handsome, but I loved his wardrobe in the show. We would live in Hyun Bin’s snazzy house were Kang Ji Hwan would give me Cola kisses every morning. Eventually, the day would come where I would have to choose between Kang Ji Hwan and my Ji Ho sunbae, but I’m not going to worry about that just yet… lol.

  9. I lust after Park Shiyeon’s wardrobe in Coffee House. It’s fashionable, but also casual and realistic. Most of the time, actresses in dramas look so obviously styled for hours, but PSY’s outfits were something that real people can pick and put on in the morning.

    Lee Minjung’s skin. WANTSSSS!!

    I love the cottage in My Princess! Also, the house in Scent of a Woman/Doctor Champ. They look sooooo comfortable.

  10. i second the wanting to eat at the Gourmet restaurant. gawd the food looked delicious, even if some of the meals had really strange ingredients…

    • ohhhhh me too…(i should beautifully blush here) I want to be THE WATER in every shower scene of all the hunks of Kdrama land especially the post military hotties… can’t ask for more!!! yummy!!!

  11. I wanted all of the cute dresses of Kim Tae Hee from MP as well, all of Kim So Yeon’s shoes in Prosecutor Princess and all of the food from Coffee Prince, Lee Min Jung’s coats from Smile You, YEH’s wardrobe from Goong, Song Hye Kyo’s house from Full House, Ji Jin Hee’s apartment in The Man Who Cant get married, Tae In’s house from Personal Taste, Hwang Jung Eum’s family in CYHMH, Grandma from Goodbye Solo, Jung So Min’s hairdos from Playful Kiss…sigh..that’s a really long list of unattainables right there…well for right now I’ll settle for these three things: 1)Pig Rabbit from YAB, 2) Tear drop necklace from 49D and 3)

  12. Kim Tae Hee’s wall of shoes is definitely a must have. I literally gasp when I saw that part of her new room. XD Hyun Bin’s house looks greeeeat! I really don’t like modern looking house but I dunno, that house really captures me.

    Another thing I want are the sport cars they used on BOF. HAHA!

  13. I want Chun Hyang’s relationship with Mongryong’s father. It was touching how he also acted as CH’s dad and never doubted his daughter-in-law. Don’t we all wish to meet in-laws like that?

    I want Yoo Hee’s wardrobe (after the makeover).

    I want every leading lady’s ability to wear impossibly-high-heels. IMBA.

  14. i really want siwon in OML. he could be taking brooding showers down the hall and totally call me noona XP!!!! they can keep the kids though…and the fridge kiss could become an “everytime we pass it” thing.

  15. Kim Tae-hee’s shoes were to die for! I loved Jung Ryeo-won’s outfits in Sam Soon too; they seemed effortlessly chic. And Samsooki (the big stuffed animal) in Sam Soon’s adorable too!

    Character-wise…I’d love to be at the receiving end of Gong Yoo’s adorableness in Hello, My Teacher, and the object of Lee Min-ho’s love in City Hunter.

  16. Same just like Mz. K YEH for a day to be kissed with KJH..*blushing too*


    Have a sexy bodyline like Park Min Young…intense kiss with Lee Min Ho..this would be great too 😀

    wearing killer high heels shoes in prosecutor princess

    live in binnie house in Secret garden too 😀

  17. Binnie’s house in Secret Garden looked great but if we’re talking houses, the house from Full House is my dream house. Huge windows looking out the lake/beach thing as a backyard? Yes, please. And from My Princess, I loved the fountain/mini plaza (or park) that Seul has in that mansion of hers. And her room! My old apartment could have fit in her room!

    Since I’m not Korean nor do we have any Little Koreas or Koreatowns nearby, I’ve always wanted to go out and buy some deokbokki, jajangmyun and japchae =D

  18. Okay, I want to visit Gi Joon’s house in Lie To Me, and sing the ice cream song in the karaoke… and of course, taste those lips after drinking cola, lol.

  19. Auntie K,
    All I want is to be the love interest of the leadIng male characters in these KDrama shows whenever there’s kissing/skinship involved. Here’s the list it’s kindof long(lol): Secret Garden, Super Rookie, Witch Amusement, City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, Romance Town, Marry Me, I Need Romance, Sweet Spy, Scent of a Woman and many others plus some TDrama shows too like Fated To Love You. What can I say I’m a huge fan of skinship with hot guys 😀
    Loved this post.
    Keep up the great work.
    Auntie K FIGHTING!!!!!

