Love Rain Releases Stills for the Modern Portion Plus New Teaser

I appear to have a Jang Geun Seok radar, because every time I discuss him with a certain lady who rhymes with MickeyD, voila, new stuff comes out about him. The filming for PD Yoon Seok Ho‘s upcoming melodrama Love Rain has resumed filming again for the modern sequence. Leading man Jang Geun Seok sports a brand spanking new hairdo that makes him look more rocker than photographer, but is heaps better than his groovy 70s look as a painter. Seeing these Winter stills in the snow gives me uncomfortable flashbacks to Winter Sonata. *shudders* But Seok looks great and he’s even mildy believable as a photographer who demands perfection in his craft. Though my gut feeling tells me this drama will likely be better received overseas that domestically, because it just looks so….earnest. Can’t believe I’m asking for more edge from the master of modern K-melos.

Latest teaser for Love Rain:


Love Rain Releases Stills for the Modern Portion Plus New Teaser — 25 Comments

  1. Haha, the okasans in Japan will lapp this up. I am getting both Winter Sonata and Summer Scent vibe. At least JGS looks manly here.

  2. hate is hair…he really needs to go back to his beethoven virus days! he was super manly then…sorry, i hate his long hair, it makes him look way too feminine.

  3. I think i’ve given up all hope about his hair. every single time I see a picture of him – old, new. whatever – I keep going “OMG what is up with his hair??” time and again. Sigh JGS, and I used to like you so. Anyway, so much pretty in the stills but I’m not 100% sold just yet..

  4. Netflix just added Winter Sonata last week and I’ve been watching it again for the third time since 2003 and still love it. Love Rain has really the same vibe with it but whatever, I’m dying to watch this because of Jang Geun Seok eventhough I don’t like Youna.

  5. I like his hair, love the ponytail. There will be plenty of time for him to cut it off short (like an ajusshi) when he’s older. Right now he’s still young enough to have rocker hair, why should he have to chop it off? I hate super short hair on young guys, much prefer longer locks – fun to play with and run your hands through. (I realize I’m in the minority) *hee*
    To me it’s those boots in picture #4 that make him look girly. I have a pair just like them. AHAHA!

  6. I actually don’t mind this look.. it looks pretty good for him.. I love the contrast of wearing the leather jacket and just the plain winter jacket.. It basically shows how he’s versatile in terms of clothing and that he can pull off any look.. I also think its funny how he’s wearing these all black furry boots in the all leather all black in one picture.. and then with that same jacket he’s wearing a timberland like snow boots for the men.. The black boots looks like one a friend of mine has for girl.. surprised to see a guy pull it off but then agan.. it is JGS.. 😀

  7. I just fail to see Yoona’s appeal. She’s hailed as a great beauty but to me she doesn’t really move past cute-and-kinda-pretty into anywhere near truly beautiful – she just doesn’t seem to have enough personality to pull off that distinction. I’m sure she’s a lovely person – I just don’t think she should be acting, especially not opposite someone as magnetic as JGS. ~sigh~ I want him back with MGY, doing something worthy of both of their talents.

    • “I just fail to see Yoona’s appeal.” Ditto! That is so true to truth.
      It was totally wrong from the beginning to cast someone with zero acting chops. If we can’t have MGY, at least give us HanHJ instead. No offence to her fans, maybe she should just stick to her song&dance thingy.. peace

  8. For some reason, the background music makes me laugh… perhaps the feeling of trying too hard to make the 70s part “sound” like a puppy love thing (or those “jun-ai” stuff in jdorama)? =P

  9. Awwww, sooo cute–JGS. I actually like his hair—he’s one of those man who can where his hair long like that and look good in it. ^^

  10. Actually I think this will do really both dementia ally and internationally. I have noticed that family, love and saegyuk dramas always do exceptionally well, cause it targets at the whole population.

  11. I love his hairstyle, long or short. It is funny becoz people keep saying they are tired of his long hair, but i never hear them complain about actors who has the same hairstyle in every dramas. At least JKS had very different hairstyles in all his dramas. I don’t see the problem with long hair, if the character requires it, why not?

    I don’t understand why people keep dissing him because of his hair. He is an actor. He is not someone who will refuse to change his hairstyle if that is what the character requires. He shaved his hair for his movie about army, he plaited his hair for The Case of Itaewon Homicide, he had it super short for Beethoven Virus, he got it long because of You’re my Pet and MMM. Now he cut the bowl cut to match the 70s style because of Love Rain, he shaved part of his hair to portray the more self-centered character in Love Rain.

  12. Omona! JKS is so hot! I usually don’t like melodrama but I will religiously watch this because of him. I have a major doubt regarding Yoona’s ability to act but I will see the drama first before I even judge her. I cannot based it on her previous works, maybe JKS and PD has helped her improve somehow.

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