Painted Skin 2 Premieres at Cannes and Releases Final Trailer

While the original Painted Skin was just an entertaining albeit flawed fantasy movie, the sequel Painted Skin: The Resurrection seems to be getting way more publicity than I think it deserves. To be honest it looks even sillier, but I’m watching for the great three-way chemistry betweens leads Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, and Zhao Wei. I’d been happier if all scenes involving Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng were cut from this movie, because they annoy me already from the trailer alone. The movie just premiered at Cannes this week, and with it comes a second full trailer that reveals more of the plot. Something like Zhao Wei’s Princess Jing is disfigured and makes a trade with Zhou Xun’s fox demon Xiao Wei – her heart for her skin. Wowsers. That’s quite a trade there. I still think this movie looks entertaining enough, but if the story is stupid then I’ll be mighty PO’d.

Trailer for Painted Skin: The Resurrection:


Painted Skin 2 Premieres at Cannes and Releases Final Trailer — 5 Comments

  1. Chen Kun and Zhao Wei are my favorite c-movie couple ever, so I’ll try this. Although yes, this and the first one are just turn-your-brain-off, enjoy-the-pretty types.

  2. the movie looks gorgeous but tbh the trailer was really confusing….i like the whole selling her heart for the demon’s skin part though…also that poster!!!!!!…CHEN KUN!!!! Gaaaaaahhhh!!

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