  20. my ultimate want…to be AJ in LTM…not only because of all the make out sessions with my Kang Ji Hwan (no blush for me)and if I was her, I will certainly demand a naughty bed scene in that drama…but I love all the bags, outfits (very casual and wearable), shoes…just everything she has there…

    I also want to be Eun Young in Coffee House…the entire character which is successful, smart, very beautiful and yet funny and very warm…all the hair styles…i just love her (more than AJ actually :))…I also covet her house there and all the things she owned and of course the kisses and marriage with Jinsoo…(but I love KJ more than Jinsoo) I know am confusing…whatever!!!

    to be PMY during episode 9 lip lock with LMH in City Hunter…

    to be the lead in Prosecutor Princess and have the intense kisses with Park Shi Hoo…

    I want CJW hair in Air City as well as her entire outfit there… IMO she looked her best in that drama (plus being in the middle of 2 hunks and being kissed by Lee Jung Jae made it more perfect)

    • Mizweng my kindred spirit!! How I miss you. I love what you saif, ah jungs character had clothes that you def wanna wear. But While i agree with you about ur prosecutor princess statement, I really dont know if I can share you with my Park Shi Hoo. hehe I love and miss you mizweng!!

      • oh my Leishers…miss u too…and your PSH? ah just one kiss will do baby. will return him to you after i got a taste (licking my lips now)…LOL i love you to bits too…muwahhhh

    • I am rewatching What Happened In Bali and I remember I was very envious of Ha Ji Won . Two handsome men fighting for you is every woman’s dream.. I just can imagine how hard it would be to choose between Su Ji Sub and Jo In Sung… not to mention to be able to kiss both of them too…ahhhh such a lucky girl…..

  21. Seriously Koala, im the last person to try and take you Kang Ji Hwan from you–dont worry I’m not–but your number four I agree with wholeheartedly. The way he kissed her? Scrumptious, my gosh. Till this day I have to look away at some point while watching the cola kiss. Heheheh thats the all time want right there, to lip-lock with Kang Ji Hwan in LTM.

  22. i want ma hyeri’s wardrobe and shoes (even the crazy stuff) from prosecutor princess. would also die happy if i had kim so yeon’s face and body, she’s stunning! *massive girl crush*

  23. I really wanted gong yoo’s car from coffee prince and for there to be a real coffee prince cafe.

    I really really want a boyfriend like hyun soo from smile you, the sweetest boyfriend ever….but i also want a boyfriend like han kyul for the way he would hold and kiss go eun chan…also cha dong joo for the way he looked at bong woo ri… clearly im a basket case.

    As much as i now dislike yoona…loved her wardrobe in Cinderella man…well she was a fashion designer.

  24. well, I totally want Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) in heartstrings, cause he’s jut awesomely caring, just a tad bit demanding and oh my lord, he has this great voice and insane guitar skills

    plus I also want An Zhen’s (Sonia Sui) post makeover wardrobe in The Fierce wife ’cause they’re all sophisticated and and I wouldn’t mind the mancandy

    and last, I want Kim Hyun Joong, in any drama, not for the acting but ’cause he’s like a museum pice: specifically made to be stared at and admired (and here I confirm that i’m batshit crazy for him)

  25. I want Gong Ah Jung’s Phone SAMSUNG S II !!!! It’s 30k here in the Philippines and my friend and I are saving for it!!!!! I am not normally a techie person but just because of Lie To me, we’ve got to have that Phone! We already have the ringtone, now we are looking for the keychain!

    and yes, i love all YeH’s dress in Goong. It’s definitely my kind of style, but it’s kind of hard to find! 🙁

  26. oh this is fun!! 🙂
    1. Gong yoo’s house in coffee prince. ( i love the swing at the roof top)
    2. Kim Hyun Joong’s IQ in playful kiss. ( i think being a genius is awesome)
    3. Miho’s strength and sense of smell in My girlfriend is a gumiho ( minus the 9 tail of course!!)
    4. i want to take shower with lee dong wook and dance tango with him
    5. i love YEH’s bags and accesories in Lie To me
    6. i really really really like Kang Ji hwan to kiss me whole day!!! all kinds of kiss i want to try it all with him! ( mizweng i’m sorry i’m a traitor! : ) )
    7. i want Kim Haneul’s legs!!
    8. i want to be geum jan di in BOF to be loved by jun pyo the richest and cutest chaebol in town!!
    9. i wanna be Kim Yoon Shik in Sungkyunkwan Scandal ( Moon Jae Shin I Love you forever!! hehehe )
    10. i want to be a sassy prosecutor like Mae ri in prosecutor princess ( i love all her shoes! )

