Alice Ke Keeps Busy Since Wrapping Office Girls

Roy Qiu isn’t the only one benefiting from the popularity of Office Girls. His leading lady Alice Ke is also red hot in Taiwan right now, and she’s been quite busy since wrapping OG. She was off promoting her quirky movie Bear It with Dylan Kuo, doing various endorsements and charitable events, heading overseas to promote OG, and finally taking a short vacation to Japan. The TW-press is angling for her and Roy to pair up again, but Alice was mum other than to say if the right opportunity arose she would love that. Awwww, they could totally be the next onscreen Mike-Rainie and Ariel-Joe. I miss lovely Alice so it’s a treat to share some new pictures of her outside of her frumpy Shen Xing Ren incarnation. She better play a fashionista in her next drama to even out the mojo.

Alice and Dylan modeling as part of their movie promotional circuit.

Alice modeling for famed Taiwan designer Jamei Chen’s new Spring/Summer collection.

Alice as the ambassador for the Taiwan-Japan charity photo exhibition, where all proceeds will be to Japan for the continued rebuilding efforts one year later after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. I love her casual yet effortlessly gorgeous style.


Alice Ke Keeps Busy Since Wrapping Office Girls — 12 Comments

  1. i am sorry to disagree with koala…but I think Alice’s acting in OG is so anemic…no facial expression at all 🙁 only my opinion…

    • I agree with you, Alice lacked so much expression in OG she just had a blank face most of the time…..

      IMO she had chemistry with Roy in the first few episodes and then I felt that they lacked any real chemistry in the 2nd half of the drama…

      • Thank God someone agree with me, because I feel the same way too. I just watched OG recently and I keep thinking the lead actress is very stiff and sometimes can’t express her feeling, can’t decided when she was supposed to be confused or angry or happy, seems the same expression to me. I am sorry but when I watched OG I picture Rainie yang to play Sheng Xi Ren, Thats how I was survived watching it till the last episode.

  2. Alice… And another actress’ name starts w letter A would be Ariel Lin.
    Any impression on Love Sick (love phobia)?
    I really like all of the main actors :):):)

  3. I love the way Dylan stares at Alice.. I think its so mesmerizing when a guy stares at a lady like that picture above.. it would make me feel so special 🙂

    • I thought the way he was staring at her was sorta creepy. It also looked like he was smelling her, but thats just me

      • I think Dylan’s got this thing where he seems hot one moment and creepy the next and then there are times he’s so hot that he’s creepy.

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