    • I agree with you for No. 4,5,6,8,9
      and also I want to marry to Dok Go Jin (Best Love) and have a cute baby from him….
      (I can’t imagine beeing hug by his perfect body) LOL
      But I still want to be kissed by Kang Ji Hwan and Gong Yoo. because for me they are the best kisser ever…..

      • yay! i left this out… wanted to be hugged by Dok Go too 🙂 i so love how he hugs Gu Ae Jeong… as if he’s trying to absorb your body or something, eeeeeeh!

    • omo you… shay… you. wow!!! all these time i thought you are not interested while pei and bo and i was claiming body parts of my KJH…ahhhh can’t trust anymore of this young ‘uns…first Conie then you (i thought the sweet shay)…hmmmmm tet and drjms said you were the lil mizweng…now i know why…. But seriously, you have such a LIST!!!! 🙂

  27. i’m going far back into the season dramas and want to live as the florist in Summer Scent without all the heart complications. I just loved the landscapes and all of Son Ye jin’s flowy wardrobe.^_^

    • oh! and it wouldn’t hurt to also be a musical prodigy like Kyu Won in Heartstrings (particularly since she was able to live in England for a year to train and to see every show in WestEnd!).

  28. I’m liking these recess breaks a lot. lol!

    I want Dokko Jin’s house in Best Love! It’s similar to Binnie’s in SG because it also uses the “open” concept of design. I want Binnie’s library in SG.

    I’d also want to step into Guem Jan Di’s shoes for a day and be treated to a private shopping spree…but I will do my own shopping thank you very much, I don’t want to end up wearing The “Burger” dress; to travel in style in my very own private jet and to have a private meal on a secluded beach! Sighs…now that is a vacation!

    I want to stroll down cherry blossom lane in Lie To Me with, since KJH is for Koala, I’d settle for SSH instead Hehehehe!

    I want to be a member of KJH’s VVIP (WhewheIP) Jeju resort in LTM and stay there complete with my own rose petal strewn romantic dinner, again with SSH!

    If I can’t have these…oh I’d just settle for GAJ’s phone charm! It’s so cute!!! Hahaha

  29. I want Lee MinJung’s hair in BOF and her gorgeous smile in Smile,You
    I want to wrap SamGyupSal in a lettuce and feed it to all the HOT actors in dramas

  30. Oh, so late again. I see claims have already been made on KJH and LMH. K, then I’d like to request Mr. Prosecutor Man from City Hunter, gift-wrapped in satin waiting for me in Kim Joo Won’s library from Secret Garden. I want the library more than I want KJW (so sorry Binniefans!!). Prosecutor Man and I will read, together, every single book on the shelves while nibbling on those scrumptious macaroons from Lie to Me and sipping lattes from the Coffee Prince cafe.

    I wouldn’t mind sharing Gong Ah Jung’s handbag collection either. But would settle for any of her stuffed animals, particularly the one that Ki Joon held tight in his arms all night!!! when he slept at her place.

  31. 1. ok, i’m a techie, so i love so much the latest Samsung SII used in LTM;
    2. i also love binnie’s house, oh i mean the entire estate, especially the pond outside his house;
    3. love Gu Ae Jeong’s shoes while walking to accept PIl Ju in TGL;
    4. love Kim Tae Hee’s shoes, waaah, the entire cabinet;
    5. love the nightview of Eun Seol’s rooftop, i could just sit and live there;
    6. love how Dok Go Jin kissed Gu Ae Jeong, so full of emotions, i would want to be kissed that way, yay!
    7. love Junsu so i would really, really, really want to trade places with Kim Sun Ah and have a date with him, complete with the celphone recording! gah! i’d die of happiness 🙂

  32. 1. The wardrobe of Kim Tae Hee in My Princess
    2. The ringtones of Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden because I found them totally cute and I don’t care if people finds me weird 😀
    3. The phone of JSM in Playful Kiss YT Edition
    4. The House of Kim Joo Won because its beautiful especially his bedroom and library..
    5. Hyung Ki-Joon in LTM, a perfect husband-material *batting my eyes with a peace sign for Ms.K* 😀
    6. The strong and passionate love of Gong Ah-Jung and Hyung Ki-Joon in Lie to Me ..
    7. The LTM kisses including KJH of course..woahhh am I too much? oh well, dreams are free so might as well dream big!!

  33. Oooo, I want Ma Hye Ri’s red hot Audi and since Han Kyul’s mini couper is taken, I’ll settle for Baek Seung Jo’s black mini instead…

  34. Okay, I’m actually craving a MAN’s wardrobe, and god knows a good one is rare in kdramaland. I really really want Lee Yun Seung’s (City Hunter) collection of coats and jackets. Sharp, chic, and urbane. Just not the pink pants (that’s how you know it’s still a kdrama wardrobe.)

  35. – I wanna be as smart as Kim hyun Joong in Playfull Kiss
    -I want Hyun Bin’s mansion frm Secret Garden
    -I wanna be as rich as the chaebols in kdrama..
    -I want to be Eun Sol for a day/month/year/forever where both Jaejoong (I mean MuWon) and Jisung (Ji Heon) are fighting over me!!!

    If none of the above works, I will be fine with : a Choi Han Gyul who would love me like he did Go Eun Chan (the confession was best!) .. But of course I can settle for Gong Yoo as well 🙂

  36. I want to have a perfect husband and a perfect family-in-law 😀
    If it were possible to order your family members from a drama catalog, this would be the result in my case XD
    – As my father-in-law: Mong Ryong’s father from Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
    – As my mother-in-law: Lee Kang Suk’s mother-in-law from Family’s Honor
    – As my brother-in-law: Jiang Zhi Shu’s brother from It started with a kiss
    – As my sister-in-law: Domyoji Tsukasa’s older sister from Hana Yori Dango
    – As my grandmother-in-law: Chen Xin Yi’s grandmother-in-law from Fated to Love You
    – And as my hubby: Kwon Hyuk-Joon from Sweet 18 XD

  37. Kdrama usually have interesting houses for their set but I really really like Sad Love Story’s house. I also love Ma Hye Ri’s alarm clock and 49 days’s tear necklace!

  38. I totally want a present day version of Hwang Jung from Jejoongwon!
    He is so adorably cute and hot. Plus, he’s doting, respectful, considerate, and you can’t forget his little boy blush that makes me squee! He would be the closet to perfect man I could imagine as a boyfriend then hubby from a korean drama.

  39. I’d like:
    – Hae-Young’s entire wardrobe for mr. lovedramas
    – Moon Jae-Shin for a day to teach me archery or anything (loved him so much)
    – KTH’s MP closet of shoes (just like everyone else – so huge and so organized)
    – The dinner table from Hyun Ki-Joon’s house in LTM
    – To own the cafe from LTM with the macroon and all.
    – Geum Jang Di’s vacation to Catalonia island or whatever it’s called, complete with F4 boys.
    – Junsu for me too! I don’t want to trade places with Yun Jae but can I have him sing into my cell and eat dinner with me? 🙂 His voice is just too incredible.
    – Moo Won’s bed and the matching sheets in PTB – it just looks so comfortable

    Dream big as a previous post-er said! 🙂

  40. This is fun…

    Well, I couldn’t forget the …

    1) doll that Shin Chaegyung made in Goong (although I wouldn’t say that I want that, too squarish),

    2) I also wanted her Volkswagen there – the one given by her mom (although I now have a rattling Hyundai coupe, couldn’t afford that Volks just yet),

    3) HwanHye’s Galaxy S2 in Lie to Me(well, I just bought one even if everybody around me has an iphone4. I opted for the Korean-made Samsung, of course, duh (as my Dad told me, I may have been a Korean in my past life, mwa ha ha), well, it’s a fantastic device that I wonder why I put up with my ancient phone for ages!

    4) Building 63 in My Girl where they held their breaths for a wish (of course, the character of Lee Dae Hee just made the character of Lee Dong Wook looked silly making him believe in that saying, so funny),

    5) Well, I do remember that I couldn’t stop staring at Song Il-Gook in Jumong whenever he rides a horse in full speed (wow!), plus scenes of awesome display of skills in archery (so love those scenes, three arrows in one shot!)

    6) Same with Lee Min Ho, when doing his action scenes, using a spoon, a tie, a radio, a lead pipe (just jaw-dropping awesome!),

    7) Jung Il-Woo’s action scenes in The Return of Iljimae plus the golden flower that he leaves in the scene where he’s been

    7) Memorable is the pencil/ chopsticks of Moon Geun-young in Cinderella’s sister which she used for her long hair

    8) Speaking of her, the mugs of her family (dad’s, mom’s, brother’s and hers) in Autumn In My Heart, just broke my heart. Anyway, those four season dramas dehydrated me. Such tearjerkers…

    9) Speaking of which, Seo Do Young’s clothes in Spring Waltz (my favorite season drama). He looks like he’s always on the ramp. I love the way he walks and runs.

    10) The French Restaurant in Kim Sam Soon. I also cannot forget when Sam Shik bought desserts for Sam Soon to taste, gosh, it’s a loooong table of desserts! Sinful!

    11) the bouquet of pink roses given by Han Kang…

    12) the book in Harvard where Kim Rae Woon’s character and the other guy fought over- hah! I remember those days when there were only three or four books available in the library and all of us in class would dash for it after the class is over…

    13) the humongous library of the princess (Kim Tae Hee) and the library (or bookstore) where Mae-ri and Jung-In go to

    14) The kiss of Henry (Daniel Henney) to Hee Jin when he arrived from the US – the kiss is on the forehead but it’s so sweet, gentle and comforting. If I were Hee-Jin, I’d forget about Jin Hyeon for Henry mwa ha ha!

    Oh there are lots and lots of it ockoala unni! I wish I could write them all down and think about them all day…But I have this blasted laundry and ironing to do, ugh, it’s a vicious cycle, these chores are… Love this recess. So fun to reminisce those kdramas.

  41. 1. Piggy rabbit plush (that is a most) from You’re Beautiful and private concert by A N Jell

    2. Drumstick plush and the ring tone from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, BTW No Min Woo included please!!

    3. A pasta dish made from scratch by Phillip ( No Min Woo) from Pasta, and a few dinners/dates, marry him! OMO did I just jump with boots on! LOL

    4. Knitted scarf, hat and gloves from Mae Ri (Mary Stayed out all Night)

    5. Eat the cakes from Rebound and Sam Soon

    6. Visit the cafe from Coffee Prince

    7. Dance a few tangos with Kang Jo Wook (Lee Dong Wook). Visit the beach where she found William (Wilson’s crazy twin) in Scent of a woman, Kang Jo Wook cherry car, and have a doctor friend like Dr. Choi (Uhm Ki Joon)

    8. Walk and sit in the cherry blossom lane, stay a few weeks in the Grand Hotel, in Lie To Me

    9. A private concert from Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), and rock climbing private lessons from Im Jong Soo (Lee Philip) of Secret Garden

    10. A Boss like the “President” from Oh My Lady, a private concert from Si Won, and an adorable daughter like his!

    11. The house from Stars Falling From The Sky

    12. Being the only heir of Shinhwa Group from Boys Before Flowers and have a close group of friends like the F4

    13. Most of all, fall in love, head over heels in love! Like they do in the dramas. With all the boldness, the intensity the passion and the I-want-you-now attitude. Fall in love with a person, who loves me back no matter my flaws without hesitates, without regrets. Someone who says “I don’t care if you are a man or an alien” (Coffee Prince) “If is like this, how can you deny your feelings” –Scent of a woman — “Why don’t we date” “I want to be with you, please don’t leave me” (Sam Soon)

    LOL that last part sound like a monologue!

  42. 1.binnies tracksuit in Secret garden .
    2. Gong yoo’s house in coffee prince
    3.Necklace that KJH gave to YEH when he proposed
    4.Ji jin hee’s love for han hyo joo in dongyi
    5.Kim hyun jung’s cool mom in playful kiss
    6.the guys in coffee prince
    7. YEH’s fashionable clothes ( including the rain boots) in My fair lady
    8.Jan di’s F4
    9.wallet that lee min ho bought for park min young in city hunter
    10.ji hyun’s favorite pasta in 49 days (looks yummy) clip that jang geun suk gave park shin hye in you’re beatiful
    12.YEH’s hot kisses in Goong, Coffee prince and LTM

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